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SouthernDem4ever's Journal
SouthernDem4ever's Journal
November 13, 2023

Right wingers' panties in a wad about Biden speech which included Trump's dissing statements


Joe Biden faces major backlash? From who? Magats? Why, are they embarrassed the asshole they think should be president shouldn't be quoted because he says crap that only embarrasses himself?
November 11, 2023

Suddenly - Billy Ocean

October 29, 2023

Poetry Man - Phoebe Snow

October 29, 2023

Pinball Wizard - Elton John

This kept going through my head so had to release here. I like this version better than the original. The Who tightened it up and using Elton John was a stroke of genius.

Here's the version without the movie sound effects:

October 21, 2023

Are rich people ok?

It's a long video but it gets better at the end.
October 19, 2023

I can't be nice about it anymore

Lately I have read some posts talking about how we shouldn't make fun of or berate republicans for supporting insurrectionists like TFG Drump. I am sorry, for me this is no longer possible. Anyone that keeps supporting a fool who has done everything to ruin our democracy, weaken our intelligence agencies and military, and puts citizens in danger just for doing their jobs has all screws loose or no brains at all and they should be held to account for this. I am speaking about the idiotic, moronic buffoons that show up to Drump rallies and those in our Congress who still support this narcissistic asshole's seditious behavior. Don't expect me to be nice or feel any kinship with these people - ever! They no longer have the right to call themselves Americans. If they want war, I'm ready for them. Bring on all your biscuit ab soldiers and armchair generals that sit and listen to and watch right wing shitheads who think they can enrich themselves by spewing seditious crap all over the airwaves. I have had it. Anyone who thinks they will change these morons by singing Kumbaya are deluding themselves. The situation has just gotten continually worse for the last forty years and as a result we are very close to a fascist state unless some of these people look in the mirror and recognize the ugly person they have become. Drump flags and nazi flags are now interchangeable and someone needs to make them realize it.

October 7, 2023

Scott Galloway: Putin knows if Trump wins in 2024, he'll win the Ukraine war

So Putin will be sinking money into AI and misinformation in the first 2 quarters of 2024 the likes as never seen before and the CEO of these companies propagating this misinformation will do nothing but cash the checks. And this is a much cheaper way for Putin than buying more tanks. How do you get this through the thick heads of the asshole, idiot ignorant magats?

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