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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,069

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I can see it already, dickhead runs again and the mainstream media will skip covering Biden to let their cameras record an empty trump podium for a 1/2 hour. if he decides to run, the media can't stop covering his every cough.

Hey Hannity

You will move into Rush's time slot, and you are about to have a rude surprise when a ton of rush listeners will turn your show off. your show had the listeners ONLY because their stations just stayed tuned after his show, but the volume was turned down to background filling levels.

The GOP future

What the GOP senators don't realize yet, is that donny promised them he won't start a 3rd party if they acquit. So they'll acquit under his bullying, BUT, dickhead is gonna start a 3rd party anyway. He needs the attention, and the chaos.

The truth is, their future would be way better off if they convict and ban him from holding office. those supposed maga voters will just line up on the right come election time anyway!

Who's this guy yelling at me? lol

Posted by newdayneeded | Tue Feb 9, 2021, 03:56 PM (4 replies)

He just said

if they proceed, there will be many impeachment returned in kind. So Joe is gonna demand followers storm the capital? This guys an idiot, Donny didnt get impeached for stealing a library book....He incited a riot!
Posted by newdayneeded | Tue Feb 9, 2021, 03:41 PM (5 replies)

Joe Neguse for president

Man this guy is good!
Posted by newdayneeded | Tue Feb 9, 2021, 02:03 PM (9 replies)

Trump gone, now a heart!!

2021 is looking great! Thank you!
Posted by newdayneeded | Mon Feb 8, 2021, 06:32 PM (1 replies)

For the good of the country!

I'm really glad there is such division on the right. I think it's building to an eventual 3rd party birth. That means the looniest of the loons will be marginalized under trump. Maybe the remaining GOP gets back toward center, and we can get back to productive debate and policy making.
Posted by newdayneeded | Wed Feb 3, 2021, 07:20 AM (0 replies)

TV appearances

Every Democrat should be on TV hammering the fact that trump lost 3 times in a row. His campaign, and both senate race backings. They should say "the Republicans are backing a 3 time losing horse; a 3 legged losing horse!"

What are they thinking!

mitch and co think they'll lose 75 million trump voters, I've said it before, half of those held there noses and voted for the asshole. So let's say they convict and ban trump from future runs, they think those 35 million won't just vote for the person with an "R" after their name? Of course they will!! The GOP will be in MUCH bigger trouble if they allow trump to remain a viable candidate. I don't know how they can't see that.
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