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Dumb question, but what happens to tires in a vaccuum? n/t rzemanfl Feb 2018 #1
Just a guess. They have no air but instead are filled with something solid Stinky The Clown Feb 2018 #3
Good guess. It isn't like it would ride rough. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2018 #4
They must have put tension on the springs (if it has springs) too. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2018 #9
That would not be necessary. Yonnie3 Feb 2018 #14
The pressure inside increases 14.7 PSI relative to the outside. Yonnie3 Feb 2018 #12
Thanks! n/t rzemanfl Feb 2018 #13
I grew up watching Outer Limits and reading Sci-Fi. Yonnie3 Feb 2018 #19
I also didn't think the springs thing through. No earth gravity. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2018 #25
Well, technically, lots of Earth gravity. sl8 Feb 2018 #38
The car is not staying in LEO: It's headed to the Asteroid Belt. lagomorph777 Feb 2018 #40
Of course. sl8 Feb 2018 #44
nasa men on moon and back, spacex advertisement for tesla cars nt msongs Feb 2018 #2
What do you expect from a commercial Enterprise? EX500rider Feb 2018 #33
Too bad we couldn't have put orange man in the trunk of that car. n/t kydo Feb 2018 #5
+1000000! SammyWinstonJack Feb 2018 #6
And then, once in outer space... PJMcK Feb 2018 #26
If Musk has any soul at all nolabear Feb 2018 #7
LOL Lucinda Feb 2018 #15
Best car commercial ever! Merlot Feb 2018 #8
poor Stig! Demonaut Feb 2018 #10
LOL. Historic NY Feb 2018 #22
One Stig dies, another takes his place. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2018 #28
Some say Glassunion Feb 2018 #42
DON'T PANIC blogslut Feb 2018 #11
what did I just see about an hour ago in the SW sky? Kali Feb 2018 #16
I wonder if it was the "Disco Ball" hunter Feb 2018 #35
that is kind of cool, I guess Kali Feb 2018 #39
This is the track for Humanity Star ornotna Feb 2018 #47
You're in SE Arizona? padfun Feb 2018 #52
Texas Canyon Kali Feb 2018 #53
Ahh, Been a while padfun Feb 2018 #54
You may be thinking of a different Texas Canyon Kali Feb 2018 #56
Soft Landing - Heavy Metal Dave Starsky Feb 2018 #17
Cool! Thanks! MGKrebs Feb 2018 #29
It also has an inscription on the circuit board that says made by humans Lucinda Feb 2018 #18
Totally Faked, Staged, Hoax, etc. Where are all the stars? Xolodno Feb 2018 #20
Musk forgot the fuzzy dice! edbermac Feb 2018 #21
That wouldve been fantastic lol! cwydro Feb 2018 #24
Its going to need a wash and wax. Historic NY Feb 2018 #23
There's a couple of cars on the Moon SonofDonald Feb 2018 #27
Not the same as sailing through space at 18,000 mph! MGKrebs Feb 2018 #30
18,000 mph for a deep space vehicle is really pedestrian. Blue_true Feb 2018 #32
But they did go pretty fast on the way up there SonofDonald Feb 2018 #34
After the final burn, it's going about 74,937mph Glassunion Feb 2018 #64
I won't watch it. Too over the top. Blue_true Feb 2018 #31
Landing the boosters was something new. hunter Feb 2018 #36
I accept your last point mostly. Blue_true Feb 2018 #41
There are no planets with retrograde orbits. MGKrebs Feb 2018 #48
Venus and Uranus orbit the Sun clockwise. Blue_true Feb 2018 #50
Where do you get your information? MGKrebs Feb 2018 #55
Yes. You are right. 8 planets orbit in the same direction. Blue_true Feb 2018 #65
Even the ability for us to watch it so clearly and beautifully is new. nolabear Feb 2018 #46
Just like in the movies Baclava Feb 2018 #49
Now it is heading to the Asteroid Belt suffragette Feb 2018 #37
It won't make it that far misanthrope Feb 2018 #57
"I...can't...drive.......55!!" edbermac Feb 2018 #43
So was the car ejected from Falcon Heavy? Bleacher Creature Feb 2018 #45
The main core apparently ran out of propellant shortly before MGKrebs Feb 2018 #60
whats the speedometer read? samnsara Feb 2018 #51
Around 74,937mph Glassunion Feb 2018 #61
This is a stupid pointless stunt and dangerous as well. alarimer Feb 2018 #58
Idiot. pyro_archvile Feb 2018 #59
It's in a heliocentric orbit that extends past Mars. cemaphonic Feb 2018 #62
No it is not. Glassunion Feb 2018 #63
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