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Alexander Of Assyria

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Member since: Thu Sep 30, 2021, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 1,383

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The Republican Party has no political platform. No written policies or objectives.

No message for Americans.
No plans for the future.
No economic vision.
No big ideas
No little ideas
No promises made

Nothing. Nada.

Yet this party is polling higher than the party that does have a platform, all the policies are written in great detail, like the many voting rights bills recently quashed? Don’t believe it.

The people voted this government in to majorities and control of all branches and now that there is delivery of service…the very same people don’t like it much?? Figure that one out…can’t, cause it’s not true.

All we have is in writing. Promises made. Many promises already kept, coming to a rusty bridge and toxic waste site near you soon.

Many messages and hopes for America.
Many plans for the future
Economic vision extending for decades, climate change being one
Many big ideas, many little ideas

We can not be less popular than…nothing? Don’t think we are.

When Election Day rolls around the Republicans are in for a wicked surprise I think, whatever comes inbetween now and 10 and a half months.

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Thu Jan 20, 2022, 05:54 PM (11 replies)

Americans not convinced by this recent episode and aftermath that corporate media is fascist?


To this minute ABC News has not issued a deep throated apology on every outlet and at every hour on TV…or a detailed explanation of why they have not fired the entire staff of Good Morning Nazimerica for such incompetency…on a matter of great importance to Americans in knowing the truth…the HUGE error is playing directly into the hands of the Big Liars.

The pathetic excuse…? Clipped for time limits…lol. Yes clipped out 15 seconds of the CDC Directors boring Science Stuff math so as to create a Giant Strawman for the Flat Earthers to pummel…which they did…cause there was a dog show segment after commercial.

Remember when real news organizations would feel obligated to correct major errors on shows watched by millions…even if it didn’t involve matters of life and death and truth and lies?

ABC News should be playing the Directors full Science Talk interview on a loop for an hour as apology. And for the vital public information. But they won’t. What they are doing instead reveals more than it obscures.

Why are BBC News and AJ only ones allowed to even try to penetrate the shielded American Corporate media? The American corporate boardrooms control the vertical and the horizontal. The Matrix is real in that way.

…mistake or on purpose? Come on, give your heads a shake if don’t have correct answer.


Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Jan 18, 2022, 10:16 AM (8 replies)

What's in The John Lewis Voting Rights Act?

Why are Republicans in lockstep against it, someone should ask, point by point.

Requiring all 50 states to offer early voting periods for at least two weeks prior to Election Day, including on nights and weekends.

Establishing a national standard permitting no-excuse vote by mail for every eligible voter.

Making Election Day a legal public holiday, making it easier for voters to get to the polls.

Creating a less onerous national standard for states that have voter ID requirements.

Restoring federal voting rights to formerly incarcerated citizens upon their release.

Increasing protections for local election administrators from being removed for partisan or political reasons.

Banning partisan gerrymandering and establishing clear, neutral standards.

Making automatic voter registration the national standard.

Requiring same-day voter registration and online voter registration.

Curbing “dark money” in federal elections by requiring any entity that spends more than $10,000 in an election to disclose all major donors.

Requiring paper records and other election infrastructure improvements.

…..Add your own!

Like…National Democracy Day federal holiday every two years.
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Wed Jan 12, 2022, 09:57 AM (2 replies)

The Committee is tracking the demon conduct, the DOJ the demon money?

Two independent but related investigative tracks leading to a merging of indictments on a single bombshell Indictment Day, that’s ok. Shock and Awe.

Believe history will record what is happening now, both publicly known, and privately unknown, as the most complex criminal investigations in history. And the most rapid for the given complexity.

On the this mob prosecution ladder over 700 small fry criminally charged to date, over 100 convicted. From a single event, but with many tentacles in the planning and deliberation…the investigative manpower needed is mind boggling for just that, but more rungs, higher up. As AG Garland said.

The legal and investigative brainpower needed to now move up that ladder to the highest rungs…including the spousal rung of a senior scotus justice apparently… has to be exponentially higher.

Just my personal reading of the tea leaves to date.

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Mon Jan 10, 2022, 08:20 AM (11 replies)

Shouldn't the fascists be the Resistance? Why are we who love democracy the Resistance?

An article linked here a few days back got me thinking. Maybe I was wrong thinking before.

Undeniable there are major forces that are relentlessly on the side of democracy and therefor, us.

The relentless march of demographics forced the hand of Rs in Texas to create even more anti-democratic congressional districts, made possible by the gutting of the voting rights act. That can be fixed and all fascist election manipulations. The filibuster is white power baked in by tradition.

Examples, the relentless march of facts is on our side, don’t need fixing, needs more time.

The relentless march of Science, needs no fixing cause it’s does not take sides.

The world is marching towards democracy, not fascism, in my eyes.

The world is not going to move towards fascism and neither is America, it’s not a logical system, except in preservation of the traditions of white power baked into the legal, electoral and legislative systems by various and sundry means, protected by written law and unwritten, white created… tradition?

The relentless march of so many forces totally beyond the control of, to me, the real white power in America, the lawmaking places and court places. The Proud Boys are peashooters in comparison.

My personal getting around to thinking…why are we the Resistance when it is us they fear?

Why when all the relentless forces are allied with us in war, shouldn’t they be the Resistance?

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Dec 21, 2021, 08:43 AM (5 replies)

Bannons Sedition Day indictment has clearly opened the floodgates for the Sedition Day

Committee to gather the secretive information needed for the entire coup plot in excruciatingly undeniable detail. With footnotes and all.

These folks having zero connection to federal government, no legal defence even in fantasy, therefore are compelled to testify or go to jail or take the fiveth.

Think Bannons indictment was a loud and clear signal to the Committee that similar requests will be met with similar indictments in similar circumstances.

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Nov 23, 2021, 05:26 PM (2 replies)

Is it time to nationalize vaccine research, development and production?

Seems to me the centralization of a potentially world killing virus in the future makes that seems almost stupid not to do.

The scientists who work for the windfall profit Covid research behemoths can just as easily work for the people, and bonus, no one will try to hide government scientists assistance in that research and development as Moderna is now attempting to coverup so as to keep more wind in windfall.
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Fri Nov 12, 2021, 09:09 AM (5 replies)

If the prosecution of The State v. R. was so bad, why was the defence forced to call him?

Answer…it wasn’t.
Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Wed Nov 10, 2021, 01:20 PM (19 replies)

FBI Press Release Page Link:


Top of page good news of the day on Sedition Day investigation progress.


Stay tuned, do not adjust the vertical or the horizontal. Hammers are falling.

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Fri Oct 8, 2021, 09:19 AM (0 replies)

Oxfam Reaction to new Expos of Secretive Tax Havens: This is where our missing hospitals are".


Open Letter to Media by Oxfam International Charity

Published: 3rd October 2021

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published a new report today exposing the wealthy individuals and multinational corporations using tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of tax. Susana Ruiz, Oxfam International’s Tax Policy Lead, said:

“This is another shocking exposé of the oceans of money sloshing around the darkness of the world’s tax havens that must prompt immediate action, as has long been promised.

“Bravo to the whistleblowers and journalists for shining a light into this secret parallel system of capital, one open only to those with fat amounts of money and the greed to hoard it all untaxed, and those who facilitate it.

“This is where our missing hospitals are. This is where the pay-packets sit of all the extra teachers and firefighters and public servants we need. Whenever a politician or business leader claims there is ‘no money’ to pay for climate damage and innovation, for more and better jobs, for a fair post-COVID recovery, for more overseas aid, they know where to look”.


Question is, in which countries will the prosecutors look and prosecute, and where where would they like to look but be either dismissed or demonized?

And where will lawmakers close expressway-wide tax loopholes available only to the ultra wealthy and the ultra immoral?

Who needs a shell company consisting of a mailbox address anyway?

Posted by Alexander Of Assyria | Tue Oct 5, 2021, 03:52 PM (10 replies)
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