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Member since: Mon Apr 19, 2021, 10:47 AM
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Watching soccer. Belgium v Russia.

Just before the kickoff they have a moment when they take a knee to show awareness of racism and oppression. Neither the Russians or Spanish officials took a knee.

Fat shaming is deplorable and this board is littered with it.

The people on this board are, for the most part, kind and caring people. Fat shaming is one of the last refuges of fully acceptable abuse across society today.

Zero reason to use weight in a personal attack. This one just seems too simple to have to even say. Don’t try to justify the unjustifiable. Your words aren’t only attacking your target when you go to weight as a descriptor.

Thank you.

We need a serious investigation over the DOJ scandal that's breaking.

I feel we will find out that the resources of the DOJ were used against Republicans first.

That would be important as it would be the piece of straw that breaks the camels back.

Say I’m wrong he didn’t use the DOJ to investigate Republicans first. This is still a massive scandal.

It needs a thorough investigation.

I believe one of the reasons there is an increase in the volume of conspiracy theories is that we aren’t getting to the bottom of many of these scandals. It’s human nature.

Today's Republican Party.

Rebekah Jones Hoping To Unseat Alleged 'Child Sex Trafficker' Matt Gaetz From Congress


DNC, RNC already breaking fundraising records ahead of 2022

The two largest political party committees are stockpiling record amounts of cash ahead of the 2022 midterms and laying the groundwork for an expensive 2024 clash.

The Democratic National Committee raised $63.7 million through the first four months of 2021, more than twice as much as it raised over the same period after the 2016 election. The DNC had $56.3 million in the bank through April, six times its 2017 total. The Republican National Committee raised $57.6 million through April and ended the month with a whopping $90.5 million in the bank. The RNC reported having twice as much cash on hand as it did during the same point in Donald Trump’s first year in the White House.

That’s according to Federal Election Filings released last week. The influx of donations to the top political parties is another data point indicating that the next two elections could be even more expensive than the last two record-breaking contests. Congressional candidates are also setting new fundraising benchmarks to start the 2022 cycle.



Charlie Crist to launch statewide 'Voting Rights Tour'

“The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy, and listening to the voices of the people is the first job of any public servant,” Crist said in a news release. “Governor (Ron) DeSantis wants to divide Floridians and suppress the votes of people he doesn’t agree with. I believe to my core that’s wrong. I’m running for Governor to build a Florida for all Floridians, and that starts with actually listening to Floridians and fighting to protect everyone’s right to vote.”

Florida Politics

FEC Finally Exposes an Attempt to Trick Hillary Clinton Supporters Out of Their Votes in 2016

An international team of 4chan shitposters created a fake Hillary Clinton website in 2016 designed to make people think they could vote over the internet, sparking a Federal Election Commission investigation into whether the effort was linked to Russian election meddling, according to an FEC General Counsel’s investigation filed in May 2020.

After dragging its feet on the nearly five-year-long investigation, the FEC has finally published its answer: it (probably) wasn’t the Russian government behind the site.

Just days before the 2016 election, an international group of posters on 4chan came together to create a fake Hillary Clinton website which aimed to deceive Black American voters “into believing that they could vote for Clinton via the Website rather than at a polling location.” It also solicited donations for the Clinton campaign, which is prohibited under federal law.

The FEC, which only regained its quorum in December, concluded its investigation before the election but did not publish the report until last week.

Yahoo! News

As PPP loan program ends, Tampa Bay small businesses' haul nears $10 billion

An early business casualty of the coronavirus pandemic was one that hit Jill Whelan, owner of A Special Touch — Cakes by Carolynn in St. Petersburg, particularly hard: The wedding industry.

“The whole cake industry,” she said. “Birthdays, everything.”

Whelan’s business got two relief loans through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, one for $20,377 last year, and another for $20,000 in January. She used them to pay bills and salaries for her staff of three.

“We closed down for a month,” she said. “But those PPP loans are the things that saved us. Because if I didn’t have that, we would have had to shut our doors.”

Tampa Bay Times

Like society and Covid, Democrats are also returning to normal.

It’s like herding cats.

It’s also one of the biggest reasons neither party is going anywhere or will be ousted to the point of insignificance.

We can’t help ourselves.

Get vaccinated.

Republicans suck.

Biden’s start is better than any Democrat in my lifetime.

Keep up the great work, Democrats.

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