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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 2,544

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

Did I miss it?

Did DeSantis thank Biden and FEMA?

"Bad City" By Paul Pringle

AI can say is read it first. Then let's talk about it. It blew my mind that the privileged are so PRIVILEGED! We fault the media for a lot of things, deservedly so. But really good journalists catch hell.

Yes, crime is on the upswing. But it's "white collar crime" by the GOP that is raising the numbers.

Don't forget to let the voters know.

Dem messaging still misses out on using LINKS.

I have posted about "links" several times but it still seems that Dems do no want to us links in their messaging.
For example, the abortion rights issues is linked to inflation and other economic issues is ways that most are overlooking. A family that is already nurturing a special needs child, discovering that their next child has serious birth defects that will assuredly cause problems for the baby and potentially major harm to the mother may want to terminate the pregnancy for obvious reasons. They also many not . But that choice should be left to them. The emotional and economic costs of raising more than one child with special needs is not something that every family, regardless of economic security, can or should be forced to handle. Maybe the mother was already using birth control that didn't work. Or maybe the couple was trying to have a child without special needs. What ever. Termination of the problem pregnancy should be between the woman and her doctor.

And the push to force all women to carry a pregnancy to term regardless of medical issues or life situations for the mother and child seem counterintuitive to me. Wealthy, privileged women will always be able to find a safe way to terminate a pregnancy legally or secretly if only by call the procedure something else. They always have access to doctors, who for a price, will put anything on paper. Poor and disadvantaged women rarely have that option. Thus it seems that the current policy that overturned Roe will have the affect of supporting the births of more minority children than increasing the relative number of non-minority babies born. And the babies born to disadvantage white women who will no longer have abortion support will produce more children with less chance of becoming productive citizens.

There is a myriad of linkages to other social and economic issues that have nothing but negative impact as a result of overturning Roe. I only hope that the political impact far outweighs all other impacts and sends the GOP back under their rocks.

AG James. Shades of Barbara Jordan.

She sounds a lot like the late Rep Barbara Jordan (TX). And she means business.

If red state governors keep transporting people to blue states, will they change apportionment?

Cali and NY lost folks, now the GP stunts will begin to make up the numbers???

Closing the escape hatches for Trump. If not the insurrection, then maybe obstruction of justice,

if not, maybe election tampering, if not maybe witness tampering, if not, maybe fraud against the government, if not maybe TAX EVASION! There are currently people in jail for any one of these crimes.

Floridians should think about how much Trump has cheated them out of property taxes as should NJ, NY

I guess they don't really care. GOP doesn't care, they are too busy worrying about shoplifting in the inner city but not in rural areas.

Who will the GOP seek to transport next and to where?

Will they next want to go after LGBTQ? They are already targeting LGTBQ kids and some families have had to move away from their neighborhoods because of the cruelty. With the current SCOTUS anything is possible. Will they soon be picking up NON-Q members and transporting them to Q enclaves like Putin is forcing Ukrainians into Russia? You think it is impossible? Study history and then give me your answer.

Three things the Dems need to take head on with the GOP and our messaging needs to be clear.

1. Inflation: These new rate hikes WILL NOT stop inflation. The main thing driving inflation right now is corporate GREED. We have ha WAGE controls since forever. We need PRICE and PROFIT controls now if we really want to stop inflation or cut inflation. Raising interest rates mostly helps the already wealthy who aren't working for a living. It fattens their wallets on the backs of working men and women. It is insane, to me, that prices are allowed to climb so high while corporations' PROFITS have been and are still at record levels. If raising interest rates were going to stop inflation it would have but it never has. People with power stop inflation just as they cause it to rise.
Big business already has all the tax breaks and many do not even pay taxes. Workers pay taxes to build the roads and infrastructure for big business to gouge the living hell out of us. WHERE THE HELL IS THE DEM MESSAGING ON THIS??!!l People need to understand at some basic level what is happening and why. Big business continues to scare the American population with threats to move out of the country or to move out of a state. The little secret is they really need us consumers to make their obscene profits and they need ignorant voters to keep voting against their own interests and keep voting Republicans into office to continue their raping of civilization.

2. The BORDER. The recent stunts by Abbot and DeSantis are working because they are able to scare voters about "those others." VP Harris was attacked for saying that our borders are secure. They are not fully secure but they are more secure than when the orange Jesus was in office. All the people DeSantis and Abbot are transporting are here under our laws of asylum. And, the Biden administration has been deporting those here undocumented and illegally at record numbers. The media is working hand in hand with DeSantis and Abbott on this issue by not explaining to viewers what is actually going on. Dem need to admit up front that immigration is still a problem but the problem it is being made out to be. We are not cruelly separating families and snatching babies from their mothers as has happened in the past. VP Harris needs to step it up and visit the border and become more vocal about what the administration is doing and ferociously talk about what the Republican governors and the rest of the GOP are doing. Especially talk about how the GOP has refused to try to resolve the issue but would rather make the situation worse to be able to use it as a political tool to get votes SINCE ROE WAS OVERTURNED. Make it plain. We can do much to solve our immigration issues but the GOP is obstructing us on every turn. Just like they did on HEALTHCARE, BANKING REGULATION, VOTING RIGHTS, CONSUMER SAFETY, INFRASTRUCTURE, JOBS CREATION, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, etc.

3. Our DEMOCRACY and THE RULE OF LAW. Need I say more than ATTEMPTED INSURRECTION? All that is going on right now by the GOP to plan to spread more lies, put people in office that will help steal the next election and all that goes along with this. And Dems must continue to paint Trump and all the GOP who go along with his lies and fascism as the greatest threat to our country.

The media is not going to help us, they are only going to continue to repeat GOP talking points. But every chance Dems get, they need to speak to these three main issues with truth and facts and take no prisoners. Be loud, be unruly with interviewers. Make it plain.
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