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Mc Mike

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24. Go see R2-D2 in 'Caligula' on Broadway. His performance is boffo.
Sat Jan 20, 2018, 10:08 AM
Jan 2018

Also, the muppets are obviously a tool of satan.

Having been in a "christian" family OriginalGeek Jan 2018 #1
weak, insecure, superstitious fundy men have long believed that "rule by women" is a sign of the TheFrenchRazor Jan 2018 #2
They are completely insane. Initech Jan 2018 #6
The "civilization" he imagines, should die. procon Jan 2018 #3
Yep angrychair Jan 2018 #4
Roy Moore? erpowers Jan 2018 #14
The good old shitgibbon is the one implicated in raping a 13 year old dhol82 Jan 2018 #17
Yes angrychair Jan 2018 #20
"You can thoroughly expect the unraveling of the Christian family" FiveGoodMen Jan 2018 #5
amen said all the atheist. N/T angrychair Jan 2018 #21
Yeah, let's continue apace with the unraveling. It can't happen too quickly. Nay Jan 2018 #29
Dying civilizations make movies? Canoe52 Jan 2018 #7
Or Saudi Arabia? Initech Jan 2018 #9
Actually, there was a fabulous movie about two years ago dhol82 Jan 2018 #18
Is he related to Tucker? n/t malaise Jan 2018 #8
The Last Jedi was a horrible movie bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #10
Sorry you didn't like it. Lots of us did! Adrahil Jan 2018 #15
Trust me bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #23
No, it wasn't -- it is a good movie obamanut2012 Jan 2018 #26
Liberals aren't allowed to dislike The Last Jedi now? LOL bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #35
I thought it was awesome. Opinions. We all have them! NT Adrahil Jan 2018 #32
Yep - we do bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #36
Except it wasn't, it was a terrific movie obamanut2012 Jan 2018 #25
Who talks like that? bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #37
Disney has a couple of dying franchises bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #39
I agree completely. Dave Starsky Jan 2018 #31
2 hours and 45 minutes is all I can say bathroommonkey76 Jan 2018 #40
Uh, did anyone tell Mr. Swanson that the female hero isn't married? gratuitous Jan 2018 #11
I liked the Last Jedi but I also knew that it was a movie Gothmog Jan 2018 #12
Forget Feminist Movies; Go After Conservatives Who Cannot Stay Married erpowers Jan 2018 #13
Somebody should remind Swanson of the story of Joan of Arc. Willie Pep Jan 2018 #16
She was CATHOLIC!! NOT a 'real' Christian bobbieinok Jan 2018 #30
He also missed the party about the Last Jedi not taking place IN "the world". Ken Burch Jan 2018 #19
LOL, he's really gonna hate how the US House of Representatives looks after 2018 FSogol Jan 2018 #22
Go see R2-D2 in 'Caligula' on Broadway. His performance is boffo. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #24
Partners janterry Jan 2018 #27
So what sort of movie does Kevin think a healthy civilization would produce? Vogon_Glory Jan 2018 #28
Didn't he claim there are miniscule babies in the uterus of a woman using birth control? bobbieinok Jan 2018 #33
IIRC he is a stong homeschool advocate who homeschools his many children bobbieinok Jan 2018 #34
You mean the unraveling of a civilization that produced a leader like Trump? Downtown Hound Jan 2018 #38
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