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Mc Mike

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122. Yeah. They make me wanna wretch.
Tue Jan 30, 2018, 05:08 PM
Jan 2018

The biggest crooks on the planet, with the lowest possible score in terms of a record for being law-abiding -- are attacking all top law enforcement, Dept of Justice, and the Courts. Right out in the open.

And keep telling us they're the 'law and order' party.

A "District Attorney Roy Moore as Moses handing down the 10 Commandments while he's strutting around like a hill-billy wise-guy committing felonies" style of law enforcement. Arpiehole, Christie, Giuliani, that kind of law enfocement. Mussolini style -- he 'wiped out the mob' with his best buddy Vito Genovese.

.... Laffy Kat Jan 2018 #1
People are not out marching in the street... HipChick Jan 2018 #2
Fudging livid! Zoonart Jan 2018 #3
Yeah I'm pretty disgusted right now. They are making me ill. n/t Kirk Lover Jan 2018 #4
yup gopiscrap Jan 2018 #5
If you are home all day, outrage is a steady state. n/t rzemanfl Jan 2018 #6
Agree Rene Jan 2018 #99
Absolutely disgusted here. dewsgirl Jan 2018 #7
and the congressional repubs do what??? bluestarone Jan 2018 #8
🤬😡🤬 we can do it Jan 2018 #9
The toxic Trump administration J_William_Ryan Jan 2018 #10
Yes. Toxic & not worth it. Replace w cold loathing: healthier rational response leading to action.nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2018 #27
Please remain calm! safeinOhio Jan 2018 #11
I read somewhere in the last year that Alpeduez21 Jan 2018 #31
I can only hope (and I have some degree of optimism) mnmoderatedem Jan 2018 #12
They are doing everything, both legal & not legal to protect napi21 Jan 2018 #13
The Pukes are cashing in then retiring StarzGuy Jan 2018 #116
StarzGuy... Kindnesscostszero Jan 2018 #119
I just had to go take my blood pressure meds GrapesOfWrath Jan 2018 #14
Republicans are more of a disgrace than I thought. lkinwi Jan 2018 #15
they've abandoned pretense barbtries Jan 2018 #104
Hard to imagine that Robert Mueller is holding all our cards Mr. Ected Jan 2018 #16
As someone who remembers the 60s all too well, Mr.Bill Jan 2018 #36
I think he's an honest cop. byronius Jan 2018 #47
If our checks and balances were actually working it wouldn't all be on Mueller. milestogo Jan 2018 #54
This country is on VERY, VERY thin ice Cosmocat Jan 2018 #93
Some in the majority party will come around to opposing Trump. Stuart G Jan 2018 #17
The next month or so? xxqqqzme Jan 2018 #79
I am freakin' FUMING! meow2u3 Jan 2018 #18
Pleeease dont let this turn into another Fitzmis... Jack-o-Lantern Jan 2018 #19
underpants Jan 2018 #20
............ raging moderate Jan 2018 #21
I'm feeling sick and terrified. OliverQ Jan 2018 #22
I agree nt trocar Jan 2018 #68
trump and the republicans have eliminated democracy in America. spanone Jan 2018 #23
I don't even know what to think anymore at this point. smirkymonkey Jan 2018 #24
I was outraged but now I'm getting scared n/t Blaukraut Jan 2018 #25
We are fucked. onecaliberal Jan 2018 #26
Damn hard to argue with that sentiment Cosmocat Jan 2018 #95
This is how I feel about Trump and the Republicans Different Drummer Jan 2018 #28
I am angry and disgusted. gademocrat7 Jan 2018 #29
Vile traitors. kairos12 Jan 2018 #30
Color Me outraged! dchill Jan 2018 #32
THANK YOU! fountainofyouth Jan 2018 #33
IMO this is a direct way to help Russians Miigwech Jan 2018 #34
Disgusted, outraged and looking to November for remedy. Enoki33 Jan 2018 #35
A very sad state of affairs for our country Iahotdog Jan 2018 #38
Didn't anyone see this coming all along? bucolic_frolic Jan 2018 #39
I'm checking in. leanforward Jan 2018 #40
How can any thinking person NOT be outraged about PatrickforO Jan 2018 #41
Horrified. cate94 Jan 2018 #42
I began being outraged when Reagan was President. What are Democrats going to do? jalan48 Jan 2018 #43
Wrong Question DownriverDem Jan 2018 #108
I was speaking of right now. What is our leadership (the ones we voted for in the last election) jalan48 Jan 2018 #111
How many Dem reps are there in the two chambers? Plucketeer Jan 2018 #118
Hopefully, Mueller has some evidence of the manipulation Trump has done on McCabe/Rosenstein MrPurple Jan 2018 #44
I been outraged at the beginning, since the days of George W. Bush.. yuiyoshida Jan 2018 #45
Murderous, criminal psychopaths longing for an end -- and they're taking us with them. byronius Jan 2018 #46
Furious! mountain grammy Jan 2018 #48
Outraged beyond belief. They have zero respect and concern for our country and the rule of law. highplainsdem Jan 2018 #49
Absolutely enraged ... Greywing Jan 2018 #50
As Adam Schiff put it... regnaD kciN Jan 2018 #51
🖕🏽pukes lunasun Jan 2018 #52
Horrified Blue_playwright Jan 2018 #53
Feels like game over Va Lefty Jan 2018 #55
This won't stop Mueller - have faith mchill Jan 2018 #64
Pretty close to it Cosmocat Jan 2018 #96
I hope democrats step up and play hard ball. I know I am ready too. lancelyons Jan 2018 #56
B movie bizarre Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2018 #57
Criminals all Generic Brad Jan 2018 #58
KICK some ass Angry Dragon Jan 2018 #59
Here! Terrified. And pretty despondent tonight. Texin Jan 2018 #60
It's hard to keep track of the worst days mchill Jan 2018 #61
No idea what to do with my outrage. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2018 #62
Horrified. Furious. Frightened. Ohiogal Jan 2018 #63
Hold steady. Stay calm. This is their "hail Mary." slumcamper Jan 2018 #65
You are confused about what team you are talking about Cosmocat Jan 2018 #97
Checking in! mvd Jan 2018 #66
I'm angry and discouraged. nt Ilsa Jan 2018 #67
Something something something the day the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire pecosbob Jan 2018 #69
All of you can talk about how upset you are Sampan Jan 2018 #70
we need to take the street.. william2k40 Jan 2018 #71
Count me in Quemado Jan 2018 #72
He is no longer our president. pressbox69 Jan 2018 #73
Watching Rachel . mnhtnbb Jan 2018 #74
Yeah, that didnt do my spirits any good. nolabear Jan 2018 #77
I'm here and I'm outraged. tosh Jan 2018 #75
They've already flung us over the cliff debsy Jan 2018 #76
Let's stay calm and see what happens. Demsrule86 Jan 2018 #78
Monsters, all of them. zentrum Jan 2018 #80
Yes, yes, beyond yes. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2018 #81
check yonder Jan 2018 #82
Present Cadfael Jan 2018 #83
geez...what the hell did I miss? FirstLight Jan 2018 #84
I have felt this way since election night and it gets worse every day, Rhiannon12866 Jan 2018 #85
The GOP is in full collusion with Putin RainCaster Jan 2018 #86
Another step closer to fascism RiverStone Jan 2018 #87
Enraged. How far up Putins pant-leg do these vermin want to go? VOX Jan 2018 #88
Thank you! Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2018 #107
As if this is really necessary..... SergeStorms Jan 2018 #89
We deport a man samplegirl Jan 2018 #90
Both pissed and disgusted nightwing1240 Jan 2018 #91
I could see this coming...... BlueJac Jan 2018 #92
Beyond outraged and now fearful of a full blown coup. Vinca Jan 2018 #94
Running low on adrenaline Lulu KC Jan 2018 #98
Pissed!!!!!!!! mfcorey1 Jan 2018 #100
The sad thing is Curtis Jan 2018 #101
What patriot wouldn't be.. they're Cha Jan 2018 #102
checking in. barbtries Jan 2018 #103
I'm outraged Bettie Jan 2018 #105
Yes I am outraged ravencalling Jan 2018 #106
I just can't. forgotmylogin Jan 2018 #109
Checking in... Dem_4_Life Jan 2018 #110
I was out all day yesterday and today wake up to this? icymist Jan 2018 #112
. irisblue Jan 2018 #113
Not pissed at McCabe tho and the Russia sanctions are the worst news. robbedvoter Jan 2018 #114
They are a bunch of traitors. What else it there to say. Lock them up. OregonBlue Jan 2018 #115
Checking in democrank Jan 2018 #117
Anger, disgust, fear............ madisongrace Jan 2018 #120
I'm reaching an exhaustive burnout level. Honeycombe8 Jan 2018 #121
Yeah. They make me wanna wretch. Mc Mike Jan 2018 #122
Our republic was not designed to withstand this degree of abuse many a good man Jan 2018 #123
I am disgusted... GetRidOfThem Jan 2018 #124
no words left for this shit bluestarone Jan 2018 #125
Eve of destruction... TwistOneUp Jan 2018 #126
checking in trixie2 Jan 2018 #127
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