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Appeals court denies Trump's attempt to stay E. Jean Carroll's 2019 lawsuit
Sep 13 - ABC News

Florida advises against new COVID vaccine for under 65s, contradicting CDC
Sep 13 - Tampa Bay Times

Earth 'well outside safe operating space for humanity', scientists find
Sep 13 - The Guardian

Appeals court limits access to GOP congressman's phone in defeat for special counsel
Sep 13 - CNN Politics

Judge in documents case lays out rules for Trump's access to classified information
Sep 13 - CBS News

Senator subpoenas Saudis for documents on LIV-PGA Tour golf deal
Sep 13 - AP

UNC on lockdown for 'armed and dangerous person' two weeks after fatal campus shooting
Sep 13 - Raleigh News & Observer, NC

Mitt Romney says he will not seek a second term in the Senate
Sep 13 - Washington Post

Hunter Biden sues former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler over infamous laptop
Sep 13 - ABC News

White House memo asks media 'to ramp up scrutiny' of Biden impeachment
Sep 13 - gazette.com

Antarctica may have entered 'new regime' of low sea ice as global warming ramps up
Sep 13 - The Guardian

Judge declines to pause his decision to keep Georgia election case against Mark Meadows in state cou
Sep 13 - CNN

Rep. Mary Peltola's husband dies after plane crash in Alaska
Sep 13 - CBS News

OPEC+ cuts to tighten oil market sharply in fourth quarter, IEA says
Sep 13 - Reuters

FBI agent disputed key portions of IRS whistleblower claims about Hunter Biden investigation
Sep 13 - NBC News

Arkansas governor seeks exemption on travel and security records, backs off other changes
Sep 13 - UK Independent

Prison escapee Danelo Cavalcante captured after 2-week manhunt, Pennsylvania police say
Sep 13 - CBS News

August core inflation, excluding food and energy, rose 0.3% hotter than expected
Sep 13 - CNBC

Boebert escorted out of Denver theater during 'Beetlejuice' performance: report
Sep 13 - Yahoo! News / The Hill

Judge to consider Peter Navarro's mistrial request over juror break outside during deliberations
Sep 13 - CNN Politics

Kim Jong Un meets Putin in Russia as missiles launch from North Korea
Sep 13 - Reuters

Group files lawsuit over medical exceptions to abortion bans in 3 states
Sep 13 - USA Today

Georgia election case prosecutors cite fairness in urging 1 trial for Trump and 18 other defendants
Sep 13 - AP

Robin Vos pulls back Protasiewicz impeachment talk as Assembly Republicans remain quiet
Sep 13 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Judge rejects Trump's request to move Colorado ballot case to federal court
Sep 13 - NBC News

UNC students demanding gun reform removed from North Carolina Legislature
Sep 13 - the hill

Newsom announces climate-focused trip to China
Sep 13 - Politico

Ron DeSantis says killing border crossers a 'few times' will deter future occurrences
Sep 12 - Florida Politics

New York City's pension funds and state of Oregon sue Fox Corporation over 2020 election lies
Sep 12 - CNN Business

Eight catastrophic floods in 11 days: What's behind intense rainfall around the world?
Sep 12 - NBC News

Lawsuit filed in Minnesota to boot former President Donald Trump from 2024 ballot
Sep 12 - NBC News

FDA and CDC say yes to updated COVID boosters. Here's what to know about the new vaccine shots
Sep 12 - CBS News

Kenneth Chesebro files to have charges dismissed in Georgia election interference case
Sep 12 - ABC News

Elizabeth Warren calls for an investigation into Musk and Starlink in Ukraine after biography claim
Sep 12 - CNBC

CDC recommends updated Covid-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older
Sep 12 - CNN Health

Michigan false electors acted 'at the direction' of Trump, court filing says Craig Mauger
Sep 12 - The Detroit news

Massachusetts city gets 11 inches of rain, flooding homes, jeopardizing dam
Sep 12 - AP

Five ex-Memphis policemen charged with civil rights violations in Tyre Nichols death
Sep 12 - Reuters

InfoWars host Owen Shroyer sentenced to 60 days in Jan. 6 case
Sep 12 - NBC News

Online prices plunge by the most in three years
Sep 12 - CNN Business

USDA to adjust GHG model to help ethanol get aviation fuel subsidy
Sep 12 - Reuters

FDA panel says common over-the-counter decongestant doesn't work
Sep 12 - NBC News

Alabama appeals redistricting to US Supreme Court, argues plan will 'intentionally segregate' races
Sep 12 - AL.com

Kevin McCarthy directs House to open impeachment inquiry into Biden
Sep 12 - Washington Post

Amazon follows Microsoft, investing big in carbon capture
Sep 12 - CNBC

Families ask full appellate court to reconsider Alabama transgender care ban
Sep 12 - ABC News/AP

Mediterranean's devastating Storm Daniel may be harbinger of storms to come
Sep 12 - Reuters

These tech giants are at the White House today to talk about the risks of AI
Sep 12 - NPR

Exclusive: Japan elevates Taiwan security ties in move likely to rile China
Sep 12 - Reuters

A rhino at an Austrian zoo kills a zookeeper and seriously injures her husband
Sep 12 - AP

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