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halfulglas's Journal
halfulglas's Journal
June 19, 2023

The large number of documents that Trump kept (stolen) by Trump sheds light on the mystery

Of his tendency to tear up large quantities of documents that he handled while in the WH that his aides had to tape back together. This was the likely tge separating of his intended haul of what he wanted to take with him when he left and destroying the rest. Those that he tore up were ones that he definitely did not want to take with him and keep. The other things (the checking and rechecking of the boxes when he was president, deciding which boxes he wanted to take with him in the helicopter (the ones he wanted to keep with him at all times) and which ones could be left behind at MAL when he went to Bedminster or another property.

So this brings up another question. When the warrant was served at MAL while Trump was in Bedminster watching on closed circuit TV, what documents did he have with him at the time in Bedminster and where does he have them right now? These are probably among the ones that the National Archives say are still missing and with his fetish about them being his, they must be somewhere where he can lay his hands on them.

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I'm retired, ex-medical secretary, ex-medical transcriptionist. A grandmother. Lifelong Democrat.

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