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13. What keeps them
Mon Mar 5, 2018, 10:18 AM
Mar 2018

…from shredding as many records as they possibly can starting right now if not months ago?

Even if a copy of a shredded document shows up in some one else's record, why can't the shredder claim " I lost
it. Never saw it. Just don't know what happened to that document."

But meantime, there may be key material that never turns up again—the shredding can eliminate many important things—no?

"between one unnamed witness" Botany Mar 2018 #1
Translation... orangecrush Mar 2018 #6
I'm thinking it may be Sam Nunberg Mr. Ected Mar 2018 #2
So many choices orangecrush Mar 2018 #7
Mueller never leaks anything PunksMom Mar 2018 #3
No doubt whatsoever orangecrush Mar 2018 #8
Yes. If it's from Mueller, it's intentional. Hortensis Mar 2018 #19
It's almost certaintly from the witness in question marylandblue Mar 2018 #31
Yes. Good party conversation for some. :) Hortensis Mar 2018 #33
Trump most likely is the leaker here Generic Brad Mar 2018 #11
I've also heard that it could be PRETZEL Mar 2018 #4
That would be an interesting twist orangecrush Mar 2018 #9
Not "like" a criminal enterprise. They ARE a criminal enterprise. Nitram Mar 2018 #5
If it walks like a duck.... orangecrush Mar 2018 #10
So that explains why he's quackers! eom Maeve Mar 2018 #14
... orangecrush Mar 2018 #23
I hope to hear mention of RICO charges beachbum bob Mar 2018 #12
that would replace orangecrush Mar 2018 #24
What keeps them zentrum Mar 2018 #13
No. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #15
Yes, and yet... zentrum Mar 2018 #16
Yeah, geek-on-geek violence. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #18
Very funny. n/t zentrum Mar 2018 #21
... orangecrush Mar 2018 #28
Criminal enterprise orangecrush Mar 2018 #29
handwritten material is a routine request marylandblue Mar 2018 #32
Yes cooperating witnesses will have to turn over paper materials. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #36
Good point! orangecrush Mar 2018 #25
NSA is clearly providing materials; that's evident in the indictment of 13 Russians. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #35
How successful will he be? kentuck Mar 2018 #17
These subpoenas are mostly going to go to 3rd parties. lagomorph777 Mar 2018 #20
It looks to me orangecrush Mar 2018 #27
Is it possible he's sending signals to the repubs in congress! bluestarone Mar 2018 #22
that orangecrush Mar 2018 #26
Why isn't Jared on this list? marylandblue Mar 2018 #30
a lot of speculation on that orangecrush Mar 2018 #34
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