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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA
Current location: Maryland
Member since: Wed Jan 19, 2022, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 2,544

About Me

Staunch advocate for voting rights. I couldn't take it any longer and have joined 3 public boards within the last week to add my voice to the quest for a voting rights. Lifetime Democrat. Retired Federal medical researcher.

Journal Archives

Immigrants being shipped to Martha's Vineyard could do much worse. House should take money away from

states doing this and increase Federal payments to states receiving these immigrants and make this a part of immigration reform.

While the GOP will use this to pit some blacks against immigrants, it should give them more reason to vote against Republicans.

Also, the states receiving these relocated immigrants should seek and be granted disaster relief.

This also should turn a fair number of pretty well-off men and women of all stripes against the GOP.

I am sorry, but I believe the largest part of inflation right now is corporate GREED.

The power of PRICING is their cudgel to try to beat Biden and the Dems. It will work for a lot of the MAGAs to glom onto this. The more dirt they find on Trump and his minions, the higher inflation goes. If you can't see that, you are not paying attention.

If Chief Justice Roberts is so concerned about the criticism of Court, he could

do much about its "legitimacy" by requiring Thomas to recuse himself from any decision about J6. Gini's role in fomenting the insurrection is indisputable and she should be indicted along with the other insurrectionists.

Holding the Line!

I said as soon as Biden was sworn in there needed to be a clean sweep of the Executive Branch by Biden. Just too many Trumpians embedded. Rachel, thanks for having Geoffry Berman on tonight.

Along these lines, I just finished reading Bad City by Paul Pringle. The wealthy, privileged are mostly corrupt and make a mockery of our judicial system. We could be so much better off if we were all truly equal under the law. So sad that we are not and looks like it is never to be. At all levels of our society in government and outside government. State and local governments and corporations are particularly corrupt and grift taxpayers like you will never believe.

I am confused. What happened to the DOJ appeal?

List of US Officials tried for crimes, sentenced, etc. Incomplete right now.


You mean to tell me that our democracy is too weak to try a former President when those

Trump has called "shithole" countries are able to try and condemn sitting and former leaders? Wow!


Methinks Fani may want to speak with Gini. Fani should set a date. nt

After Trump is indicted, Cannon should be impeached and indicted herself.

What would it take to impeach this judge as well as Clarence Thomas?

There is now NO reason to not indict Trump. He is worthless scum at this point. nt

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