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Wed Apr 25, 2018, 09:55 PM Apr 2018

Just yesterday, I read an OP asking why we didn't have progressive media to counter Fox/Limbaugh [View all]

and today, I watch DUers and other Democrats hyperventillatingly joining in to the right wing attacks on Joy Reid

And I wonder why anyone wonders why ...

People, what's happening to Joy is Exhibit A of why we don't have a viable progressive media.

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Truth. nt. spicysista Apr 2018 #1
Amen Effie! JustAnotherGen Apr 2018 #2
Mark Thompson, Michelangelo Signorile, Dean Obeidallah, and Karen Hunter. Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #3
Where can I listen to them? IluvPitties Apr 2018 #13
Sirius XM Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #40
Don't have Sirius XM... IluvPitties Apr 2018 #44
Insight is a great station too. mountain grammy Apr 2018 #52
And all the weekend crew on Sirius/XM progressive! Docreed2003 Apr 2018 #23
Joe Madison, John Fuglesang, Stephanie Miller, Pete Dominick mountain grammy Apr 2018 #32
Not a fan of Madison or Miller Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #41
The OP stated there isnt progressive media to counter the right wing noise mountain grammy Apr 2018 #55
What purity test Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #56
No, I wasnt talking about you mountain grammy Apr 2018 #58
No problem Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #64
"but he is too rude to his callers." BumRushDaShow Apr 2018 #69
Again I agree with everything he says politically Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #75
LOL BumRushDaShow Apr 2018 #77
Yeah I listen to hunter Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #78
Wakanda forever! BumRushDaShow Apr 2018 #79
What channel and time does Bradley have a show? NewJeffCT Apr 2018 #60
Hes on Saturday. American Voices on POTUS. mountain grammy Apr 2018 #63
Air America Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #4
Sirius XM 127 and 126 Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #42
TY Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #51
Not Air America Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #65
Ok TY. Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #71
um...sirius ain't exactly radio for da masses dembotoz Apr 2018 #86
Lol Proud liberal 80 Apr 2018 #93
Yep mcar Apr 2018 #5
That's a fact. sheshe2 Apr 2018 #6
its because talk radio feeds on anger and agression and hate, which is lacking msongs Apr 2018 #7
Ding ding ding. +100 sharedvalues Apr 2018 #9
that's 30 years of talk radio the left stupidly ignores certainot Apr 2018 #45
Not True PaulX2 Apr 2018 #18
And Stephanie PaulX2 Apr 2018 #20
I like Stephanie Miller a lot NewJeffCT Apr 2018 #61
+1. I hate Republicans with the heat of a thousand suns. SunSeeker Apr 2018 #21
I call your suns and raise you a 100,00! kairos12 Apr 2018 #25
LOL SunSeeker Apr 2018 #27
sorry - that's a bullshit RW argument that trolls and ignorant liberals have perpetrated certainot Apr 2018 #43
So let's do something about radio propaganda sharedvalues Apr 2018 #66
artificial intelligence may make that a lot easier now certainot Apr 2018 #81
Imo, you owe Msongs an apology. Failure to put FEAR first as Hortensis Apr 2018 #67
maybe a bit harsh but it's important to end the lie that talk radio represents american demand certainot Apr 2018 #80
It's both, isn't it? Hortensis Apr 2018 #82
i disagree - they created the demand for a lot of it. talk radio went for 9 yrs before fox certainot Apr 2018 #88
Certain, that quote attributed to Lincoln is at least Hortensis Apr 2018 #89
i think it's a combination genetic, environmental but 'sex on the wrong brain' authoritarianism certainot Apr 2018 #91
One future of progressive media is podcasts sharedvalues Apr 2018 #8
I disagree & think it's exactly the opposite. CrispyQ Apr 2018 #10
How do you fight the attacks when many of them are coming from inside the house? EffieBlack Apr 2018 #11
ABSOLUTELY... I don't know why some are so eager to believe the worst about our allies hlthe2b Apr 2018 #12
Oh I know why. They are willing to believe anything about someone who doesnt like Bernie stevenleser Apr 2018 #14
This combined with good old-fashioned racism kcr Apr 2018 #54
You win the prize. TheSmarterDog Apr 2018 #15
Exactly...well put. NRaleighLiberal Apr 2018 #16
we don't have progressive media to counter Fox/Limbaugh because ... Snake Plissken Apr 2018 #17
I think you're dead on! EffieBlack Apr 2018 #19
The imbeciles, the racists, the fascists, and the conspiracy nuts combine to create Elwood P Dowd Apr 2018 #24
Well having fifty to one ratio outlet on corporate radio and TV of so called news and talk helps nolabels Apr 2018 #48
That is a good point. Although, I listen to MSNBC on Sirius Radio in the car. Demsrule86 Apr 2018 #36
+1, uponit7771 Apr 2018 #37
Ours is print media treestar Apr 2018 #57
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2018 #22
it's because big media is a big corporation right wing TalenaGor Apr 2018 #26
It's absolutely mindblowing Snake Plissken Apr 2018 #29
We did about 15 years ago..lib talk radio Demovictory9 Apr 2018 #28
Yeah somehow foaming at the mouth and yelling at the radio while throwing furniture around Snake Plissken Apr 2018 #33
Talk radio is not sustainable...if big donors did not subsidize rightie radio, it would be gone... Demsrule86 Apr 2018 #34
Clearchannel took over America's local radio, Bain Capital took over Clearchannel, Clearchannel..... nolabels Apr 2018 #50
And yet I bet they survive somehow. Demsrule86 Apr 2018 #59
before Bain took over CC, CC did have AirAmerica on many stations rurallib Apr 2018 #83
agreed NewJeffCT Apr 2018 #62
So true...attacking Joy ...joining the right to do so...they sound like Breitbart followers. Demsrule86 Apr 2018 #30
That and the fact that there isn't an untapped audience for "progressive media". brooklynite Apr 2018 #31
The idea is that some hosts will get the other side to listen and convert them...and it does happen. Demsrule86 Apr 2018 #35
Simple, "outrage" sells... Xolodno Apr 2018 #38
I've 4 friends who've told me that they've signed that Change.org petition ... LenaBaby61 Apr 2018 #39
Amen, Effie. So-called progressives fall for ratfcking every damn time. Hekate Apr 2018 #46
Effie have you considered those attacks aren't coming from the left rufus dog Apr 2018 #47
There are many on the nebulous "left"... OneGrassRoot Apr 2018 #53
:) +1. Maybe think "dissident left" because they're always Hortensis Apr 2018 #70
Well said!!! OneGrassRoot Apr 2018 #84
I'm still thanking political psychologists for replacing Hortensis Apr 2018 #92
Those in NYC and San Francisco have Pacifica KSNY Apr 2018 #49
welcome to DU gopiscrap Apr 2018 #94
She shines a light on a certain failed non-Democrat. nt LexVegas Apr 2018 #68
There is a big hole in the market. I would like to see someone step up to the plate smirkymonkey Apr 2018 #72
Amy Goodman / Democracy Now! SMC22307 Apr 2018 #73
Because we don't believe in that kind of propaganda... Wounded Bear Apr 2018 #74
I agree workinclasszero Apr 2018 #76
well i like news analysis from a leftist perspective, not DNC neoliberal talking points. m-lekktor Apr 2018 #85
Correct malaise Apr 2018 #87
Google create your own pirate radio Iwasthere Apr 2018 #90
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