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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 948

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are the Capitol Police waiting from them to kill Members before they start shooting people?

if they would have found Dem Members they would have killed them

echoes of Matt Gaetz storming the SCIF

these fuckers are dumb enough to put their own faces on social media while committing treason


A protester is sitting in the chair's seat in the Senate Chamber

picture just shown on CNN

these are indelible images that will be a part of American history FOREVER

trump's shit smeared all over our Capitol today are images just like the planes flying into the twin towers

there MUST be hell to pay by the Capitol Police and others

bombs, guns and tear gas may have illegally entered the Capitol, with members running for their lives.

I mean, HOLY. FUCK.

Jim Acosta on air just called it "Trump's Rebellion"

perversely I'm sure trump will love this and here come the t-shirts

Jake Tapper calling it sedition on-air

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