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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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Dems need more and harder messaging on the debt ceiling. Hit the air waves and community centers

to explain the raising the debt ceiling is to pay for money that the GOP spent when they were in control. We need just one or two GOP who are responsible enough vote to pass the debt ceiling. It was the GOP debt that we are paying for. Voters whould be forced to see just what kind of legislators the GOP are and they should be targeted in the 2022 elections. I don't see enough of this reporting by the MSM and the networks are responsible. Take to social media and use it for truth dissemination instead of spreading half truths and lies. We need to begin to spread our truth and the real truth in all the same social media venues that the Q and the Nazis use.

To satisfy Manchin, how about just exempting W.VA from any social services payments and environmenta

regulations. Would he accept that? Would his mine owners be ok with that?

After the results of the AZ election audit by Trumps own people, Biden should not miss

this opportunity to speak directly to the nation about what is going on. It should be a major primetime address to the nation and all media outlets should carry it.

The truth of the results of the AZ election audit charade must be made know to the entire nation, including the MAGAs whether they want to hear it or not. And Biden should make this address a call to civic duty, a call to legislative action to save the nation. The call for actions equal to or exceeding the moon shot. A serious plea, free from political agendas and policy issues should be made in all seriousness and candor. Biden should not miss opportunity to be President in mode of Abe Lincoln, JFK, FDR. Call on citizens to protect their own votes as well as the votes of others. Remind citizens that only a very small percentage of the nation actually puts their lives on the line on the battlefield to protect our democracy and to salvage what is left of our dignity and decency.

Ask the nation, no matter what their party affiliation to always vote to preserve what is good and decent about this nation. Vote for those, whether I, or R or D, who show by not only words but deeds that they love this nation. There are honest, fearless, decent men and women who are Independents, Republican, and Democrat who want to uphold the Constitution, fight for justice and fairness. Find them. Do your homework on every election candidate and vote for the ones who have demonstrated their willingness to work FOR the people and not against them. Vote for the candidates who are unafraid of big money, powerful people, and who are not self-absorbed and selfish, not fascist and authoritarian leaning. Vote for candidate from school boards to judges who will adhere to and appeal to our better angels.

Make this address bigger and more important to any State of the Union address. Make it real. Make it tough. Make it essential.

I had three friends on FB with whom I grew up in a small PA town.

We all came from hard working families, poor but we didn't know how poor because not a lot of TV and no social media.
I was shocked and saddened to find out just how RW-racist, homophobic, and sexist they were...even the one woman among them. They all utterly despised Obama and posted very nasty, ugly sentiments and photos of him and Michelle. But they hated Hillary even more. So you know they were Trump lovers, anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, pro-guns, anti-govornment that wasn't run by Trump. I don't believe they really cared about abortion but they pretended to be strongly pro-life just to ow the libs.

Well, after months of protesting Biden's COVID efforts and plastering all kinds of false COVID info over FB, I am reporting that I just learned by going to their FB pages (I hadn't seen any FB posts from them lately so I assumed they had blocked me) that all three had died from COVID within weeks of each other. The End.

Are the Dems (DNC and others) putting any time and money into running candidates in

swing states for positions Secretary of State, and other state government positions? It seems to me that governorships and Secretaries of State will be more important than we might think?

My message to the GOP, Manchin, and Sinema and the moderates who are selfish.

I just really loathe Andrea Mitchell. That is all. nt

Why do I get the feeling that Sinema and Manchin were GOP's Aces in the hole?

Yeah, I hate to say "Obama was right" But Obama was right. TPP

And I told you so and got clobbered here on DU


Really makes things more difficult for the Biden administration.= and our future with the rest of the world.,
Most critics hadn't even read the full text and the GOP was just obsessed with obstructing anything Obama wanted to do and many progressives were misled or didn't fully understand. HRC even switched to accommodate her base and ward off Sanders supporters. But here we are.

FBI failure to fully investigate Kavanaugh should be grounds for looking into more info and

Kavanaugh's impeachment if e is proven to have lied under oath and if more comes out about his background with women.
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