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Member since: Sun Sep 6, 2020, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,335

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59 y/o guy stuck in red Texas

Journal Archives

Should the people of this country that have

fallen victim to the brainwashing of fox, facebook, brietbart, limbaugh, etc.. be condemned and shunned or hated or should they be looked upon as mentally sick victims of the rightwing coorperate media, corrupt politicians and the religious rightwing con men known as evangelicals..
I have many family members that have been suckered and I don't know if they will ever regain sanity.
Will they ever come back to reality ?

Raphael Warnock beats Trump pick Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff, NBC projects


Will the Warnock win

lessen the effectiveness of Mr Manchins no votes ?

Officers family refused to shake hands of turtle

and Mccarthy

Has it been said what type Rifle was used in shooting up

the power substations in North Carolina ?
AR 15 ?

Thanks Joe, We love you man..

Arlington Tx

OPEC+ agrees to stick to its existing policy of reducing oil production ahead of Russia sanctions

The European Union is poised to ban all imports of Russian seaborne crude from Monday.
The Kremlin has previously warned that any attempt to impose a price cap on Russian oil will cause more harm than good.
Oil prices have fallen to below $90 a barrel from more than $120 in early June ahead of potentially disruptive sanctions on Russian oil
An influential alliance of oil producers on Sunday agreed to stay the course on output policy ahead of a pending ban from the European Union on Russian crude.

OPEC and non-OPEC producers, a group of 23 oil-producing nations known as OPEC+, decided to stick to its existing policy of reducing oil production by 2 million barrels per day, or about 2% of world demand, from November until the end of 2023

Hopefully the world will ramp up ev and hydrogen vehicle production and Opec can drink their oil.

Hey Joe, We love you man...Thanks.

Mansfield Tx

If a congressman gets indicted

over j6 or something else will he lose his seat ?
If convicted ?

European Union officials set Russian oil price cap at $60 a barrel

The European Union on Friday agreed to cap Russian seaborne oil prices at $60 a barrel, after several days of intense negotiations over an appropriate level.

The announcement comes after the G-7 group of advanced economies agreed back in September to impose a limit on Russian seaborne crude and therefore constrain revenues the Kremlin makes from the commodity. However, details on how the cap would work in practice have been debated and hashed out since that point
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