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Gender: Male
Member since: Thu Jan 7, 2021, 04:31 AM
Number of posts: 1,930

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"Joe Biden's Most Shameful Moment"

That was the crawl that was displayed on Faux News, for the approximately 7 seconds I observed them, while my President was speaking.... (that was as long as I could stand it without vomiting. Tucker was holding forth, but I have no idea what he was saying beyond "Biden Bad.."

Sorry Faux and Tucker, "Make America Great Again! ABORT Tucker Carlson!"
but I beg to differ.

I think this was President "Fighting Joe" Biden's GREATEST moment... so far...

and I cannot wait to receive my absentee ballot in Michigan so I can vote straight Democratic-- and vote for the Democratic ballot initiatives, I hope, if democracy can prevail in the state Supreme Court, regardless of Republican ideological obstruction (the GQP representatives on the state ballot access board voted against allowing the abortion rights and voting rights initiatives to be placed on the ballot, despite being approved elsewhere with unprecedented signature support...)

I really hate the GQP..... They shame their own roots...

If Lincoln were alive today, he would be a Democrat.

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Thu Sep 1, 2022, 09:57 PM (18 replies)

Don't have cable? Here's Free MSNBC, Cinemax and the fascist news channels....POLL

LOL fascist meaning Faux and now a sadly demised CNN..

Personally my favorite channels are MSNBC, Cinemax and The Comedy Channel...

(many channels on the list require you to buy software, but not the news channels and Cinemax.... I started using this site thanks to someone who posted the link here on DU.... and had to use it to watch my President's speech tonight... since I stopped buying cable before the 2020 election)


Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Thu Sep 1, 2022, 09:23 PM (18 replies)

OUR PRESIDENT "Fighting Joe Biden" is on their trail !!!!

I really like what I have read the past day or so, about MY President "Fighting Joe Biden" on the campaign trail!



He has produced great progressive changes for the American people, with the slimmest margins of congressional support!
It did not all happen overnight-- but it has happened!!!

And now I am very glad to see him taking that message on the road, with fighting spirit!

Many of us, over the past year, may have been disappointed in what we *perceived* as a "lack of fight" in our President...
(and probably discouraged by the worldwide price inflation, the blatant price-gouging for gasoline in this country and everything else..)

We wanted to see him "kicking Republican ass" more... but Joe was busy being president, quietly doing his job, working to bring progress to the American people, and, dare I say it??---

To Make America Greater than ever before!!!


(and mostly without a shred of support from Republicans, who want to see our country suffer and "fail"-- only because their political opponents have control. It is the same as it was under President Obama-- they put party over country. This is not the 1970s anymore, or the '60s or the '50s. This is not your Grandpa's Republican party. This is Adolf Hitler's Republican party! google "American bund"

Now I am very happy to see him out on the campaign trail, touting the nearly unprecedented accomplishments of this administration, "blowing his own horn"-- and finally laying the word "fascism" at the feet of the MAGAts and their establishment Republican cowardly enablers!!!

Ok, he did say "semi-fascism"... displaying a little of his usual rhetorical restraint-- because he is still a nice guy-- (that very calm and measured behavior being in violent contrast to the behavior of TFG--- was probably among the biggest reasons that a vast majority of the American people voted for him in 2020, because they were tired of the daily Twitter DRAMA)

....but President "Fighting Joe" DID utter the word "fascism" to describe the MAGAt control of the Republican party, and I trust that he will keep saying it! (Along with the words "Republican extremism", and a reminder that Republicans seek a nationwide ban on abortion, wouldn't hurt either!)

Yes, "progressives" such as myself, or as the GQP would label me "FAR-LEFT COMMIE SOCIALIST PINKO BLAH BLAH BLAH" have not seen as much accomplished as our "unicorn dreams" might have hoped for, but we have seen PROGRESS ACHIEVED! I LOVE President Joe Biden! He has delivered more for progressives, more than we had any reason to expect in the current political circumstances! He continues to "evolve" toward progressive solutions, and uses his political experience to see them become reality!
(And don't forget, he LED President Obama to support for gay marriage! "Love and let love", that is my personal philosophy. Love is a beautiful thing, no matter what sex you are, and no matter whom you love-- and it is nobody else's business, but I digress...)

I will consider no alleged "progressive improvements" over the leadership of President Biden in 2024!

And now, President Biden is leading the fight for the midterm elections. It appears that he is taking off the gloves, and saying the things that we in the base have wanted to hear him say, in public campaigning!

YES, the Republican MAGAts are embracing fascism!
YES, this administration has unprecedented accomplishments which are improving the lives of the American people!

YES, PRESIDENT "FIGHTING JOE BIDEN" will continue to fight for us--
sometimes quietly, sometimes more loudly, as now--

I have always believed that he had some 'Harry Truman' in him.
Now we are seeing it unfolding. KEEP IT UP, PRESIDENT BIDEN! "GIVE THEM HELL!!!"

(Come November, many political pundits may become just as discredited as it is possible to be...)

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Fri Aug 26, 2022, 12:53 AM (9 replies)


Planted BY Donald Trump, AGAINST HIMSELF!!!!

Amirite, or amirite ???

(Sorry for the trollish "click-bait", but I couldn't help myself--- and it IS quite true!)

Donald Trump has clearly committed soooooo many criminal acts, it is hard to judge what he ought to be prosecuted for, first....
Where do you start ?

These alleged violations of the presidential records acts did not seem so sexy at first, perhaps, compared to some other matters....
It is a bit reminiscent of Al Capone being convicted of tax evasion, when everyone knew he was a murderer...

However, this violation of the presidential records laws are clearly an "open and shut" case! Federal law requires that all these records first go to the National Archives, who own them... Doesn't matter if the papers are about nuclear weapons, or about what was served for dinner to the Ambassador from France.... (and of course, if any of the classified documents in question DID involve nuclear weapons strategy or technology, that does make the matter much more serious).

Instead of following the law, Donald Trump packed up these papers, and took them with him to Florida.... and they did include documents with the highest "TOP SECRET" classification...

IRONICALLY, it was Trump who signed legislation which made the acts that he has committed by taking these documents home, into a FELONY (obviously a reaction to the Hillary server matter)

Trump took the documents, instead of giving them over to the national archives, as is required by federal law-- and as president, he signed legislation that made this act a felony....

This is an open-and-shut case... Instead of denying that he took the papers, Trump is arguing about what they contained. Well, it doesn't matter that much. He is guilty as sin.

"Evidence was planted"? YES IT WAS--- by Diaper Don himself!!!

This is plenty good enough to get the bastard into an orange jumpsuit. Now it appears that espionage charges are involved as well. I am not a lawyer, but it is obvious that Trump is guilty of felony violations of the presidential records act, at the very least.... and the justice department is aiming toward espionage charges as well. LET IT BE SO!

After that, he can be prosecuted on other possible charges, "inciting insurrection", etc...

But it seems to me that this is a "slam-dunk"!

Of course it should be noted that President Obama followed the law regarding his records, despite Trump's lies about the matter. President Obama's records were given to the national archives--- and all records in his presidential library, were loaned to the library by the national archives, who retain ownership of the records. This is all 100% legal and proper as required by federal law.

Trump hauling 15 or 24 or 30 boxes of presidential records to Mar-a-Lago?
ALL 100% illegal, all 100% evidence of violating this law---- and all


I am enjoying the legal, moral, and common-sense gymnastics of the Republicans who seek to defend Trump against the consequences of this hole he has dug for himself--- they resemble a pretzel.

This bastard is going down!

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Fri Aug 12, 2022, 08:53 PM (9 replies)

Fascism is on our doorstep, and I will stick with President Joe Biden!


Guest Column
Leonard Pitts Jr.

Fascism is on our doorstep
With all the threats facing our democracy, does it really matter that Joe Biden is old?


Not to deny Bidenís failings or to dismiss concern over his advanced years. Certainly there would be, in normal times, plenty of room to argue both.

But the point is, these are not normal times. And if, as the saying goes, you donít change horses in the middle of a stream, you sure as heck shouldnít do it in the middle of a tsunami.

On Monday, Stuart Stevens, a veteran Republican operative, took to Twitter begging Democrats to understand this. ďAs a former R. consultant,Ē he wrote, ďI bear responsibility for the democracy eating monster the party became, so I get Dems donít want to hear this from me. But Iíd plead with Dems to rally around (President Biden). Heís your guy. Youíre going to win with him or lose with him. Make the choice to win.Ē

It is advice Republicans would never need to hear and Democrats canít hear often enough. If we are lucky, there will again come a time when we can afford to argue whether a president is too old or his poll numbers too low. But this is not it. Democracy is under mortal threat.


To deliberately choose to throw away the advantage of incumbency in the current political climate is a suicide pact for our democracy. I will support President Joe Biden for re-nomination and re-election in 2024, without reservation and with no regret. He entered office facing enormous challenges, and has done as well or better than anyone else could have done... and he rescued us from Trump.

Furthermore, I will regard those who attempt to discourage him from seeking re-election, or god forbid, anyone who would challenge him for re-nomination, as being no friend to our democracy, or to our country...
Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Wed Jul 13, 2022, 08:24 PM (10 replies)

A stinging indictment....

of Donald Trump, by ranking minority member of the January 6th committee, Rep. Liz Cheney....

Of course "they" will call her "a Republican in name only"...

but the truth is, she is one of the very few true 'Republicans' left in that party.

Of course we disagree on almost every other issue... but she has been true to her oath.

It was a good move to have her deliver these details, rather than from a Democrat... there is no partisanship here, and all claims of such have the floor cut out from under them, when they are delivered by a Republican bearing her heritage in that party...

I think all Democrats in her Wyoming district must consider changing registration to support her in her party's upcoming primary, since no one but Republicans get elected in Wyoming anyway-- and she is better than any GQP alternative....

On the other hand, if she is rejected by her own party for re-election... that would be one less impediment for her to launch an independent presidential campaign against Donald Trump in 2024.

She stated publicly to the effect that she 'would do anything to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president again'...

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Thu Jun 9, 2022, 08:56 PM (2 replies)

Until a few of their "heroes" DIE by gun violence,

the Republicans will continue to have no interest in reasonable gun control.

They do not care about children dying, they have no interest... it does not strike 'close enough to home'.
After all, they care nothing about children, after they are actually born...

(I will try to be absolutely clear here, this post is not meant to advocate violence in any way-- I am just "saying it like it is".)

Furthermore, I suspect they will continue to have no interest in any form of gun control-- unless and until they might succeed in stealing our democracy-- at which point the "fall" of some of their heroes would be more likely to happen.

Then "the shoe" would be on "the other foot", wouldn't it ??

They don't feel "the loss" of innocent school-children. They are not "unborn babies". Of course, they "are sorry" and all that... but as President Biden said, "no action" will be the result. Hell, many of their partisans APPLAUD the murder of black Americans which happened a few days prior...

(Sorry for my despair on the issue, but that is the way it is.... and personally, I have some belief in the second amendment-- but never interpreted it as getting as many guns in the hands of as many unstable persons as is possible...)

P.S.S. in reply to comments--- yeah, it is likely that most of the gun-humpers would not care even after some of their gun-humper heroes fell to gun violence-- but it seems like the only thing that might break through some of their too-thick gun-humper skulls...

P.S.S.S. but the majority of the American people, in polls, continue to want more control exercised over the gun epidemic.... unfortunately, we are the victims of minority rule, at this time, even though we "won" the elections...

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Wed May 25, 2022, 12:12 AM (10 replies)

'The Wizard of Oz' was an opportunistic fraud! Remember ??

He just happened to land at the right place at the right moment-- like Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania.

Of course, the 'wizard' in the film was a man with a good heart, in the end---

Dr. Oz is worse than that, he is an outright fascist and nazi-wannabe.

none-the-less, I root for him to ultimately win the GQP PA Senate primary. He is the best representative of what their party has become.

The Fetterman campaign, and national DNC senate campaign should take advantage of his unusual and unlikely name...
and run some negative ads with 'The Wizard of Oz' tie-in, in my humble opinion...

I envision one advertisement, with 'Toto' pulling back the curtain on the 'false wizard', and exposing a list of extremist-right political positions which he has taken, which the vast majority of the citizens of Pennsylvania oppose...

Others more clever than I may come up with something better, and that would be fine.

Republican extremist candidates are giving us a gift in this difficult year, and we should take the goddamn gloves off and take advantage of all such things. "They hate us for telling the truth about them".

Inflation be damned!! It is their only possible defense against what monsters they have become!

We should be able to destroy them, with THEIR OWN WORDS, in this cycle...

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Sun May 22, 2022, 11:14 PM (10 replies)

The Boleyn Girls.... chattel of the forced-birth Republicans

Tonight I was re-watching the film "The Other Boleyn Girl",
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Other_Boleyn_Girl_(2008_film) ,
a perhaps historically flawed dramatization of the relationships between King Henry of England and the Boleyn sisters, one of whom he abandoned his first wife to marry, but later had executed... all while abandoning the Catholic church...

While the film had nothing to do with abortion, it had everything to do with women being treated as nothing but chattel, and a uterus, by the King and by their own family, who hoped to use their child-birthing abilities to gain position and power... and somehow that reminded me of the current political situation...

Do not be mistaken! Republicans and their stolen Supreme Court do not want to "take American women back to the 1950s". Oh NO.

They want to take American women back to the middle ages-- when women were nothing more than property, and their uterus was nothing more than a tool for all-powerful men to attempt to ensure their immortality through producing an heir... and the men who controlled them were 'all-powerful'-- ("the good old days" ?? as conservatives think of it)

Hell, a good number of GOP partisans have stated publicly how it was "a mistake" to have given women the right to vote!
(probably even a few candidates for office, although I don't have links for that just now)

To me, in this tale, Ann Boleyn represented anti-choice women-- she enthusiastically took advantage of her possession of a uterus, giving up her own body to the desires of a powerful man, in attempting to secure position and political power for herself (that's just my take on it)... but it did her no good in the end, and she paid for it with her life, when she failed to produce a male heir for the adulterous king... used up and then thrown away when she failed to satisfy the man's aims...

The King was obviously a Republican. They care nothing for the lives of women, only for their own power, over women, and everyone else...

The vast majority of Americans do not want to see women's healthcare go back to the state of the middle ages--- but a minority of Americans, mostly aligned with the Republican party, DO want it. I only pray that they will fail in the end.

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Wed May 18, 2022, 01:37 AM (1 replies)

A call for militancy, and freedom for our women

If this is not the time for pro-life and pro-freedom Democrats to "take off the gloves", I don't know when that would be...

(Pardon me for co-opting one of the terms of the far-right, "pro-life"... but which party has established itself as more in favor of protecting "life" in the past 2 years--- Democrats or Republicans?? "My body, my choice"?? How soon they forget co-opting that phrase!) IF the pending overturning of the 'Roe v. Wade' decision is accomplished, it will result in the deaths of thousands of American women, if not more...

Life as we know it has always been defined by 2 dates-- the date of birth, and the date of death. The Jewish religion, which is the basis for Christianity, recognizes it as such.

(thus ends my rebuttal of the religious argument-- as any astute observer recognizes, the "religious right" will recognize, they cherry-pick whatever verses from the Bible which will support their political arguments, and ignore the rest, but I thought I should put that out there anyway). Republicans only care about "life", before it actually draws breath... after that, they cannot be bothered with it.

The purported "pending" decision of this "Supreme Court", is as illegitimate as the 'Dred Scot' decision-- which likewise adjudicated a large number of American citizens as non-citizens, as non-deserving of the rights afforded to all recognized citizens of this country.... In this case, it is even worse--- they attempt to strip the reproductive rights of more than half of all of the citizens of this country, all the women!!!

However, the decision is not "official", yet.... the 'leak' has afforded the opportunity for the American people to make their opinions heard on the matter, before the 'decision' is official...

What I propose, is that "the masses" make their voices heard, and SEEN... and that rank-and-file democrats "take off the gloves"...

"politics is not 'beanball' ", maybe you heard that somewhere....

I propose that protesters against this 'pending decision' make themselves known--- NOT just in front of the Supreme Court building, but AT THE HOMES of those justices who are noted as supporting it!!!! (I would be there myself, if I were closer)

These justices who are in favor of eliminating the sacred right of a woman, to control their own bodies--- are threatening the rights of a woman in her own home--- should they not feel the blowback against that threat in their own homes? I say YES!!!

YES, I say "DOXX THEM!" They are about to vote against the 'right to privacy' against all American women! What's good enough for more than 50% of the population of America, is good enough for 4 white men and one misguided American woman!

FURTHERMORE, I say that those protesters against this pending decision, who make their presence known at the personal homes of these renegade justices (as far as local laws will allow), should be visibly ARMED!
(They are just as deserving of all protections of the Constitution of the United States as the right-wing, aren't they ??? Besides that, the will have legitimate concerns about 'personal self-defense') If the local law will not support the display of long guns, I say that those protesters should arm themselves with baseball bats... or perhaps, pitchforks..

(If those right-wing justices "feel threatened" by such a display, well, that will be just too goddamned bad... they support the "right to bear arms", don't they? They support the doctrine that the many deaths of children in school shootings, and other mass shootings, is "the price of liberty" supporting the 2nd amendment, don't they??)

If they are going to ultimately vote for this decision, they should feel the pressure from the American people, who ultimately have no legal recourse against such a decision, other than screaming from the rooftops-- or screaming in front of the house of these justices... they should feel the pressure inside their own homes, as do all American women right now, who care about their reproductive freedom!

"This is not our way" ???

Fuck that. We are too nice. The time for "nice" is over. It obviously has not worked, anyway. The mass of voters seem to see "nice" as "weak". It is time for Democrats, and democrats, to make a show of force--- over this issue, because we love our women-- and because we love women. This issue is where they are 'crossing the line'.

(Personally, as a citizen of Michigan, I felt that the far-right 'crossed the line' when they occupied the Capital building in Michigan in April 2020-- HEAVILY ARMED--- in protest of COVID policies which were intended to protect "life"---- fortunately, no one triggered their arms, but they obviously made their "opinions" visible... I do not think they should be un-answered).

(In this post I am in no sense 'advocating violence' against those we oppose politically, or against any justices.....
If they feel 'threatened' by the constitutionally-protected "right to bear arms", that will be just too goddamned bad.... but that right is not afforded only to the far right... Unfortunately, IMHO, the right is much more heavily armed than than left, so the left is much more justified in feeling the need to afford themselves of the right of armed "self-defense"...)


And until the official decision is actually issued... and after that...

Those who say "we are too good for that"? Well, bless you, you are right, we are.... but that does us no good in this instance, it does nothing to win the fight, it is "unilateral disarmament". Stay in your homes, and be better than the Republicans... and maybe someday, our moral superiority will be recognized by the voters. For the moment, they only seem to recognize "strength"--- or a facsimile thereof.

As I implied before, I want these justices to feel the strength of the displeasure of the American people at the cancellation of a freedom which has stood for 49 years. If the resulting protests result in their fear for the safety of themselves, or members of their families, that is TOO GODDAMN BAD! (that is the cost of maintaining '2nd amendment freedoms', as we have been told by them, many times...!!!! "FREEDOM" is not only for the far-right!!!)

It is long past time for 'the shoe to be placed upon the other foot'.
Let them sow what they have reaped!

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Thu May 5, 2022, 03:57 AM (7 replies)
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