Democratic Underground - Tommy Carcetti's Journal Tommy Carcetti's Journal Sun, 17 Oct 2021 04:36:35 Sun, 17 Oct 2021 04:36:35 The groundbreaking nature of Michael K. Williams' character of Omar Little from The Wire. Tue, 07 Sep 2021 15:25:58 BREAKING NEWS: Fox News takes clear, unequivocal stance on vaccines. Fri, 23 Jul 2021 14:15:29 Can we stop for a second and truly appreciate the head swagger from the Good Doctor here? Wed, 21 Jul 2021 00:01:51 A message to the Former Office Occupant: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 12:00:13 The Trumpist smear campaign against Dr. Fauci is just so disheartening to watch. Thu, 03 Jun 2021 15:02:28 BREAKING NEWS: With blog now scuttled, Trump's staff orders 24-7 boat parades to liven his spirits. Wed, 02 Jun 2021 16:51:34 Seen today: New Trump flag, old message Thu, 27 May 2021 15:33:25 BREAKING NEWS: Panda bears brought in to assist with Arizona vote audit. Wed, 05 May 2021 19:54:07 The Twitter ban of the Former Office Occupant seems to be working Sun, 02 May 2021 12:39:49 Back in January, I honestly believed I would not be eligible for vaccination until early Fall. Wed, 28 Apr 2021 14:37:52 BREAKING NEWS: Sean Hannity demands President Biden produce his Stuttering Certificate Thu, 11 Mar 2021 15:41:22 Anyone got $500 burning a hole in their pocket? Or even better, $1,000? Mon, 08 Mar 2021 21:25:56 This FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY in the US Senate!!! It's a Whataboutism EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Fri, 12 Feb 2021 12:30:41 The false equivalence between violence attributed to BLM protests and January 6th is infuriating. Mon, 08 Feb 2021 20:48:32 Do you know who actually does deserve a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and award? Mon, 01 Feb 2021 17:44:44 It might sound silly, but the one thing that broke me the most yesterday: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 17:08:40 "There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in."--Leonard Cohen, "Anthem" Tue, 19 Jan 2021 13:26:02 Something that happened today that might be useful if Trump still refuses to leave after January 20 Mon, 04 Jan 2021 22:41:07 Nobody wants to be Roger Brooke Taney Wed, 09 Dec 2020 14:12:30 Interesting thing about Biden's future WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki--Russian trolls *hate* her. Mon, 30 Nov 2020 16:35:33 Special on MAGA hats at your local Trump Store! Fri, 06 Nov 2020 16:20:43 Where have I been recently? Well, I can tell you where I definitely *haven't* been recently! Thu, 29 Oct 2020 15:13:33 BREAKING NEWS: Trump introduces new "Write Your Own Health Care Plan" for all Americans Wed, 21 Oct 2020 19:14:15 The Trump campaign's final move will be the "Boat Parade" strategy. Not because they want to... Wed, 14 Oct 2020 16:28:18 Lamest attempt at an October "surprise" ever Wed, 14 Oct 2020 13:28:26