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Member since: Tue Jan 24, 2023, 08:17 AM
Number of posts: 140

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The bottom line of CNN's broadcast:

DjT has not and will not change; still denies reality, continues to debase victims of sexual assault, supports dictatorships and the violent overthrow of democracy.

If he gets as far as becoming the Repub nominee, then no matter which democrat is running ... that'll be this country's only choice in avoiding a fascist dictatorship.

If Hitler would return today

which American party would he adhere to?
Horrific, how easy that is to answer.

From Pres. Biden in response to DjT on CNN, re his praise of J6:

"There were not fine people on both sides of Charlottesville,” Biden tweeted. “The January 6th rioters were not good people."
“End of story," the president added.

DJT or U. S. A . - we can't have both

Bans on AR-15s and military guns from general population
Endless mass executions.

We can't have both!

DjT's announcement that he's returning to N. Y.

To 'confront' Carroll sounds hostile and threatening.
How does he plan to face her? In court .. or in another undisclosed place?

Even though DjT is shown proof that no voter fraud occurred he repeatedly refuses to accept

In another recent search,“No substantive voter fraud was uncovered in my investigations looking for it, nor was I able to confirm any of the outside claims of voter fraud that I was asked to look at,” [Ken Block, founder of the firm Simpatico Software Systems] said. “Every fraud claim I was asked to investigate was false.”

Those results were given to Trump in writing before the end of 2020, but just as with the first report, Trump buried the findings and kept on with his lies about the election.


Senate GOP blocks Equal Rights Amendment

Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a measure that would have allowed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to be added to the Constitution.
(From Al Weaver of The Hill)

Well, there we have it in a nutshell!

Another package with mysterious white powder mailed to Bragg's office (NBC News)

When will DjT and his acolytes be gagged and isolated?!

The orange worm to re-enter the Big Apple Thurs.

The financial frauds case will be addressed. Hopefully this is another domino accelerating the big topple.

The Maga-publicans' 4 suicide pills:

Trump support
Assault Guns support
Abortion bans
Election denial
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