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Mc Mike

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5. All the more reason for a total Dem boycott of his SOTU.
Sat Jan 20, 2018, 09:56 AM
Jan 2018

They can say 'he shut down the government, we thought that dope's speech was cancelled by the shutdown. Whoops.'

By candlelight and without CSPAN cameras C_U_L8R Jan 2018 #1
And in a tent!!! Maybe like a three ring circus tent! RKP5637 Jan 2018 #4
More like a pup-tent and flashlight. VOX Jan 2018 #8
OK, who forgot the batteries? RKP5637 Jan 2018 #18
Damn! I thought they were included. VOX Jan 2018 #38
... RKP5637 Jan 2018 #43
He'll use the SOTU to blame Schumer & the Dems, & Obama Wwcd Jan 2018 #2
You left out Hillary. Surely, she was part of the scheme. eom Frustratedlady Jan 2018 #7
Yep, it was all detailed in those damn emails she destroyed that Russia can't find. Phew, RKP5637 Jan 2018 #19
Soros! Deep State! What did Hillary know and when?!! VOX Jan 2018 #11
Yup. The speech is now being re-written for total impact Wwcd Jan 2018 #13
Stephen Miller is probably busy writing it for him, the little creep! RKP5637 Jan 2018 #17
I don't know much about him, but I do know he is creepy. Frustratedlady Jan 2018 #24
Miller is the one that stated "No one is to question the authority of the president!" Meaning RKP5637 Jan 2018 #31
IMO, Miller is genuinely insane. VOX Jan 2018 #39
Always reminds me of ... RKP5637 Jan 2018 #44
Yes. A solid match in appearance and in deed. VOX Jan 2018 #47
He's got that look about him, I think he's Michael Chertof's kid! Wwcd Jan 2018 #41
Yep, he's creepy, that's for sure, looks, mannerisms, speech and his thoughts. n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #45
Yeah, all part of Obama's underground government bringing down tRump! RKP5637 Jan 2018 #20
Its as plain as the high-blood-pressure-induced crimson face of Sean Hannity. VOX Jan 2018 #40
Rofl.. haahaa "the high-blood-pressure-induced crimson face of Sean Hannity. Wwcd Jan 2018 #42
He may spend a lot of it in a blistering attack on the Dems. ginnyinWI Jan 2018 #3
I hope this plus Stormy Daniels is the beginning of the end of his presidency. But sadly his RKP5637 Jan 2018 #36
All the more reason for a total Dem boycott of his SOTU. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #5
Yep!!! "cancelled by the shutdown. Whoops.'" RKP5637 Jan 2018 #6
Absolutely right PJMcK Jan 2018 #27
He will blame everything on the Democrats oberliner Jan 2018 #9
Yep, his supporters, useful stooges as always. Now, we can see how WWII Germany came about. n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #35
He'll brag about how he filled the room DFW Jan 2018 #10
"And Thousands and Thousands standing outside because they could not get in!" RKP5637 Jan 2018 #16
Maybe he will tweet it, this year Siwsan Jan 2018 #12
You couldn't pay me to watch Trump speak CentralMass Jan 2018 #14
You can read it when he tweets the SOTU. RKP5637 Jan 2018 #15
Maybe he can just tweet out the SOTU -- It's bad enough his piece of shit self is clogging Kirk Lover Jan 2018 #21
SOTU by President Turd! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #22
SOTU: Shithole of the Union given by Prezident Turd ! Kirk Lover Jan 2018 #23
Definitely more accurate!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #25
Have we confirmed Mueller investigation untouched by shutdown? Eliot Rosewater Jan 2018 #26
Good question, haven't heard. n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #33
every democrat and possibly jeff flake lapfog_1 Jan 2018 #28
Really, they need to tell this ass to fuck off!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2018 #34
Id like to see Dems at the SOTU armed with "You lie!" signs. procon Jan 2018 #29
Democrats are always far too polite and want to compromise. Asses like Trump see it as a RKP5637 Jan 2018 #32
I hope Trump goes off script. Doodley Jan 2018 #30
I think he very well might. This shutdown is humiliating for him on the OnDoutside Jan 2018 #37
If they shut down is still going Cosmocat Jan 2018 #46
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