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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
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Is it because they don't have the evidence on Trump that he is not being indicted?

I would think they would get more bang for the buck if he and his accountant would be indicted at the same time.

Just putting out there about construction in the 80's.

Greed gripped the nation, white flight to the coastal areas, bought up most of the public accesses to nice beaches, the push against regulations and regulators, cheap steel and watered-down cement, cheap labor, and all kinds of cutting corners ... all because someone told Americans, especially wealthy Americans, they should not have to sacrifice for anyone or anything...

Result: mostly shit-build housing and condos. The townhouse my daughter bought in late 1980's practically fell apart in five years. Shitty drywall, cheap insulation, poly-piping...she had to practically re-build it to sell it. There's that.

Just received a solicitation from AARP to sign a petition to my Congresscritters to protect seniors

and offer more help to them against COVID. I live in Maryland. They will not like the response I send WITHOUT a conation.
In short, I told them to stop wasting time and money trying to get Democrats and blue state officials to support COVID19 vax and safety measures and spend their time and money getting lying Trump and his supporters to vaccinate and wear masks when necessary. They will never get a dime from me until they get their GOP-loving asses busy in fighting the big lie and fighting for a thorough investigation of January 6 insurrection.

According to Fareed, business are moving out of blue states to TX and FL.

They will avoid paying taxes but their workers will turn the states blue. Be careful what you ask for.

Fareed let us Dems have it right between the eyes this morning on his opening.

I think, rightly so. You have only to look at what happened in 2016 and what ushered in the Trump era that does not seem to be going away.

Will we push Biden to the brink and lose what gains we have made so far? If the same ardent progressives that wanted more, better, and faster in 2016 do not get out and vote in higher numbers than in 2020, our future looks really dim. If we don't give in order to get our voting rights legislation passed, infrastructure bills and environmental bills will mean very little for the salvation of democracy as we imagined it. I love our progressive brothers and sisters but they must learn to love us back. Right now it doesn't seem they do.

Here's a thought on the filibuster:

The Dems should all agree to get rid of the filibuster and pass the For the People Act, the Infrastructure bills, and John Lewis Bill. Then return and vote the filibuster back in to protect themselves from 2022. Why can't that be done????

If Biden promises the two holdouts, Cinema and Manchin that it will go back as soon as the three major pieces of legislation are passed, would they go for it...with some modifications to the HR1?

After watching HRC interview on MoJo

I am just wondering how those Dems and Indies who didn't vote for her can even sleep at night having gone thru four years with Trump. Of course, their fat stock and bank accounts make nice pillows.

Just finished listening to a discussion of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

After speaking with a relative who was sickened by what she thinks was COVID-19 because of losing her taste and smell senses I thought I should post my comments about the origin of the virus here in hopes of hearing from anyone else who may have had similar
experience in 2019? I hope any investigation of the origin of the virus will look for potential cases much earlier than was stated on the news report.

It may be that the COVID-19 originated in a lab. But it didn't have to be a Chinese lab for starters. I know two scientists were hospitalized sometime in late 2019. But to me, that doesn't prove a Chinese lab origin. Here is why:

In early June, my friend's daughter returned for Atlanta, GA after having attended a graduation for her sister around May 28. Three days after returning to Maryland, she got very sick, losing her taste and smell on about the 8th day. She said she thought she was dying because she was having great difficulty breathing. Her husband also became ill but not to the extent that she did. The young lady was sick for 7 weeks before she started feeling better. She had received antibiotics from her doctor which included the usual Z-Pack, aspirin, and she self-treated with vitamins C, D and zinc (Coldeeze tabs). Was in the bed for four days straight with sweats and chills. Was tested for flu (negative) and a few other bugs that all came back negative. She nver really felt totally healed until the latter part of August.

Around that same time, we were reading news reports about seemingly healthy people vacationing around the world suddenly dying without explanation. Several folks in my own immediate family fell ill, went to CVS or to the emergency room and ALL tested negative for the flu. One developed pneumonia that was hard to treat because the virus type could not be identified. Luckily he responded to a series treatments and was fine within about four weeks.

So, I repeat. This COVID-19 may have begun outside a lab and was carried into a lab.. It may or may not have started in China. So I am very interested in what a thorough investigation about this virus turns up.

And, yes, I did convey all this information to health officials and even wrote to a few Cogrescritters on Twitter and sent letters to Fauci, and the Biden camp about these anecdotes. Haven't heard anyything from anyone. I don't care to hear anything from those I contacted. I just want them to have the information and to consider it when studying this virus.

There is so much corruption left behind by the Trump administration. Is it time to fire all top

managers in the Executive Branch and make they all reapply for their jobs? Maybe not, but it is time to enforce the nepotism and anti discrimination laws already on the books especially where Federal employment is concerned.

The way to crack down on lobbyist is to simply ignore them and give them no time. Also gets rid of

dark money. We need more Dem Senators and more Dem Reps. that alone can get rid of dark money and stop lobbyists IF they just ignore them and refuse their money and say so in public.
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