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Member since: Mon Apr 26, 2021, 07:25 PM
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So, exactly what happened to Naomi Wolf?

She has gone complete anti vax and anti Covid restrictions.

What happened to her?

Brianna Keilar on CNN Some of the ways Capitol rioters were caught


In light of the Michael Cohen interviews on Rudy, time to replay the classic "Says Who" one


Erin Burnett glares at Andrew Giuliani


Michael Cohen on CNN Rudy I told you so!!


"A slaughterhouse, an outlet mall, slot machines, fear of God"

Funny how well that one line from Phoebe Bridgers’ I Know the End describes red America.

CNN's Brianna Keilar's interview with lawyers for Capitol rioter


“Lawyers arguing for Capitol rioter's release say he called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a "biatch," which is "less offensive.””

This is a wild one.

Lindsey Graham announces a contest where the winner gets to play golf with him and Trump


This is bizarre even for them.

Brianna Keilar discusses evangelical Christian leaders and their stance on Covid vaccines.

This was eye opening.

“45% of White Evangelicals say they definitely/probably won’t get the Covid-19 vaccine, according to polls.

It could be “fed by a mixture of distrust in government, ignorance about how vaccines work, misinformation and political identity,” says ”

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