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Mon Apr 30, 2018, 07:24 AM Apr 2018

WAPO: Michelle Wolf got it just right [View all]

Wolf, according to the commentariat, violated a sacred standard of decency that defines the correspondents’ dinner every year. The comedian should roast people, yes, but she should do it at a suitably low temperature for this town’s all-too-tender egos. Wolf broke protocol by turning on the broiler. Yet the figures she scorched have shattered norms that are far more important than an unspoken prohibition on vagina jokes.

The correspondents’ dinner supposedly celebrates the rapport that journalists have with the people they cover. This three-course fete of access journalism has always made some skeptics queasy, but after the Trump administration’s active attempts to undermine every organization in the room Saturday that doesn’t treat the president as an unassailable dear leader, it’s hard to pretend that the fourth estate and its subjects can carry on a relationship that’s adversarial and respectful all at once.

That Wolf’s performance was not “normal” for the correspondents’ dinner is a testament to its timeliness and necessity — nothing is “normal” right now, and pretending otherwise out of a false sense of the fourth estate’s friendship with the executive would have been the real disgrace. Wolf called the Trump administration out for tearing down democracy. Then, the people who are supposed to care most about holding autocrats to account called her out in turn for, essentially, not being chummy enough.

That persistent chumminess is why Wolf’s performance, in the end, wasn’t really for the press. It was about us. “You guys love breaking news, and you did it,” Wolf said to CNN. “You broke it.” To everyone else, she said: “You helped create this monster, and now you’re profiting off of him.” Instead of listening — to that or to Wolf’s final line, “Flint still doesn’t have clean water” — we got grumpy on Twitter. Which means Wolf did a better job of defending the First Amendment than those who say that’s our business.

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Flint still doesnt have clean water ... Fullduplexxx Apr 2018 #1
AND, they're no longer being provided bottled water. Amimnoch Apr 2018 #34
And Puerto Rico still doesn't have power. Fla Dem Apr 2018 #71
3,000 Towns Have Water Systems With More/The Same Amount Lead That Flint Has PaulX2 Apr 2018 #84
And Trump, Sanders and the majority of the folks Trump brought into the swamp STILL LIE usaf-vet Apr 2018 #86
I like David Jolly's tweet about this issue...... riversedge Apr 2018 #2
Thanks rivers! Cha Apr 2018 #5
David, not "their witnessing", it's "they're witnessing" you idiot. longship Apr 2018 #12
If spell check doesn't cover it then it must be OK lunatica Apr 2018 #58
He probably dictated his statement into a computer. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #104
Okay, but disagree about language changing in this case. longship Apr 2018 #121
Spelling is a part of language. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #125
"Their" is in no sense a verb. longship Apr 2018 #127
Yah, well English itself is a really bad version of Latin and German all mixed up Sophia4 Apr 2018 #128
You still cannot have a sentence without a fucking verb!! longship Apr 2018 #130
What I am pointing out is that rules change. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #134
Well, let me just say that I am done here. longship Apr 2018 #135
BUT THAT RULE HASN"T !!!!! Iggo Apr 2018 #144
True. But it is in the process of changing unless perhaps technology somehow Sophia4 Apr 2018 #145
May be bad English xxqqqzme Apr 2018 #142
So is substituting "to" for "too" longship May 2018 #148
The solution is to lose the apostrophe chwaliszewski May 2018 #146
That may be. longship May 2018 #147
You mean 'too' difficult. chwaliszewski May 2018 #149
It was as abrasive and raspy as the Trump administration has been to everything American bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #3
So we are now aspiring to be like Trump? ollie10 Apr 2018 #11
Drumpf & Co. needs to be smacked down. longship Apr 2018 #15
People aren't talking about Trump as a result of her skit ollie10 Apr 2018 #17
Your "concern" is noted. DinahMoeHum Apr 2018 #24
I hope so ollie10 Apr 2018 #25
Good catch. MontanaMama Apr 2018 #81
:D C Moon Apr 2018 #132
Do you understand that you give Wolf enormous power ehrnst Apr 2018 #59
Maybe you should try not putting words into other people's mouths ollie10 Apr 2018 #61
Have you been watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders' press conferences? Sophia4 Apr 2018 #106
I agree w/ you on the description of SHS...she's a self-centered religious snob and a nut to boot... SWBTATTReg Apr 2018 #112
Thats a different way of looking at it. Hadn't thought of that. 7962 Apr 2018 #141
That Ship Sailed, Long Ago ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #16
I think Michelle Obama's words were great ollie10 Apr 2018 #18
did she kill someone when I wasn't looking? n/t woundedkarma Apr 2018 #28
"Please give me an example for when going high when they go low has achieved anything...." ollie10 Apr 2018 #31
Please give me an example of where a female comedian did as much harm to civil rights ehrnst Apr 2018 #48
high ground vs low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #52
Which side are you on that you compare a bistering, brilliant satire with violence in the streets? ehrnst Apr 2018 #60
Do you have a problem with me answering a question ollie10 Apr 2018 #64
Here is the question again: ehrnst Apr 2018 #72
No need to continue ollie10 Apr 2018 #75
Giving up? ehrnst Apr 2018 #77
If you were interested in civil conversation, that would be productive ollie10 Apr 2018 #80
Once again, you tell me you are not going to "continue to discuss this with me" ehrnst Apr 2018 #117
You missed the "in the last quarter century" part. Demit Apr 2018 #65
So what? ollie10 Apr 2018 #68
You couldn't give an example, and tried to equate your position on a woman comic with MLK. ehrnst Apr 2018 #74
there is no need to continue our discussion ollie10 Apr 2018 #85
This is what, the 5th time you've said that you are "ending the discussion." ehrnst Apr 2018 #126
So you didn't answer the question as posed. Demit Apr 2018 #82
I was asked to give one example of high ground being more prodictive than low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #83
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #89
You are so civil ollie10 Apr 2018 #91
Tell it to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #108
I agree ollie10 Apr 2018 #115
You changed the definition of "going low" ehrnst Apr 2018 #122
MLK's high ground could have never happened without the low ground. kwassa Apr 2018 #131
So Many Of These Issues Have Their Ancestry In Nixon DallasNE Apr 2018 #96
Indeed. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #114
MLK Jr Died in 1968 ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #87
And his words are still true today ollie10 Apr 2018 #88
Nobody Said Otherwise ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #90
No, I answered the question with a good example ollie10 Apr 2018 #95
A Asked For An Example In The LAST QUARTER CENTURY. . . ProfessorGAC Apr 2018 #97
Michelle Obama is not a comedian. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #109
high road sometimes gets better results than low results ollie10 Apr 2018 #110
So Obama laughed and hugged Larry Wilmore used the N-word at the press dinner in 2016. ehrnst Apr 2018 #119
And what words did he use that relate to Michelle Wolf? ehrnst Apr 2018 #118
Michelle Obama's words - do you mean that she said Barack always "went high" even ehrnst Apr 2018 #120
I think that most people who look at what MLK accomplished acknowledge Cuthbert Allgood Apr 2018 #129
When was the last time moral high ground worked for you? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #26
MLK Jr advocated non-violent civil disobedience ollie10 Apr 2018 #29
No one is advocating violence here bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #33
The question/issue was taking the moral high ground vs ollie10 Apr 2018 #38
You're worried about taking the low ground against traitors???? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #41
"friendly yet abrasive" ollie10 Apr 2018 #49
Certainly as friendly as you bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #54
Isn't that what DT's fans love about him? ehrnst Apr 2018 #55
So, what do you think about Steven Colbert's comedy? ehrnst Apr 2018 #42
I love Colbert ollie10 Apr 2018 #46
He doubled down on it. He refused to apologize. ehrnst Apr 2018 #51
you are not being fair ollie10 Apr 2018 #57
I think I'm the one being fair in this discussion. ehrnst Apr 2018 #67
These are jokes we are talking about. MontanaMama Apr 2018 #93
So women have more of a responsibility to maintain the moral high ground ehrnst Apr 2018 #47
Didn't say that ollie10 Apr 2018 #50
So why is Colbert your hero after he called DT "a cockholster for Putin" ehrnst Apr 2018 #53
You Are Talking About Wolf Because You Have Choosen To Talk About Wolf DallasNE Apr 2018 #99
No, I believe YOU brought up her weight ollie10 Apr 2018 #100
THERE'S A TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #101
You have no reading comprehension DallasNE Apr 2018 #102
Who is advocating violence? ehrnst Apr 2018 #37
the issue was high ground vs low ground ollie10 Apr 2018 #40
A bit hyperbolic, don't you think ehrnst Apr 2018 #44
Beginning to think you are a right wing talking point peddler. JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #56
Really? You don't think it was the fear of the Black Panther Party? Oppaloopa Apr 2018 #92
Comparing those who support Wolf with those who opposed MLK. ehrnst May 2018 #150
You sound very much like the Right Wingers who are clutching their pearls over this. ehrnst Apr 2018 #39
Colbert is my hero ollie10 Apr 2018 #43
OK, so Colbert calling DT "a cock holster for Putin" ehrnst Apr 2018 #45
You seem to be unfamiliar with satire. ehrnst Apr 2018 #63
Well, you got the flaming thing down pat! ollie10 Apr 2018 #66
What are you talking about? "Flaming?" ehrnst Apr 2018 #73
It was a comedy show. Sophia4 Apr 2018 #105
I have a two year old and a six year old at home. haele Apr 2018 #111
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #4
Pro-life Republicans njcpa1978 Apr 2018 #7
I am pro-choice ollie10 Apr 2018 #9
You certainly don't have much faith in pro-choice intellect, do you? ehrnst Apr 2018 #35
I agree with you and I'm Duppers Apr 2018 #103
She knew exactly who her audience is. She was pulling a Steven Colbert with the abortion reference. ehrnst Apr 2018 #10
Yes, she set back the pro-choice movement ollie10 Apr 2018 #14
Do you hear yourself? Squinch Apr 2018 #21
yes ollie10 Apr 2018 #23
No, you don't. You are setting back pro-choice... woundedkarma Apr 2018 #32
Who is going to believe that other than someone who is already anti-choice? ehrnst Apr 2018 #27
Are you a troll here to gaslight? bucolic_frolic Apr 2018 #30
Definitely a troll. JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #62
Post removed Post removed Apr 2018 #69
No. She didn't. lunatica Apr 2018 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author Squinch Apr 2018 #107
OK, I'll bite -tell us how she "set back the pro-choice movement." ehrnst Apr 2018 #116
The HUGE BIGLEY difference is maxrandb Apr 2018 #19
You don't know that she's on the Daily Show, so "nobody has heard of her." ehrnst Apr 2018 #76
Stupid Stockholm Syndrome WHPC Cha Apr 2018 #6
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Apr 2018 #8
K&R HAB911 Apr 2018 #13
Which means Wolf did a better job of defending the First Amendment..." Javaman Apr 2018 #20
k&r bigtree Apr 2018 #22
DU rec...nt SidDithers Apr 2018 #36
They wanted a pussy but got a Wolf, lol nt onlyadream Apr 2018 #78
Well played... MontanaMama Apr 2018 #94
The trumpets can dish it out, but they just can't take it. dubyadiprecession Apr 2018 #79
Michelle Wolf has her own show. S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #98
Thanks for the link! nt SunSeeker Apr 2018 #124
I liked and appreciated Ms. Wolf's jokes Gothmog Apr 2018 #113
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2018 #123
K&R Scurrilous Apr 2018 #133
Small wonder WAPO is off the WH Xmas card list. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2018 #136
Boink. Scurrilous Apr 2018 #137
If this were any other Administration, I'd say maybe Wolf went too far Wiccan Priest Apr 2018 #138
No shit BlueJac Apr 2018 #139
BRAVO orangecrush Apr 2018 #140
We must take back our republic. PatrickforO Apr 2018 #143
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