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Fri May 18, 2018, 11:21 AM May 2018

Wypipo Poll [View all]

There is still a lot of discussion back and forth about the term "Wypipo." I have my own opinion about how the views break down between the two sides and along and within racial lines- but it's largely anecdotal and I'd like to get a chance better sense of where people are on this.

This thread is not an invitation to fight about this - there are plenty of other threads where that's taking place, so please don't launch into any arguments here. I'm just trying to "read the room," so I'd appreciate it if you would just answer the poll without a lot of unnecessary commentary.


63 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I'm white and think it's a racist slur against white people that should never be used
5 (8%)
I'm a POC and think it's a racist slur against white people that should never be used
0 (0%)
I'm white and don't think it's a racist slur, but I am offended by it
0 (0%)
I'm a POC and don't think it's a racist slur, but I am offended by it
0 (0%)
I'm white, don't think it's a slur and am not personally offended by it, but understand why it might offend someone else
18 (29%)
I'm a POC, don't think it's a slur and am not personally offended by it, but understand why it might offend someone else
4 (6%)
I'm white and don't think it's a slur and don't think it's offensive at all
33 (52%)
I'm a POC and don't think it's a slur and don't think it's offensive at all
3 (5%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Wypipo Poll [View all] EffieBlack May 2018 OP
Need more choices. Caliman73 May 2018 #1
Definitely in need of more choices.. whathehell May 2018 #4
That's not what it says. NurseJackie May 2018 #12
Um, so White People aren't part of the Democratic coalition? whathehell May 2018 #15
You're already lost the argument... NurseJackie May 2018 #17
Agreed. Caliman73 May 2018 #16
Clarify which "particularly group" are you citing that is actually found on DU? nt procon May 2018 #30
I can't speak for that poster. You'll need to ask him/her yourself. NurseJackie May 2018 #31
Hey now JackInGreen May 2018 #54
Not even close... try again! InAbLuEsTaTe May 2018 #178
The options are exhaustive and mutually exclusive Bucky May 2018 #125
The change I requested was made in the morning. Caliman73 May 2018 #128
#democracy is when your voice matters Bucky May 2018 #130
I'm white, don't think it's racist or offensive, but ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2018 #2
Lol EffieBlack May 2018 #3
Bingo. Trust Buster May 2018 #5
Yup. grumpyduck May 2018 #33
Post removed Post removed May 2018 #6
Spot on. Tipperary May 2018 #8
"To me, it sounds like something a child who is not able whathehell May 2018 #13
It would probably be a great benefit to get out more... NurseJackie May 2018 #21
This is pretty rich on a board rife with "Katy Turd," "Ghouliani" "Spanky,"" McTurtle EffieBlack May 2018 #46
I'm learning a lot from the push-back and objections to the word "wypipo". Only... NurseJackie May 2018 #50
What you said. wryter2000 May 2018 #110
Every community... TeeYiYi May 2018 #90
ALL words are made up. Caliman73 May 2018 #18
The prevailing reasoning seems to center around its OK for black people to procon May 2018 #47
... NurseJackie May 2018 #52
I disagree. Caliman73 May 2018 #57
Me too! procon May 2018 #66
You can object all you want. No one is saying you can't. Caliman73 May 2018 #75
Don't do that. procon May 2018 #79
I think I understand its use and how it applies to me as a white woman. lapislzi May 2018 #74
.... What's embarrassing as a white person to me is any white person giving a damn. moriah May 2018 #150
+1000 (nt) ehrnst May 2018 #169
As a frequent practitioner of dumb childish humor I'm hugely offended by your post. hunter May 2018 #37
I Think Its the Kind of Distracting BULLSHIT Democrats Use to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory Stallion May 2018 #7
That too.. whathehell May 2018 #10
Venting? BannonsLiver May 2018 #127
I think it should be used with care, if the intent is to identify toxic behavior. Orsino May 2018 #9
and of course, wypipo are offended WhiteTara May 2018 #11
There you go! NurseJackie May 2018 #14
No one's offended oberliner May 2018 #20
why? Because it's not Anglican? WhiteTara May 2018 #118
Makes sense to me. NurseJackie May 2018 #120
Indeed. I got a rather nasty pm from one person WhiteTara May 2018 #122
I did too. NurseJackie May 2018 #123
and here I thought I was special WhiteTara May 2018 #124
Jack beats the living shit out of Joe every day after school, Joe has bruises, cuts Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #28
I think what people completely miss here is that "Wypipo" isn't about white people EffieBlack May 2018 #67
I get that and thought about my analogy when writing it that the word really isnt Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #68
I wasn't directing this at you - sorry if it sounded like I was EffieBlack May 2018 #69
No, but I take what you say as education for me, more than you realize. Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #70
Uhh, greyl May 2018 #148
How many threads do we need on this nonsense? 10? 20? oberliner May 2018 #19
Including yours? NurseJackie May 2018 #25
ZING!!! nt Kirk Lover May 2018 #86
This is a poll. Listening rather than telling. What possible objection grantcart May 2018 #109
Why hello there Tarc May 2018 #140
Need? How many do we need? MineralMan May 2018 #166
My choice mercuryblues May 2018 #22
I'm white... Twisty May 2018 #23
If you know someone named Robert Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #24
I know lots of Robert's. Some prefer to be called Bob. Some don't like it but don't mind EffieBlack May 2018 #29
"I wasn't talking about you" is a weak defense for using a racial epithet Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #32
This was YOUR hypo. Don't get mad if it actually supported MY point EffieBlack May 2018 #36
Okay. I will speak plainly then since you are going to be obtuse. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #38
How many people must think it's offensive before we're not allowed to utter the word? EffieBlack May 2018 #41
No, it's definitely an attack, a controlling tactic used to belittle someone procon May 2018 #58
How does a black person saying "Wypipo" to describe people who exhibit defined behaviors control an? EffieBlack May 2018 #61
Probably for all the same reasons that people object to the "n" word, procon May 2018 #72
"Wypipo" isn't "nigger." It's not anything close to it. EffieBlack May 2018 #80
No. The hate has to stop. procon May 2018 #83
You really need to go sit down somewhere. EffieBlack May 2018 #85
Listen to yourself. procon May 2018 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #188
Answer his or her question. SMC22307 May 2018 #163
This message was self-deleted by its author GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #189
. Iggo May 2018 #26
It's a slur GitRDun May 2018 #27
Hahahaha. I find it funny that DU is now mostly populated by the AARP demographic* progressoid May 2018 #34
White AARP demographics, ba-by! SMC22307 May 2018 #164
I'm an American who is 'black' with a mother AND a husband who is white JustAnotherGen May 2018 #35
Oh, I do understand why it might offend someone else... hunter May 2018 #39
I though Wipipo was supposed to be an offensive slur? aikoaiko May 2018 #40
It's just something Tr0lp1p0 say. Fozzledick May 2018 #42
You know how it's meant by every person who says it. Wow. EffieBlack May 2018 #48
Indeed, I do know how it's meant by those who use it here to divide Democrats against each other. Fozzledick May 2018 #53
OK. Whatever EffieBlack May 2018 #65
I think the word "lame" is kind of offensive d_r May 2018 #43
I agree with you gollygee May 2018 #63
Not getting involved in the discussion, but you missed the chance for "Wypipoll". I'm disappointed. Decoy of Fenris May 2018 #44
Damn! EffieBlack May 2018 #49
You'll get the next one. I just couldn't let that one slip by punsaid. n/t Decoy of Fenris May 2018 #59
I am a 60 yr old cis white man, and I think... MicaelS May 2018 #45
Related anecdote. MarvinGardens May 2018 #51
Hmm.. Kentonio May 2018 #55
It is a broad brush. Meant to offend people who voted for Obama and then applegrove May 2018 #56
Oh please! The poll shows no such thing. People can have different opinions without being "divided". NurseJackie May 2018 #60
Polls document divides so they are divisive? EffieBlack May 2018 #64
Divisive in a way that will turn off some Obama Obama Trump voters applegrove May 2018 #71
Lots of black folk are offended by Democrats who keep reaching out to Trump supporters. EffieBlack May 2018 #81
Do you want a blue wave? Don't you want more people in the WE'RE ALL applegrove May 2018 #89
You didn't answer my question EffieBlack May 2018 #91
I'm a woman. Are you saying that anyone who ever said anything sexist cannot vote for my party? applegrove May 2018 #93
No. I'm not saying that. EffieBlack May 2018 #94
I added more to my responce to you above. A big tent is hard but necessary. Trudeau applegrove May 2018 #97
Thanks for the elaboration, but it still doesn't answer my question EffieBlack May 2018 #99
Still didn't and probably won't. NurseJackie May 2018 #95
Yep EffieBlack May 2018 #96
Holy crap I'd voted on my phone earlier and I'd hit the wrong thing gollygee May 2018 #62
You can "undo" and re-vote. Also... NurseJackie May 2018 #98
I fixed it when I noticed :) gollygee May 2018 #100
I would not expect someone who uses it to give two fucks whether I approve or not. Inkfreak May 2018 #73
These days I pick my battles, and "Wypipo" isn't even skirmish material. VOX May 2018 #76
Never heard the term outside of DU Freethinker65 May 2018 #77
This poll needs more WYPIPO!! Lmao! Docreed2003 May 2018 #78
Another thread to trash. Crunchy Frog May 2018 #82
But thanks for kicking it first! EffieBlack May 2018 #87
It's an intentionally demeaning slur... TeeYiYi May 2018 #84
So, I'm guessing "wypipo" and "blapipo" are now acceptable terms on DU? SMC22307 May 2018 #165
K&R Gothmog May 2018 #92
What we find from this poll is that some people find it offensive, and it is time to stop using Doodley May 2018 #101
So, if some people find something offensive, that means that it must be eliminated? EffieBlack May 2018 #102
How does any of that justify your enthusiasm to use divisive language? Doodley May 2018 #103
Oh, good lord! Stop it. NurseJackie May 2018 #105
I take that to mean you're not going to help black DUers shut down everything we find offensive? EffieBlack May 2018 #106
Effie, thanks for all you do catrose May 2018 #115
Great poll Effie grantcart May 2018 #104
Already happened EffieBlack May 2018 #108
Call it a wypipoll. nt tblue37 May 2018 #107
This is probably a dumb question, but what is a POC? n/t cynatnite May 2018 #111
Person/people of color EffieBlack May 2018 #113
Thanks. n/t cynatnite May 2018 #116
I find it a slur for a different reason MichMan May 2018 #112
Black people created it EffieBlack May 2018 #114
Why is Effie so divisive? ProudLib72 May 2018 #117
Lol! EffieBlack May 2018 #119
Needs a I think it is stupid sounding but really couldn't care less either way option. nt LostOne4Ever May 2018 #121
Currently 58% think it's not offensive, 42% say offensive to some degree Bucky May 2018 #126
Nice try, but not quite EffieBlack May 2018 #132
I still don't see what we gain by using a term that offends some people Bucky May 2018 #174
All this grief could be avoided, BTW, if you'd all start saying "people of white" Bucky May 2018 #129
I've stayed out of this shit argument since it began. Glamrock May 2018 #131
Anyone who thinks that "wypipo" proves that black people are "dumb motherfuckers who can't spell" EffieBlack May 2018 #134
True that. No argument here. Glamrock May 2018 #141
Why didn't you make this poll anonymous? Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #133
The poll's not anonymous. Click on "usernames" and you can see how everyone voted EffieBlack May 2018 #135
I do. Why did you make this poll public? Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #136
If you're ashamed with how you voted, then its possible that you're part of the problem Tarc May 2018 #138
That's shaming. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #139
I want to see people as they are, and not the airs that they put on Tarc May 2018 #142
Then you do not make the polls public. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #143
There is no option to make DU polls anonymous. Ptah May 2018 #145
True now, but there used to be. greyl May 2018 #149
Apparently, folk have run out of things to bitch about so now they're whining because EffieBlack May 2018 #151
20 recs, 2955 views. nt greyl May 2018 #154
I really don't think you know what you're talking about Tarc May 2018 #158
There is no way to make a poll on du anonymous. That function doesn't exist. uppityperson May 2018 #191
The people that are the most upset by this term Tarc May 2018 #137
Fuck this poll. GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #144
"a slap in the face of progressive whites who have selflessly worked for generations" EffieBlack May 2018 #147
Sorry to not have apoligized GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #155
If you don't want to read them, put them on ignore. moriah May 2018 #167
You miss the point completely. GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #175
You do realize the pronunciation "Why, People?" isn't unintentional or meant to be... moriah May 2018 #182
Read my original post. GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #184
"We're not your opposition; we're your ammunition." greyl May 2018 #156
If it's "bait," you sure gobbled it up Empowerer May 2018 #157
Do you mean GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #185
No. I said what I mean EffieBlack May 2018 #187
The truly unfortunate thing GeorgeHayduke May 2018 #190
. SixString May 2018 #173
I'm a vampire vercetti2021 May 2018 #146
Wypipo? Scott Walker says.... TheRealNorth May 2018 #152
Wypipo snowflakes are offended samir.g May 2018 #153
It's like with those cartoons oberliner May 2018 #159
30+ of the responses to this post are from you oberliner May 2018 #160
Aww, now you're counting my responses. EffieBlack May 2018 #161
... sheshe2 May 2018 #170
Offensive? No. Idiotic and counter-productive? Yes. SMC22307 May 2018 #162
And how many of those groups you,'named' ... sheshe2 May 2018 #168
Looks like you've totally got that user's number! NurseJackie May 2018 #176
You are welcome, NurseJackie sheshe2 May 2018 #177
People should really do a search of this word on Twitter gollygee May 2018 #171
Other--I'm not offended by it, but it seems counterproductive Tommy_Carcetti May 2018 #172
Other, G_j May 2018 #179
I think its all part of the same game white men invented to subjugate people nolabels May 2018 #180
Yes EffieBlack May 2018 #183
Well there was that royal wedding this week nolabels May 2018 #186
I was fine with "Honky," it made a point. Same with "Wypipo." Hoyt May 2018 #181
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