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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,223

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Need fierce Roe memes? Check out MeanMemes.com


more coming - check back

ad free, revenue-free site

no one earns anything off this site

Fierce Roe Meme


out of curiosity, what happens to Ivana's remains when trump sells the golf course

Is he planning to own Bedminster forever? Is he planning to be buried there too? What about Melania? Is this going to be a thruple plot????

What if the new owners of the golf course don't want her there? Isn't he worried how they might mistreat her resting place?????

wow - this website purports to list all the lawyers who helped trump try to steal the election

and lists what each of them did, the cases that they worked on, and why the case was lost

interesting resource

stumbled across it as I was looking up the lawyer listed in the NYT article this morning about the lawyer who used the term "FAKE" electors until he thought better of it --- turns out one of his other clients is Sheriff Joe Arpaio


edit to add


Watch righteous Hamilton Co. schools parent rip Moms for Liberty a new one


nice meme re Lindsey's troubles


What if there was an Adoption Draft, essentially forcing ANYONE to become a parent at any time

Anti-choicers say unwanted children should be adopted.

Fine. Let's MANDATE that.

Start working through the list of every child in foster care.

Set up a draft (of background-checked) Americans, and then institute the draft. When your number comes up, you will be mandated to adopt the next child on the list. If you don't want the child, it will be your responsibility to see to it that they are adopted by someone else.

If the State is going to force people into being parents, then why should that apply only to people birthing children? It should apply to everyone, especially if that person is a vocal anti-choicer.

Forced birth? Let's expand it to Forced parent.

EDIT TO ADD: And in states where there is no support for people with young children, there will STILL be no support for parents adopting through the Adoption Draft. All at your own expense, not the State's.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." nt

I wonder what the possibility is that FBI or DOJ is tapping trump's phone now

Just last month he apparently called Robin Vos and asked the WI GOP to overturn the 2020 election.

Just last month he made that call.

What are the chances that law enforcement was listening? And is listening now to all his calls (whether directly from his own phone or from a phone of one of his inner circle), based on warrants they have because of evidence presented by the January 6th committee?

I'm just saying if I was trump, I wouldn't be making any more phone calls like that.

Gas falling under $3.99 a gallon. Where is the media????????

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