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7. White folks don't believe this shit happens ALL the time, always has. Just didn't get
Thu Apr 26, 2018, 08:22 AM
Apr 2018

captured on phone video in the past. The very same thing happened to me and several of my friends in high school. We were walking along chatting and stopped to give a panhandler some change. (I always have done that, always will). Moments later a cop car screeches over and out jump two beefy white cops who proceed to pat us down and pepper us with questions: Where are the drugs you just bought from that guy? Where do you live? Let's see some ID! Why aren't you in school? (It was late afternoon) Shit like that.

They left us, but I remember being a bit shaken up. My friend Blue said "Chill bro, you kinda gotta expect it, so, you know, you can keep your cool, not get f*d up by them."

This was 1968.

These are the indimidation tactics of a police state. TheSmarterDog Apr 2018 #1
kick, kick, kick rurallib Apr 2018 #2
K&R betsuni Apr 2018 #3
Terrifying. mountain grammy Apr 2018 #4
What does "ki ki" mean in the twitter thread? Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #5
A kiki is a party, For calming all your nerves, We're spilling tea and dishing just desserts mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2018 #14
Thank you. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #17
De nada. It's a great dance tune. I knew the answer, since I hang out at mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2018 #20
Cops. That's who they are. That's what they do. (n/t) Iggo Apr 2018 #6
White folks don't believe this shit happens ALL the time, always has. Just didn't get FailureToCommunicate Apr 2018 #7
Thanks for your story, FTC. kag Apr 2018 #11
So Sad yellowwoodII Apr 2018 #8
Sounds about right gollygee Apr 2018 #9
Perfect description of what it is like to live as a POC in aMerica. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #10
When I read the twitter thread, I know my BP went way up. irisblue Apr 2018 #12
Exceptional america? lsewpershad Apr 2018 #13
yeah heaven05 Apr 2018 #22
Outrageous!!! denvine Apr 2018 #15
This story is exceptional DFW Apr 2018 #16
Microaggression. PatrickforO Apr 2018 #18
I am so sorry this happened and happens....think about sending this Post and responses to your c-rational Apr 2018 #19
typical ameriKKKa heaven05 Apr 2018 #21
K&R Scurrilous Apr 2018 #23
Wonder if this has anything to do with that egregiious abuse of power? RandomAccess Apr 2018 #24
The drugs you can get for fifty cents treestar Apr 2018 #25
EVERY encounter MIGHT end in their death. hell yeah it sucks. pansypoo53219 Apr 2018 #26
I saw that and once again, tears. tulipsandroses Apr 2018 #27
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