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Pharmacist Accused of Tampering With Vaccine Was Conspiracy Theorist, Police Say
Jan 4 - New York Times

EPA finalizes rule to limit science behind public health safeguards
Jan 4 - Reuters

Qatar: Saudi Arabia embargo 'to be lifted'
Jan 4 - BBC

The leader of the far-right Proud Boys was arrested in Washington.
Jan 4 - New York Times

Revealed: David Perdue bought bank stocks after meeting financial officials
Jan 4 - the guardian

New Republican poll shows statistical tie in Georgia
Jan 4 - Axios.com

Mexico to offer Julian Assange asylum after US extradition bid fails
Jan 4 - The Age

Georgia GOP Election Official Goes Off on Trump's 'Easily, Provably False' Fraud Claims
Jan 4 - The Daily Beast

Covid in Scotland: Scots ordered to stay at home in new lockdown
Jan 4 - BBC

Google employees form labor union in United States
Jan 4 - Reuters

Dominion plans to sue Sidney Powell, doesn't rule out Trump
Jan 4 - AXiOS

Britain Re-Enters Lockdown as Virus Variant Rages
Jan 4 - New York Times

House Democrats vow new effort on economic aid as 117th Congress begins
Jan 4 - Washington Post

Liz Cheney, a top House Republican, says Trump Georgia call is 'deeply troubling,' says everyone
Jan 4 - USA Today

US Attorney in Atlanta abruptly resigns citing 'unforeseen circumstances'
Jan 4 - raw story

Trump warns Cotton after senator says he won't object to Biden certification
Jan 4 - The Hill

George Conway Criticizes Trump for Fueling Threats of Violence: 'This Is a Scary Thing'
Jan 4 - Newsweek

DC National Guard to Respond to Pro-Trump Protests This Week
Jan 4 - NBC Washington

There were 18 attempted calls from the White House to GA secretary of state's office, sources say
Jan 4 - CNN

Trump officials debating cutting Moderna dose in half to speed up COVID vaccination
Jan 4 - The Hill

Trump directed Pentagon to reverse decision and keep aircraft carrier in Middle East amid Iran...
Jan 4 - CNN

Perdue defends Trump over call pressuring Georgia secretary of state
Jan 4 - The Hill

Democrats ask FBI Director Wray to open criminal probe into Trump after leaked phone call
Jan 4 - NBC

Fred Risser, America's Longest-Serving Legislator, Retires
Jan 4 - Governing

Iran seizes South Korean tanker as tensions with US mount
Jan 4 - The Guardian

Eli Lilly, other Big Pharma firms are making it harder for low-income patients to get discount drug
Jan 4 - Chicago Tribune

Gerry Marsden, lead singer of Gerry and the Pacemakers, dies at 78: Paul McCartney and more react
Jan 4 - Entertainment Weekly

Bitter GOP split upends the pomp as a new Congress takes over
Jan 4 - Washington Post

Julian Assange cannot be extradited to US, British judge rules
Jan 4 - The Guardian

Trump suing Secretary of State Raffensperger over recorded call, Ga. RNC chairman says
Jan 4 - 11 Alive Atlanta

Brian Urquhart, early leader of United Nations, dies at 101
Jan 3 - AP

Kamala Harris blasts Trump's call to Raffensberger in return to Georgia to help clinch Senate runoff
Jan 3 - USA Today

Kevin McCarthy gives green light to conservatives' push to overturn Biden's win
Jan 3 - CNN

Trump to give ally Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Jan 3 - Washington Post

A New Year's party raged at Mar-a-Lago. Florida rep. wants Trump's resort fined, shut down
Jan 3 - The Miami Herald

Leave military out of it, former defence secretaries tell Trump
Jan 3 - Guardian

Chip Roy challenges seating of House members from six presidential battleground states
Jan 3 - The Hill

The Trump administration approved faster line speeds at chicken plants. Those facilities are more
Jan 3 - Washington Post

Pelosi reelected speaker as new Congress prepares to be sworn in
Jan 3 - CBS News

Paul Ryan excoriates planned GOP effort to challenge Biden's Electoral College win as 'anti-democrat
Jan 3 - USA Today

Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson go on defensive after rejecting election results
Jan 3 - New York Daily News

QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Refuses to Wear Mask at Congressional Swearing-In
Jan 3 - Daily Beast

'I just want to find 11,780 votes': In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secreta
Jan 3 - WaPo

New Congress convenes to elect House speaker and swear in lawmakers
Jan 3 - Washington Post

US surgeon general contradicts Trump on Covid-19 death toll
Jan 3 - CNN

Fauci pushes back on Trump on COVID-19 'exaggerated' remarks: 'The deaths are real deaths'
Jan 3 - The Hill

Trump rages at CDC -- calling reports of COVID-19 deaths and infections 'Fake news!'
Jan 3 - RawStory

Nashville bomber sent writings espousing conspiracy theories to multiple people days before blast
Jan 3 - CBS News

Mike Pence welcomes Republican senators' attempt to overturn US election
Jan 3 - MSN/The Independent

New COVID-19 variant spreads to dozens of countries
Jan 2 - National Public Radio

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