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Fascism is on our doorstep, and I will stick with President Joe Biden!


Guest Column
Leonard Pitts Jr.

Fascism is on our doorstep
With all the threats facing our democracy, does it really matter that Joe Biden is old?


Not to deny Bidenís failings or to dismiss concern over his advanced years. Certainly there would be, in normal times, plenty of room to argue both.

But the point is, these are not normal times. And if, as the saying goes, you donít change horses in the middle of a stream, you sure as heck shouldnít do it in the middle of a tsunami.

On Monday, Stuart Stevens, a veteran Republican operative, took to Twitter begging Democrats to understand this. ďAs a former R. consultant,Ē he wrote, ďI bear responsibility for the democracy eating monster the party became, so I get Dems donít want to hear this from me. But Iíd plead with Dems to rally around (President Biden). Heís your guy. Youíre going to win with him or lose with him. Make the choice to win.Ē

It is advice Republicans would never need to hear and Democrats canít hear often enough. If we are lucky, there will again come a time when we can afford to argue whether a president is too old or his poll numbers too low. But this is not it. Democracy is under mortal threat.


To deliberately choose to throw away the advantage of incumbency in the current political climate is a suicide pact for our democracy. I will support President Joe Biden for re-nomination and re-election in 2024, without reservation and with no regret. He entered office facing enormous challenges, and has done as well or better than anyone else could have done... and he rescued us from Trump.

Furthermore, I will regard those who attempt to discourage him from seeking re-election, or god forbid, anyone who would challenge him for re-nomination, as being no friend to our democracy, or to our country...
Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Wed Jul 13, 2022, 07:24 PM (10 replies)
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