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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,069

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I hate that "rich pay more taxes" BS.

Hannity will have you believe that, but the truth is the rich pay the most monetarily, but NOWHERE near what we pay in %. The other thing is, an individual rich guy might pay 20 times more cash than I pay in, but he makes 100 or 1000 times what I make! I wish I could get these thoughts on every billboard in the US!

An Analogy for you, a women is stranded on the highway out of gas. A rich guy pulls up with a hummer with a 100 gallon tank, he gives her 2 gallons of gas. Another normal wage guy pulls up with a tiny cheap compact car with a 10 gallon tank and gives her 1 gallon of gas....Who gave more?

Rich guy gave 2% of his gas.

other guy gave 10% of his gas.

Hannity would praise the rich guy!


Want to know how to solve all spending problems?

There are estimates of $36 trillion in American cash in offshore accounts. If these anti-american bastards could be forced to bring this money back to the American economy and have it taxed even at 10% it would be $3.6 trillion to cover a huge swath of any spending needed. 15% and we could drop the debt by a quick 2 trillion over night as well.

Moderates need to contact Putin

I think its time for the moderate repubs to contact Putin and tell him to release the tapes of him doing whatever. I think donny is reeling right now. If they could get the tapes out of Putin and release them, it would be the final nail. A lot of these RWNJ voters have daughters, and wouldn't stand for what might be exposed.

Levin update for you

I was listening to Mark Levin last night for about 5 minutes (about all I could take), he was animate that Biden should not take any victory laps about this relief bill:

Actually Mark, why yes...Yes he should take a victory lap. And the statement should be clear, "I and the democrats brought you this relief bill, every single republican in the house and senate refused to lift a finger to back this bill, a bill that helps every american get back on their feet"

Thank you Ron Johnson!!!

Your stunt is now making millions of WI republican voters have to wait another day for a $1400 stimulus check. This will backfire in your stupid looking face. You WILL be voted out, because a large % of those repubs won't forget this, and sit it out.
Posted by newdayneeded | Fri Mar 5, 2021, 10:56 AM (6 replies)

legit question here

I've seen a few posts of how trumpism will live on. What really IS trumpism? All I've really seen from him in his term was reversing everything the black guy did...
Posted by newdayneeded | Mon Mar 1, 2021, 01:11 PM (9 replies)
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