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15. And the public school system has and most religions seek to limit critical thinking
Tue Feb 6, 2018, 01:14 PM
Feb 2018

Then there's the cult of personality that exists today, when people like the Kardashians can command attention and become famous for not being famous. It's a perfect storm of idiocy.

For some of them, yes....for others? Pure morons is sufficient. (n/t) Moostache Feb 2018 #1
What does he say about... Cracklin Charlie Feb 2018 #2
Im still holding out for the subliminal advertising during The Apprentice..... samnsara Feb 2018 #3
Trump supporters are idiots and racists Gothmog Feb 2018 #4
Its a one to one process to open them up to reality. BSdetect Feb 2018 #5
Like reprogramming a cultist - is that called confirmation bias? erronis Feb 2018 #9
Was it the Stanford experiments? robbob Feb 2018 #19
Not sure, but I'll take a look at the Stanford experiments. A simpler metaphor is "Once a Ford erronis Feb 2018 #21
Found the article robbob Feb 2018 #26
Wonderful, thank you. I get the New Yorker but don't always have time to read it all, erronis Feb 2018 #33
What were we talking about? robbob Feb 2018 #35
I endorse that remark. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2018 #6
Trump supporters are afraid of the future. ginnyinWI Feb 2018 #7
I agree that's a huge part of their problem PJMcK Feb 2018 #14
I read this when it was written. murielm99 Feb 2018 #18
Cool that you read it back in the day, too! PJMcK Feb 2018 #20
Fool Me Once Fool Me Again Fool Me......GWB Old Enough 2 Feb 2018 #8
Oh, how I miss W. Just please don't bring back the henchmen! erronis Feb 2018 #10
For the last 80 or so years Stardust1 Feb 2018 #11
And the public school system has and most religions seek to limit critical thinking Texin Feb 2018 #15
Yup Stardust1 Feb 2018 #24
I take exception to your painting Lifelong Protester Feb 2018 #31
I first saw the difference from just a decade before, when I began teaching at the end of maddiemom Feb 2018 #16
True dat! nt TwistOneUp Feb 2018 #12
He's my favorite sage. maddiemom Feb 2018 #13
The biggest problem we face is with respect to education PJMcK Feb 2018 #17
Republicans Need A Large Dumbed Down Base colsohlibgal Feb 2018 #22
3 Reasons Why So Many People Still Support Trump Poiuyt Feb 2018 #23
Partly. moondust Feb 2018 #25
Anger and fear. Anger and fear. Anger and fear. Anger and fear. VOX Feb 2018 #27
Yes. And the propaganda outlets also provide talking points. american_ideals Feb 2018 #29
Precisely. On some boards like the Washington Post... VOX Feb 2018 #34
Fox and Limbaugh explain it. Propaganda works. That's why GOP billionaires pay for it. american_ideals Feb 2018 #28
wow, what a good observation! liberalla Feb 2018 #30
Timeless.. It never changes.. there Cha Feb 2018 #32
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