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Hometown: Boston
Member since: Tue Sep 22, 2020, 11:59 AM
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What did Biden offer rural Americans? How about honesty, decency, integrity, respect, SANITY

Did Dump revive the coal industry? Did Dump bring back manufacturing jobs (hello Foxconn). Did his trade wars help farmers?

Bottom line is these fuckers are literally petrified of people of color and are interested only in escalating the culture wars. Kneeling football players, interracial couples in TV commercials, marriage equality - these are the things that enrage them. That's what Dump gave the - all culture war, all of the time.

I have no interest in seeing things from their perspective. I'm a "coastal elite" who couldn't change a flat tire if my life depended on it and I'm pretty tired of being told that some bigoted farmer in IA or a Confederate flag waving degenerate criminal in MI is more of an American than I am.

Gotta donate to Joe one more time folk$

Last night was beyond disappointing. In some respects worse than 2016 but the battle goes on.

I stopped giving to Biden a month ago. I figured I'd wait and see if he needed money post election if things got all "Florida 2000" on us. Well they have.

Give whatever you can to help Joe win the legal knife fight to come.
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