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Fri May 4, 2018, 02:24 PM May 2018

How Many DUers Actually Remember the Kent State Killings? [View all]

I'm just curious about who has actual memory of that day. So, here's a poll:

98 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, I remember it. (Tell us where you were.)
79 (81%)
No, I was too young to remember it.
6 (6%)
No, I was not even born yet.
13 (13%)
No, I wasn't paying any attention.
0 (0%)
Kent State? What about Kent State?
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I was back in college in California at the time, MineralMan May 2018 #1
I was in my last year of college in California. The shooting resonated. Shrike47 May 2018 #2
I was in Columbus, Ohio at OSU. My sister had graduated from Kent in 1969. sinkingfeeling May 2018 #3
I was 15 and already protesting the war. redstatebluegirl May 2018 #4
I was 16 years old and protesting the war. Zoonart May 2018 #12
I was in 4th Grade Va Lefty May 2018 #5
I remember Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2018 #6
I was in 10th grade. Cattledog May 2018 #7
I was 11 mcar May 2018 #8
Freshman in High School jojog May 2018 #9
I had graduated from University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana nocoincidences May 2018 #10
I was hitch hiking back to Ann Arbor safeinOhio May 2018 #11
I did a lot of hitchhiking in those days, too. MineralMan May 2018 #15
I was living in Mexico City at the time lunatica May 2018 #13
Senior year in high school in the suburbs of Pgh. Allison livetohike May 2018 #14
HS freshman. The "Love it or leave it" flag stickers on cars lost all legitimacy. fleabiscuit May 2018 #16
In Tulsa yellerpup May 2018 #17
I was Graduating from High School nykym May 2018 #18
I was living 20 minutes away from Kent State and still do. Trust Buster May 2018 #19
I Was Only 11 Years Old Leith May 2018 #20
Sophomore in High School nightwing1240 May 2018 #21
People not voting is why we're in the spot we're in right now. MineralMan May 2018 #22
My sister's niece from Cleveland was a student at Kent State Greybnk48 May 2018 #23
I was 60 miles away in Oberlin, Ohio. kwassa May 2018 #24
I'd been on vacation in Australia, PoindexterOglethorpe May 2018 #25
In elementary school in California. revmclaren May 2018 #26
I was in Evanston, IL, and a junior in college. greatauntoftriplets May 2018 #27
I was a junior in high school. mantis49 May 2018 #28
I was 17 and I think Ferrets are Cool May 2018 #29
Me too. Smallish town in Oregon. Hippies were frowned on. Kittycow May 2018 #145
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We're finally on our own. Ferrets are Cool May 2018 #146
I don't specifically remember that afternoon, but sure remember the immediate aftermath. Yonnie3 May 2018 #30
I was in high school Thunderbeast May 2018 #31
I was a junior at the U of W in Seattle. We had protests at our school as a result of the killings. jalan48 May 2018 #32
It happened the spring I was graduating from high school csziggy May 2018 #33
I remember it--I was a young wife and mom with a 4 year old daughter at home... CaliforniaPeggy May 2018 #34
Do you know I still have my Gene McCarthy campaign materials, including the "daisy" bumperstickers Hekate May 2018 #114
Middle schooler. Ilsa May 2018 #35
In college, organizing a teach in to explain the bombings in Cambodia grantcart May 2018 #36
I just finished my third year of college. NT 49jim May 2018 #37
I was like 8 years old at the time... MrScorpio May 2018 #38
I was 8 too, but I do remember being conscious of the assasinations and Squinch May 2018 #129
First year of high school fmdaddio May 2018 #39
I was 20 years old...... a kennedy May 2018 #40
Wasn't born yet Blue_Tires May 2018 #41
I was still in elementary school but I remember this Gothmog May 2018 #42
Thanks for all the responses. Keep them coming. MineralMan May 2018 #43
I was on my 2nd tour of duty in Vietnam when this happened john657 May 2018 #44
I was in 8th grade TexasBushwhacker May 2018 #45
I was a freshman in college in FL. dameatball May 2018 #46
Still in Memphis. Must have been seventh grade at that time. Laffy Kat May 2018 #47
U of Hawai'i, and glad to be there. I didn't understand the Mainland and the violence sickened me Hekate May 2018 #48
How many of you remember Jackson State several weeks later? Stargleamer May 2018 #49
I remember the images on TV that night rurallib May 2018 #100
Freshman in college, Illinois. Canoe52 May 2018 #50
Mary Ann Vecchio briefly attended my high school afterward. Scurrilous May 2018 #51
The next day was Armed Forces Day Capperdan May 2018 #52
My Mom was on the cover of Time (Not really) Boxerfan May 2018 #53
Pursuing an advanced degree somewhere in the continental U.S. I am not saying more because I rzemanfl May 2018 #54
SF Bay Area Brother Buzz May 2018 #55
I was in 8th Grade in Houston, Tx. kairos12 May 2018 #56
+++ I have figured that out also .... lunasun May 2018 #163
Senior in high school, South Louisiana catrose May 2018 #169
gotta get down to it, soldiers are cutting us down.... infullview May 2018 #57
I was in Michigan, in Junior High. LisaM May 2018 #58
I was out of college, working, and waiting for my draft notice May 4, 1970. Elwood P Dowd May 2018 #59
High school senior in DC area. 50 Shades Of Blue May 2018 #60
Living at home Doc_Technical May 2018 #61
I enlisted in the USAF in 1965. No lottery then. MineralMan May 2018 #64
I was back home in north Georgia, working, out of the Army for three years Glorfindel May 2018 #62
I was curious to hear where people were at the time. MineralMan May 2018 #67
Well, you have set me to thinking, MineralMan Glorfindel May 2018 #107
I was finishing up 6th grade and almost 12. tosh May 2018 #63
Yes, I was in Nam. pwb May 2018 #65
You're right about that. Elwood P Dowd May 2018 #77
Can't disagree, but regular military had plenty of gung-ho types ready to kill innocent Asians too. Hoyt May 2018 #168
8 years old; picked up the paper JenniferJuniper May 2018 #66
Wow! That must have made an impression on you. MineralMan May 2018 #70
Such were the times. JenniferJuniper May 2018 #78
Yes. MineralMan May 2018 #108
8th grade. Saw it on the evening news. LeftInTX May 2018 #68
Me too, 8th grade Freddie May 2018 #106
I was young, married lillypaddle May 2018 #69
How sad that your father said that! MineralMan May 2018 #71
Yeah, he was a real Archie Bunker lillypaddle May 2018 #73
So was my dad. LeftInTX May 2018 #121
Wow, those were horrific times lillypaddle May 2018 #148
I think this was the general attitude of the day for many people. Alea May 2018 #103
They felt threatened by LeftInTX May 2018 #122
That's how Nixon won Freddie May 2018 #132
It was beyond me lillypaddle May 2018 #147
We drove into SF that afternoon. WhiteTara May 2018 #72
Thank you for doing that! MineralMan May 2018 #74
I was in a friend's driveway playing hoops KPN May 2018 #75
should have added vaguely remember it. mopinko May 2018 #76
Terre Haute, Indiana, teaching at the Univ. planetc May 2018 #79
in college CanisCrocinus May 2018 #80
Junior in High School MuseRider May 2018 #81
In my senior year of high school DFW May 2018 #82
I was at Boston U. heaven05 May 2018 #83
Just finished my 4 year Navy hitch Submariner May 2018 #84
it was the day after my 20th birthday. I was in college. Remember it well. n/t Hamlette May 2018 #85
I remember - it was fucking shocking - and we had a sit-down in high school the next day. jpak May 2018 #86
I do I was there for little sis week. samplegirl May 2018 #87
Salem NH. About to graduate eighth grade in a month or so. maveric May 2018 #88
I was a freshman in high school in prairierose May 2018 #89
It was ancient history to me by the time I learned about it. Alea May 2018 #90
A short video from Dan Rather videos. fleabiscuit May 2018 #91
Thanks fleabiscuit Alea May 2018 #98
I was 14, in middle school. It was into my arthritisR_US May 2018 #92
4th grade in Houston GrapesOfWrath May 2018 #93
Was in Dayton, Ohio aka-chmeee May 2018 #94
High school in Florida. Ligyron May 2018 #95
Sophomore in college in Potsdam, NY fierywoman May 2018 #96
NYU annabanana May 2018 #97
I believe I was at a rally back at the U of Iowa that day rurallib May 2018 #99
I was 15, in high school in Dayton. OilemFirchen May 2018 #101
In the Marine Corps Dyedinthewoolliberal May 2018 #102
I remember it. I had been living in Ohio and remember getting college info from Kent. Vinca May 2018 #104
I was in 8th grade back then. DinahMoeHum May 2018 #105
Again, thanks for all the replies! MineralMan May 2018 #109
We really appreciate you asking for our memories! FailureToCommunicate May 2018 #139
They're great to read! MineralMan May 2018 #141
Well, you shouldn't be. Beyond the subject matter, just your name on a post makes people FailureToCommunicate May 2018 #142
I was a senior at Emory University in Atlanta redstateblues May 2018 #110
I was in college (upstate New York) Golden Raisin May 2018 #111
Fairbanks, Alaska raven mad May 2018 #112
I was 14, living about an hour south of Columbus, OH Maeve May 2018 #113
I was 20, BarbaRosa May 2018 #115
working at my first job onethatcares May 2018 #116
Senior in High School. We organized a general school strike from my house for May 8th... FailureToCommunicate May 2018 #117
I was in college myself Raine May 2018 #118
This thread is making me choke up, MM. I remember being shocked but NOT surprised... Hekate May 2018 #119
Yes. It's bringing everyone's personal memories MineralMan May 2018 #136
I had just got out of the Army in March. The Saturday following Kent State doc03 May 2018 #120
I am feeling the gender gap here. I was not born until a quarter of a century Exotica May 2018 #123
How many remember the Orangeburg killings at South Carolina State in 1968? Squinch May 2018 #124
I was only 10 coeur_de_lion May 2018 #125
I was attending San Fernando Valley State College (now CSU Northridge)... VOX May 2018 #126
It freaked me out. honest.abe May 2018 #127
I was seven and living in Middletown Ohio. airmid May 2018 #128
I was in the apt we shared in college lying on the sofa when it came on the TV. n/t RKP5637 May 2018 #130
I remember it clearly PJMcK May 2018 #131
I was a junior at the University of Missouri - Columbia. LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 2018 #133
In a college class, NYC eleny May 2018 #134
Attending university. guillaumeb May 2018 #135
Was vaguely aware of it but much more aware MaryMagdaline May 2018 #137
The Song was by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Haggis for Breakfast May 2018 #166
Yea my cousin posted the song on FB yesterday MaryMagdaline May 2018 #191
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2018 #138
In high school. TomSlick May 2018 #140
So are these the people the establishment was afraid of? Alea May 2018 #143
Yeah, pretty much. MineralMan May 2018 #144
I was in High School Wolf Frankula May 2018 #149
I was probably at work. I can't recall it making too much of an impression. FarCenter May 2018 #150
Junior High in NJ redwitch May 2018 #151
I was at a friend's house in Woburn, MA Frances May 2018 #152
Remember it clearly orangecrush May 2018 #153
I was at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. raging moderate May 2018 #154
I was a junior in high school dflprincess May 2018 #155
I was a sophmore in high school ladym55 May 2018 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author mulsh May 2018 #157
This entire post says something about the boomer generation DBoon May 2018 #158
That's a profound thought, DBoon PJMcK May 2018 #180
Yes, it does. I hope that gets noticed. MineralMan May 2018 #192
I was a junior in high school. Mugu May 2018 #159
Eighth grade history class. John1956PA May 2018 #160
I remember it and I was at Indiana University then karynnj May 2018 #161
I was a working on learning to talk in two word sentences and struggling with grasping pronouns. herding cats May 2018 #162
Sixth grade. McCamy Taylor May 2018 #164
I was a senior in high school Haggis for Breakfast May 2018 #165
I was a senior in high school KT2000 May 2018 #167
I was a little kid. Tracyjo May 2018 #170
Ann Arbor. GeorgeGist May 2018 #171
HS Freshman wondering WTF was going on... Historic NY May 2018 #172
I was a student at UCLA mnhtnbb May 2018 #173
I was 12. It was the day before my birthday. phylny May 2018 #174
i was home with our first, month-old baby, Hortensis May 2018 #181
Fresh back from VietNam Homer Wells May 2018 #175
I was a Junior in High School. Are_grits_groceries May 2018 #176
I was in Dayton Ohio wasupaloopa May 2018 #177
i grew up hearing about it, but didnt' live the event Demovictory9 May 2018 #178
I was a sophomore in High school. wendyb-NC May 2018 #179
I was 14 years old sellitman May 2018 #182
I was 16 and in high school just outside of Pittsburgh Guilded Lilly May 2018 #183
Housecleaning in our first home cyclonefence May 2018 #184
US Army, Berlin, Gemany. Short-timer, with just a couple of months to go. rgbecker May 2018 #185
At the time I was almost 12 & in GWC58 May 2018 #186
I was a young housewife with a 3 yr old. Living in NYC. Will never forget this. secondwind May 2018 #187
I was in a small town about 15 mikes outside KSU captain queeg May 2018 #188
Honolulu kpete May 2018 #189
Well this is embarrassing Runningdawg May 2018 #190
Saturday Morning, and I want to thank everyone again who posted MineralMan May 2018 #193
I was in college in Florida -- everyone was terrified and very angry. It felt like the Nay May 2018 #194
I was a freshman at TCU. displacedtexan May 2018 #195
I'm 65 and about 30 miles east. JohnnyRingo May 2018 #196
I see this thread is still going, thought I'd add a bit to my previous post. captain queeg Jun 2018 #197
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