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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,069

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Biden's better poll numbers!

I see the mega billionaires don't like that. So, they pull some of their money from the stock market, boom, over 1100 point drop. They then get ahold of their oil buddies, boom, gas is starting to tick up. Then of course, they decided to make center right CNN, full right wing.

All of this with the snap of their green, money stained fingers!

North Korea

There was some questions as to how fast Kim's nuclear technology grew in just a matter of years. it would be interesting to know the technology extent at the end of Obama's years and then the end of trumps years. This may be where some of the classified documents went, right along with his love letters.


there's a right wing nutjob Trumper in his living room in tears rocking back and forth to a blinking light repeating "why didn't Obama get raided instead!"

They just don't get the gravity of what their "God" has done.

Mandela Barnes

The ads against him are brutal. I wish he would've thought about statements he made.

All democrats need to stop any statements about defunding police or ice. No more statements ever about immigrants and free anything. These are losing positions that independents and frankly most democrats don't agree with.

Pence testifying

The real reason Pence keeps pushing to testify is for one reason only. It's to praise trump on national TV. He knows his only political chance is for trump to take him back as VP. Of course, that'll never happen, but he's dead in the water on anything else politically.

Mark my words. If he testifies, it'll be nothing but trump ball licking.

About these primary votes

It's been stated here on DU recently. But I think the reason the far right nutjobs are winning primaries is because middle of the road "rational" Republicans have had enough of the stench. they're not showing up at the primaries.

The blue wave will happen because these same rational repubs will vote Democrat in November.

They won't say it, but vote it.

Wisconsin ad

just saw a right wing ad about a family with 4 kids struggling because of Biden and Ever's inflation.

FOUR kids! Did they think having four kids would be ultra cheap in any economy?

Trump fear!

I'm really getting the feeling the agencies have several ironclad law offenses on donny and I'm thinking there is a very real fear of his followers actions if convicted. That they may indeed not prosecute because of it.

I feel they are sitting in a room arguing about how the arrest versus civil unrest plays out. I know it shouldn't come down to this, but in today's world of guns and insane trumpets it's the reality.

Raids are usually followed with someone taken into custody. There seems to be a timid delay around this.

Tulsi Gabbord

said we've reached a turning point and there's no going back, america is now going in a dangerous direction.

She, and all trumpets, refuse to believe donny can do anything against the law.

Tulsi, you're right, america has reached a Turning point. The Maga is getting quieter daily, donny's staff is turning on him exponentially. The FBI just raided his home with JUST cause.

Fuck you Tulsi

Even though the nuclear codes were obsolete

Somebody could still use trumps codes to develop
a pattern as to how they're generated. The fear could be (pure speculation) that there would be a way to hack and then ultimately block the codes at the time they were needed.
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