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I'm going to argue that few know less about campaigning than the base of the parties.

They are often the most politically educated but they often seem unable to understand the majority. The disconnect is real.

I'm reading over and over again that the upcoming campaigns will be about democracy v fascism. That our campaigns must make this their cornerstone and that the American people have to understand that Republicans are traitors.

You will never hear someone say something like that who isn't also a part of the base. No campaign in a close district, state, or nationally will win if that is a cornerstone of their campaign.

So if you want to lose, make it about democracy v fascism.

You will learn the hard way that Americans don't give a shit and want nothing more than for you to shut up and stop bringing that crap to them. You are truly an annoyance to them.

Are your intentions righteous in nature? Of course they are. Are you correct that fascist tendencies are not only taking hold, but we recently had a President pushing fascism? Of course you are.

Do you want to stop fascism? Elect Democrats. If the cornerstone of our campaigns are about fascism v democracy we will be heading down the road of fascism.

Fascism v democracy will be a part of a lot of campaigns. It will be completely directed at the base as a means to fuel their emotions and separate them from their money. No smart campaign will direct the same message outside of their base.

The campaigns themselves will be won with an economic message, in most areas.

It's the economy. No one who filled up their tank this morning, and isn't a part of the base, thought of anything but giving the government the middle finger.

Cars were killing salamanders. A student got the road closed to save them.

Once residents in Marquette, Mich., learned about the critters, they fell in love and started a Salamander Days festival.

Eli Bieri noticed something disturbing as he walked through Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Mich., a few years ago.

Several dozen blue-spotted salamanders had been smashed by cars while they were crossing from the forest to the wetlands on the other side of the road during their annual migration to breed and lay eggs.

“They were all over the road, squished flat by tires,” said Bieri, 23, then a freshman ecology student at Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula.

“I’ve always loved salamanders, and it really made me sad,” he said about the 4-inch, bug-eyed amphibians, a common species in east-central North America.

Washington Post

Court upholds 25-year sentence for 'Hotel Rwanda' hero

Prosecutors were seeking life imprisonment for the ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero who was arrested in August 2020.

Rwanda’s Court of Appeal on Monday upheld a 25-year prison term against “Hotel Rwanda” hero Paul Rusesabagina, who was convicted last year on charges of “terrorism”, rejecting a prosecution appeal to increase the penalty to life.

“Since he is a first-time offender, the court finds that his sentence should not be increased, because the 25 years he was given is in accordance with the weight of his crimes, and the court maintains his sentence,” said Judge Francois Regis Rukundakuvuga.

The case has had a high profile since Rusesabagina, 67, was arrested in August 2020 after what he described as a kidnapping from Dubai by Rwandan authorities.

Rusesabagina worked as the manager of the Hotel des Mille Collines in Kigali and helped shelter Hutu and Tutsi refugees there during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.


The next Governor of the state of Florida speaks out on the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

“Governor DeSantis loves to boast that he’s made Florida the ‘freest state in America,’ yet today he will sign a heinous, hateful piece of legislation that silences teachers in their own classrooms and effectively harms millions of LGBTQ+ students, with nowhere else to turn for help,” said Charlie Crist. “Under this Governor, Florida is not free if you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community. But when we win this election in November, we will make Florida truly free again. In the Sunshine State, we proudly say ‘gay,' and we support the LGBTQ+ community at every step of the way.” Charlie Crist



Be gentle. I've become so demoralized in this state that Crist has become one of my favorites. I remember a time when I couldn't say his name without cussing. Crist has been championing more and more progressive causes every year.

I put forward the thought that the average American cares more about....

Food and gas prices than….

The Constitution
Black lives
Supreme Court

At the water cooler, you might get someone not paying attention to believe that Trump is too cozy with Putin. What they will really know is who is President when they fill up their tank that same day.

We are correct in often discussing American society as a whole to be pretty selfish. Rugged individualism is well rooted in our society. Then there is the thought they will vote in a way they feel(perception) is grand and ideological. The people who really do vote in that manner are referred to as the base. The bases of the parties are real and act different than those outside of the base.

We also rightfully criticize the brutal ills of capitalism. One of its most brutal aspects is time consumption. We serve capitalism, each to differing degrees. So many voters simply work to take basic care of their family. It consumes them. These voters aren’t stupid. They are often highly uneducated when it comes to political realities.

The base. Putin. Social Justice. Corruption. Get Trump. The economy.

That’s how you keep the base going.

To win the election there has to be a clear economic message that can damn near be put on a bumper sticker.


I am of the belief that we are on the brink off allowing fascism to take hold. My belief is based in real world actions. Mostly the immergence of the Alt-Right and their level of comfort when it comes to nationalism, opposition to the democratic side of our republic, their pure joy in suppressing their opposition, including through violence or by begging world strongmen for dirt on their political opponents, their full acceptance of monetary control by the few, their demands companies act according to their wishes, etc.

What we are seeing is real. This group is large enough to take hold. They are not large enough to currently take over but they clearly posses the power to elect one of their own. There is a word for the direction this group is going and they seem perfectly comfortable going in that direction. Fascism.

I'm not saying we are about to become a fascist country. I am saying that I'm extremely uncomfortable about how the country views the fallout of J6. While our system did hold, it bent in a major way and too many citizens viewed it as a move along moment.

This group isn't going away. They are going to gain strength. They are simply comfortable with fascist tendencies. Very comfortable.

"Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy that rose to prominence in early 20th-century Europe." Wikipedia

A couple of comments from Alt-Right world about Disney

"I would imagine Disney is in violation of multiple safety and health codes. Be a shame if a battalion of inspectors and auditors were to descend on the Pedo Kingdom."

This Business is NOT Safe for Children
throw in a threat to Criminally Prosecute parents for Child Abuse and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor"

These display the mindset. It's rank and file acceptance of fascist tendencies. It's all around us.

The comfort with tendencies is there. In plain sight.

Just want to add that I'm also concerned about people this fixated with pedophilia. It's so widespread among them and it's clear they aren't all victims. That I could understand. Pretty confident the call is coming from within the house.

Anyway, I was reading a news aggregator with comments and the authoritarianism on display was frightening. Their desire to cause physical harm to me because of how I vote is shocking. Their desire for abusively stringent rules to voting is shocking. Well, it's shocking until you realize they are simply conditioned to be extremely comfortable with fascist tendencies.

I think our rank and file need to understand that what I just put forward is not hyperbole and is in fact large enough to be influential in every area of society, including electing authoritarian strongmen.

CDC Public Health Determination and Termination of Title 42 Order

Today, following a thorough reassessment, the CDC Director is issuing a Public Health Determination and terminating an Order under 42 U.S.C. §§ 265, 268 and 42 C.F.R. § 71.40 (i.e., “Title 42”), suspending the right to introduce migrants into the United States. In consultation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), this termination will be implemented on May 23, 2022, to enable DHS time to implement appropriate COVID-19 mitigation protocols, such as scaling up a program to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to migrants and prepare for resumption of regular migration under Title 8.

After considering current public health conditions and an increased availability of tools to fight COVID-19 (such as highly effective vaccines and therapeutics), the CDC Director has determined that an Order suspending the right to introduce migrants into the United States is no longer necessary.

With CDC’s assistance and guidance, DHS has and will implement additional COVID-19 mitigation procedures. These measures, along with the current public health landscape where 97.1% of the U.S. population lives in a county identified as having “low” COVID-19 Community Level, will sufficiently mitigate the COVID-19 risk for U.S. communities.


CDC will end sweeping order used to expel migrants at U.S. borders during Covid pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will end a sweeping order the U.S. has used to expel more than 1.7 million migrants at the nation’s borders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CDC said the order, known as Title 42, will end on May 23 to give the Department of Homeland Security time to ramp up a vaccination program for migrants crossing U.S. borders.

Title 42 was fiercely criticized by human rights groups as a blanket deportation policy that violates U.S. and international asylum law.

Republicans and conservative Democrats called for Title 42 to remain in place as DHS prepares for an increase of border crossings.


Webb Completes First Multi-Instrument Alignment

The sixth stage of aligning NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope’s mirrors to its scientific instruments so they will create the most accurate and focused images possible has concluded. While the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) continues its cooldown, optics teams have successfully aligned the rest of the observatory’s onboard instruments to Webb’s mirrors. Previous alignment efforts were so accurate that the team concluded no additional adjustments to the secondary mirror are necessary until the seventh and final stage, which will involve MIRI when it has fully cooled.

“As a general rule, the commissioning process starts with coarse corrections and then moves into fine corrections. The early secondary mirror coarse corrections, however, were so successful that the fine corrections in the first iteration of Phase Six were unnecessary,” said Chanda Walker, Webb wavefront sensing and control scientist, Ball Aerospace. “This accomplishment was due to many years of planning and great teamwork among the wavefront sensing team.”

Throughout the majority of the alignment process, Webb’s 18 hexagonal mirrors and secondary mirror were focused into alignment to the Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) instrument only. Upon completing this most recent step, the observatory is now aligned to the Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS), the Near-Infrared Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS), and the Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRSpec) as well as NIRCam.

Once MIRI fully cools to its cryogenic operating temperature in the weeks ahead, a second multi-instrument alignment will occur to make final adjustments to the instruments and mirrors if needed. When the telescope is fully aligned and able to deliver focused light to each instrument, a key decision meeting will occur to confirm the end of aligning the James Webb Space Telescope. The team will then transition from alignment efforts to commissioning each instrument for scientific operations, which are expected to begin this summer.


It's not that I have patience for or blind faith in Garland.

It’s not even that I trust he will do what’s right, given certain circumstances.

Here are some of the things I’ve seen in just over a year.

Few FBI investigations in our countries history have required such vast resources.

Over seven hundred people arrested and charged. Including heads and members of some of the worst groups in this country. Those arrests often came with warrants for electronic devices.

To his credit, there aren’t a lot of leaks, but we do know they have been probing the fake electors. That brings it to the political level. He isn’t just going after the people who stormed the Capitol, Garland has crossed that line.

He has to be enjoying the J6 committee. I don’t think he is as bothered by them as they are by him. To be clear, I fully back our members who are calling Garland to task. Garland will do as he wishes and I think he is rather enjoying the hundreds of people interviewed by the J6 committee, including people in the Trump administration, and a lot of additional things flowing directly from their actions. It’s not that the J6 committee is going to find something he couldn’t or hasn’t, but this is a lot of information he can use to corroborate or disqualify information he believes to be true. Huge if he does go to the top with subpoenas.

There are other signs he is going up the ladder but I think you see my general point.

I also think we are right to not simply trust him. I hope you see that what I’m doing is not blind faith. I know he isn’t getting fired and I don’t see a reason for him to be. I do currently believe he is a good person for the job. I reserve the right to drastically change that opinion of him.

The J6 Committee and the FBI have done a great job, IMO. There are some big decisions to be made by Garland, many I’m sure he has already made. The lack of details from Garland is frustrating yet impressive.

I think there is room to show both distrust and patience, at the same time. I think there is reason for only distrust. We know justice is not blind and it is administered by humans. I think there is reason to simply show trust and patience. The players are in place and working, what else are you going to do?

I think there is even greater reason to be really happy Barr isn’t AG.

“We conduct every investigation guided by the same norms. And we adhere to those norms even when, and especially when, the circumstances we face are not normal.” Merrick Garland

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