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Profile Information

Name: Tom Conroy
Gender: Male
Hometown: CT
Home country: USA
Current location: Langley, Virginia
Member since: Sat Mar 6, 2021, 08:56 PM
Number of posts: 7,107

About Me

Member of NAFO. Living large on an enormous CIA paycheck.

Journal Archives

Patron catches 40 winks.


NPRs Tim Mak: The Dogs of War.


Ukraine celebrated the 4th of July.


Big ammo dump apparently.

The great Maria Pevchikh takes down Gazprom!


In case anyone is still wondering if they should get a second booster.


Glacier collapse in the Italian Alps.


Some inside baseball on the situation in Ukraine.

Def Mon is one of the best and funniest commentators out there. He does a lot of maps but they are often focused on obscure villages and small areas so I don't always get their meaning. Anyway, he put this one out their yesterday:


What does it mean? Chornobaivka is next to Kherson, the major occupied city in the south of Ukraine. The Kherson airport is located there. The red fires mean Ukraine is giving some of their own back to the orcs. Ukraine is raining artillery down on orc positions prior to advancing. The Russians won't be able to stop Ukraine. They put everything they have in the Donbas. They don't have enough troops to hold the south. The Pentagon said so the other day. After Kherson there are no defensible positions until you reach Crimea.
To be continued......

Here's a topographical view of Kherson and Chernobaivka:


And a pic from yesterday:


Somebody starting to worry?



I'm no strategist but I don't think Ukraine will fight
In Kherson. I think they will cut the city off from resupply. Ukraine won't reduce their city to rubble and they have accurate artillery.

A little touch of Zelenskyy in the Night.


Prof. Phillips Peyson OBrien on the situation in Ukraine.

Another brilliant update from our favorite Prof.


Another Patron.

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