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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 954

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My 19 year old daughter was vaccinated today! Tears of joy!

Johnson and Johnson.

So happy.

She is in another state at school, living in an apartment with 4 other girls, 2 of which had COVID.

They are ALL now vaccinated! And so are many of their friends.

So happy! What a relief.

She went to a mass vaccination site run by the National Guard.

Thank you President Biden!

On Manchin from Ezra Levin -- what is our role now


Manchin is right that democracy reforms have broad bipartisan support. Just not in the senate. Ultimately thereís not much new in his op-ed - itís all talk until the vote is called. Like all politicians, heíll stick his finger in the wind, and itís up to us to change the weather.
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IT IS UP TO US TO CHANGE THE WEATHER. This is the crux of it I think.

Make Manchin bend.

Not sure if we're at the carrot or stick point on that. Not sure what the carrots or sticks are.

But I feel relatively certain Biden knows.

I'll be looking closely for his lead as to where we need to go with activism.

so GOP will FORCE corporations to support racist voting laws but say they're FREE to refuse LGBTQ

as usual, they are simply shameless hypocritical assholes, wanting to punish corporations by removing tax breaks or anti-trust protections for taking a stand against racism and tyranny.

I mean, if we are going to allow companies to purportedly exercise a corporate conscience to refuse to make cakes for gay people, couldn't a corporate conscience also allow a company to refuse to further the purposes of racist voter disenfranchisement??


Marc Elias/Democracy Docket doing the best work on voting rights- can you support them?


Even if you don't have a few bucks for them today, please keep them in mind for the long haul.

They are covering serious lawsuits against GOP voter suppression in more than a dozen states.

We really need them.

I'm sure trump thoroughly studied Biden's infrastructure plan before lashing out against it

seconds after it was released.

I'm getting vaccinated tomorrow!

I'm excited and just a tiny bit nervous.

anyone on twitter - please give Rep. Park Cannon a follow @Cannonfor58


support her in every way

What if you said you were an Evangelical handing out Holy water to those waiting in voting lines

and it actually was holy water - you had it blessed for real.

That brings a completely different dimension to attempts to regulate it.

Could they stop you from handing out Bibles to those waiting in line?

You can support the Georgia ACLU here:


Have you noticed that Ivanka Trump has no friends?

Have you ever seen her in any photo with a friend or buddy? Her only buddy is Jared.

Jared seems to have is shady-business-bros who probably are not real friends but who have a mutual love of grift.

I have never seen Ivanka out to lunch with the girls, shopping with a friend, playing tennis with "long time friend Suzy."

When she eats out at Trump Hotel -- it's with Daddy and Jared and their group.

Perhaps once they "double-dated" with Mnuchin and Louise Linton.

When she's at the spa - she's alone.

Where are her friends to speak for her in the media? "Well I've been friends with Ivanka since college and she's just the bestest!"

Has any person ever spoken personally for Ivanka except Kellyanne Conway who violated the Hatch Act to tell people to go buy her clothing line?

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