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7. Trump supporters are afraid of the future.
Tue Feb 6, 2018, 12:28 PM
Feb 2018

Too many changes in our society make them scared. They want to go back to the familiar old days and old ways. Even the young ones!

Trump speaks to that. If he has any gift or talent, it is his ability to make the "sale" by speaking to just what his target most wants.

For some of them, yes....for others? Pure morons is sufficient. (n/t) Moostache Feb 2018 #1
What does he say about... Cracklin Charlie Feb 2018 #2
Im still holding out for the subliminal advertising during The Apprentice..... samnsara Feb 2018 #3
Trump supporters are idiots and racists Gothmog Feb 2018 #4
Its a one to one process to open them up to reality. BSdetect Feb 2018 #5
Like reprogramming a cultist - is that called confirmation bias? erronis Feb 2018 #9
Was it the Stanford experiments? robbob Feb 2018 #19
Not sure, but I'll take a look at the Stanford experiments. A simpler metaphor is "Once a Ford erronis Feb 2018 #21
Found the article robbob Feb 2018 #26
Wonderful, thank you. I get the New Yorker but don't always have time to read it all, erronis Feb 2018 #33
What were we talking about? robbob Feb 2018 #35
I endorse that remark. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2018 #6
Trump supporters are afraid of the future. ginnyinWI Feb 2018 #7
I agree that's a huge part of their problem PJMcK Feb 2018 #14
I read this when it was written. murielm99 Feb 2018 #18
Cool that you read it back in the day, too! PJMcK Feb 2018 #20
Fool Me Once Fool Me Again Fool Me......GWB Old Enough 2 Feb 2018 #8
Oh, how I miss W. Just please don't bring back the henchmen! erronis Feb 2018 #10
For the last 80 or so years Stardust1 Feb 2018 #11
And the public school system has and most religions seek to limit critical thinking Texin Feb 2018 #15
Yup Stardust1 Feb 2018 #24
I take exception to your painting Lifelong Protester Feb 2018 #31
I first saw the difference from just a decade before, when I began teaching at the end of maddiemom Feb 2018 #16
True dat! nt TwistOneUp Feb 2018 #12
He's my favorite sage. maddiemom Feb 2018 #13
The biggest problem we face is with respect to education PJMcK Feb 2018 #17
Republicans Need A Large Dumbed Down Base colsohlibgal Feb 2018 #22
3 Reasons Why So Many People Still Support Trump Poiuyt Feb 2018 #23
Partly. moondust Feb 2018 #25
Anger and fear. Anger and fear. Anger and fear. Anger and fear. VOX Feb 2018 #27
Yes. And the propaganda outlets also provide talking points. american_ideals Feb 2018 #29
Precisely. On some boards like the Washington Post... VOX Feb 2018 #34
Fox and Limbaugh explain it. Propaganda works. That's why GOP billionaires pay for it. american_ideals Feb 2018 #28
wow, what a good observation! liberalla Feb 2018 #30
Timeless.. It never changes.. there Cha Feb 2018 #32
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