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"Job Creators" is offensive. [View all] Evasporque Jul 2012 OP
K&R. Want to watch this one. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #1
indeed... Evasporque Jul 2012 #3
The real job creators are consumers!!! nt nanabugg Jul 2012 #34
When labor is superior to capital, everybody does better. Put the money into the hands of the people Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #36
Without us worker bees, there'd be no "job creators" tilsammans Jul 2012 #2
The Biggest Failure Of The Labor Movement... KharmaTrain Jul 2012 #4
spot on...union and non-union workers alike... Evasporque Jul 2012 #10
The 1% of today made most of its money off the technology and industry of WWII. JDPriestly Jul 2012 #24
Without the masses these job creators would have nothing. nc4bo Jul 2012 #5
or Gods Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2012 #8
It wouldn't be, except for one teensy-weensy question Zyzafyx Jul 2012 #6
They don't create jobs out of thin air Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2012 #7
more like 500 times more in pay, not 500% tk2kewl Jul 2012 #9
good correction.....thnx... Evasporque Jul 2012 #19
k&r Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #11
Customers create jobs.... Jeff In Milwaukee Jul 2012 #12
K&R warrprayer Jul 2012 #13
Shout it from the rooftops!! sarchasm Jul 2012 #14
Save the Rich warrprayer Jul 2012 #15
K&R Scuba Jul 2012 #16
The really offensive part is the utter stupidity of the argument William Seger Jul 2012 #17
Well put treestar Jul 2012 #23
500% more pay? No. lastlib Jul 2012 #18
correct 500x.... Evasporque Jul 2012 #20
The rich don't own the economy. Cary Jul 2012 #21
Agreed with no one to buy their products they can't create jobs treestar Jul 2012 #22
Exactly. lumberjack_jeff Jul 2012 #25
I agree that it's offensive, and I continue to be amazed by the fact that Marr Jul 2012 #26
They could "create" all they want; without someone there to do it & to buy it, they got nothing. patrice Jul 2012 #27
They create high paying jobs for friends & familiy. raouldukelives Jul 2012 #28
Now you're talking. Blanks Jul 2012 #43
It's not offensive - It's misdirected ... Trajan Jul 2012 #29
Kay and effin' ARRRRGH! nt hifiguy Jul 2012 #30
Tell these bums that they are mispelling the term! They should be called "Job Craters"... cascadiance Jul 2012 #31
"Job creators" is merely the term protect our future Jul 2012 #32
"Job creators" = wealth concentrators = economy killers. moondust Jul 2012 #33
Even if there are potential new customers... kentuck Jul 2012 #35
It is DEMAND for goods and services that creates jobs. Bake Jul 2012 #37
Exactly what I was going to say Canuckistanian Jul 2012 #40
They use the word creator because they are their gods. mmonk Jul 2012 #38
Another ungrateful peasant who doesn't know her place. Recommend. Zorra Jul 2012 #39
So whose fault is it that the economy isn't creating jobs? The workers? dkf Jul 2012 #41
It's the PUBLIC that buys products and services that create jobs, along with... Honeycombe8 Jul 2012 #42
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