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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Current location: Langley, Virginia
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 7,107

About Me

Member of NAFO. Living large on an enormous CIA paycheck.

Journal Archives

I've been following the cross examination of Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes on twitter.

By the time this is over (probably not today) there is just going to be a wet puddle where he used to be.

The govts x-exam of Stewart Rhodes in the Jan 6 trial has begun


Worth following on this twitter feed.

Good thread on the problems the govt has in the 1/6 Oath Keepers trial


The case is not a slam dunk on some of the charges.

Yale Prof Timothy Snyder, Class 16 The Making of Modern Ukraine

Paul Krugman on the GOP plan for SS and Medicare. No paywall.

Raise the ages to 70 basically. Demand it in return for raising the debt ceiling.

The G.O.P. Plot Against Medicare and Social Security https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/03/opinion/republican-medicare-social-security.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqYhlSVUbACbSRdkhrxqAwuLC2KE2gn71JS7QTDtOzu8cGYXF4EDGZKNnIsA-1CmBRcNQdr8zQfg4hsluA3tQcSj66J2VhMZCZCwvtYO4Wm5xhM-dA7pk_TSvZzDmdqIim-az-kLZYWf1XKLegid1IglkpZNvZkjqjSJTvtrNFeR_3Nh62fszVNstFXpbOn7877S_AA5-Od6Gchnf9gAwPupbUjzWltOegKkSJEQQURmVCSMivhtvrY9UK9gVP63gLxY_eMuYgrwZD2JgKY_BFIRsEAnpxh96H8BSLHO6x8Qa

Yale Prof Timothy Snyder, Class 15 The Making of Modern Ukraine

Stalin and the 30s

The fog of War in Kherson City Ukraine. Something is happening.


Short thread.

NY Times: The Untold Story of Russiagate and the Road to War in Ukraine

Incredible reporting of Paul Manafort's role (among others) in advancing the Putin goals for destroying Ukraine and the real story of Russiagate. Posted tonight. A very, very long read. There should be no paywall. I can gift some stories through my subscription.

The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/02/magazine/russiagate-paul-manafort-ukraine-war.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqYhlSVUbASbQVNcuvByAiL_V3acnh3bxJTSYDC5L0uBQBoGG8knKf7Ymetgp1jWdSZpeOaVpROB3yqUXGX1RfDSSg8nOnoUZcWJyoJivX2gy0tXAB-Bjqza7YyywIusvgeDv7kLDOWnpDbjf1HAgJQplocM1dlG6yDdfkPe-Z-1x2Nh71PgmAokrBmtTIXnX4IS7Tkl2K96EbRrD6gEpWus_WDvbndWU6rxoYxwFQBudDys5uTBgnYsabNAHP6__LAojeN79h9gTCG9rL4SrAf4hVr7HEKMIx6qToGS9ttExpEc

Patron: Rider on the Storm


I've wondered how much damage was done to the Kerch Bridge in Crimea.

Now we know. Apparently a lot to the train bridge and enough to stop trucks from crossing on the highway.


Now I wonder where that Russian warship is.

Slava Ukraini.
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