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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,450

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These young women testifying on the Nassar case my put Gym Jordan back in the headlines.

They are so poised, doing a great job. Right now they seem fearless. The one thing the GOP and other bullies hate is when you don't fear them. The FBI is on the block too.

If Manchin and Cinema were FOR the people they could stop the GOP move against debt ceiling

n its tracks by at least threatening to hammer the filibuster if the GOP failed to raise the debt ceiling at this critical time. Why is Hawley more powerful than they?

If the media can continue to allow Trump and the MAGAs keep claiming "fake news"

the Dems ought to be relentless in calling them out and to be as forceful in challenging the MSM to be more honest in calling out outright lies. They legitimized Trump's lying and that of his supporters by continuing go cover them in primetime news, as though lying deserved a spot in primetime. It wasn't enough that FOX helped perpetuate the lies but the MSM did so also. Dems should stop every journalist and remind them that they are reporting unfounded and, when necessary, untrue information and we are sick of it. A statement like "You are not being helpful to the American public when you simply repeat the alternate facts or lies of the Republicans by simply reframing them in the form of a question."

Applebee's ad song ...I really like it.

Makes great dance music. The copywrite owner should go for it!

Well, well the US didn't support Obama with his push for the TPP. Now China

has almost a free hand with Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Japan was on board until it seemed hopeless. Even the GOP believed in PPP but because it was pushed by Obama they lined up against it.

Elections really do have consequences. We, the US, have lost a lot of creditability and influence in the world thanks to Trump and the GOP.

Finally, a journalist put Andrea Mitchel in her unpatriotic place. And Andrea has to apologize.

Just now on Andrea's show. She keeps asking the leading question "Do you feel betrayed by the US?"


Every woman who can remember from childhood (3 yers old to now) please raise your hand if

NONE of what follows happened to you:

sexual assault by a family member
sexual assault by a family friend
rape by a family member
rape by a family friend
sexual assault by a church member or elder
rape by a church member or elderberry
sexual assault by clergy
rape by clergy
sexual assault by a teacher
rape by a teacher
sexual assault by a sports coach
rape by a sports coach
sexual assault by a schoolmate
rape by a schoolmate
sexual assault by a workplace superior
rape by workplace superior

Just making a point to my cousin in Texas and not raising my hand.

I'm investing in the IUD and vibrator markets. Women are not helpless fools.

Now we need to push for much harsher penalties for incest and rape. Minimum 30 years with no parole is my thinking. I'm for adding an extra 5 years if you are also a member of the NRA and a rapist.

My niece from NJ told me in a phone conversation that women shouldn't worry too much because COVID seems to be taking care or the virility of male anti-vaxxers. Her ex caught it and in six months his penis began to shrink and recede. i don't know if this applies to other men but she seemed to think it does based on her girl-to-girl talk with friends.

So where does the Texas abortion ban leave surrogate mothers or inseminated women?

If something goes wrong during their pregnancy what do they do?

AND if no one listens for a heartbeat or if no one has heard a heartbeat?

We are "Democrats" no longer. We are THE RESISTENCE!!

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