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46. Is the bar really this low?
Sun Jun 10, 2018, 08:54 AM
Jun 2018

I see many posts here lauding McCain’s “bravery” and shake my head. This is pretty much a textbook case of “slacktivism”; a tepid online statement of support with no follow-up actions.

Yes, he disagreed with Trump’s actions. This only stands out because the Republicans are the Stepford party.

But has he been speaking out against Trump consistently? No. Has he argued against or voted against Trump policies (with the exception of his ACA repeal vote)? No. Is he urging others in his party to oppose Trump? No. Is he going to leave the Republican Party? No.

McCain is not acting as a statesman, let alone an ally. He is just an old man trying to get into heaven, or at least secure a better spot in the history books.

I'm sure his energy level is not up to normal lapfog_1 Jun 2018 #1
If I was McCain, I would denounce Trump publically and resign from the GOP as a last act of defiance sunonmars Jun 2018 #2
But think about it... pangaia Jun 2018 #7
I wouldn't let an interloper drive me from the party I'd belonged to all my adult life. Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #18
Why are they Scarsdale Jun 2018 #40
The old time Republicans aren't really in his corner. Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #47
The tweet is the stand. nt Trek4Truth Jun 2018 #3
yeah... but asking him to appear on TV or make a speech or something lapfog_1 Jun 2018 #4
I didn't take it as the OP meant to literally take a stand. nt Trek4Truth Jun 2018 #10
+1. I think it's amazing he's even tweeting. Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #19
Maybe his daughter JohnnyRingo Jun 2018 #33
That might even have been from Meagan McCain JohnnyRingo Jun 2018 #32
Meghan loves trump AlexSFCA Jun 2018 #37
I don't think so anymore JohnnyRingo Jun 2018 #39
it's only because her father is in terminal conditition AlexSFCA Jun 2018 #49
Her excuse is that she is "explaining" the Trump voter trixie2 Jun 2018 #53
I'm glad someone made this statement YessirAtsaFact Jun 2018 #5
Well, I think it's bullshit. From where I stand, I see almost every Republican supporting Trump. TheBlackAdder Jun 2018 #34
Me, too. Scarsdale Jun 2018 #41
How horrific to lose his voice soon, just when we need it most. No, I've not forgotten hlthe2b Jun 2018 #6
If he wasn't this ill... robbob Jun 2018 #16
I don't know...this thing between the two started before McCain was ill. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #20
FAIR TRADE. pangaia Jun 2018 #8
Not tRump's idea of FAIR TRADE or the world's either, for that matter. SammyWinstonJack Jun 2018 #24
Exactly. pangaia Jun 2018 #28
The only Republican willing to stand up to Trump on anything oberliner Jun 2018 #9
He just made a stand. Bravo, Sen. McCain. nt babylonsister Jun 2018 #11
John McCain proudly stated that he was voting for Don the Con malaise Jun 2018 #12
Yes he did Cary Jun 2018 #14
Rubbing his nose in it. juxtaposed Jun 2018 #13
Just jaw-dropping that one of our most senior Senators would have to say that bucolic_frolic Jun 2018 #15
And please renounce the republican tax cuts. Owl Jun 2018 #17
The time for sternly worded statements is in the past. Bleacher Creature Jun 2018 #21
+1 leftstreet Jun 2018 #22
I think the British, Canadians and French NewJeffCT Jun 2018 #23
America to the World: SOS. zentrum Jun 2018 #25
McCain has been working to shore up international relations ever since Trump was elected... rooboy Jun 2018 #26
Wow. That was a hair raiser. Almost got me to re-cross my legs. pangaia Jun 2018 #30
Was this speech Scarsdale Jun 2018 #42
Every time I see a POW flag I wonder if and how they can still support this P.O.S. njhoneybadger Jun 2018 #27
Republican patriotism is as authentic as a three dollar bill. John Fante Jun 2018 #35
Seriously,God bless him and may he make a miraculous recovery. Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #29
Yup. pangaia Jun 2018 #31
too little too late again because no one cares about what he says anymore AlexSFCA Jun 2018 #36
wrong, McCain is Well Known outside of the US . and far more respected than Trump JI7 Jun 2018 #38
Neither one is as Scarsdale Jun 2018 #44
McCain's party stands squarely behind Trump DFW Jun 2018 #43
Although I never voted for McCain, I respect him. maddiemom Jun 2018 #45
Is the bar really this low? Shipwack Jun 2018 #46
What good does it do for a majority of Americans to support our allies when Trump is president. Nitram Jun 2018 #48
Best reply to McCain sharedvalues Jun 2018 #50
I am tired of has assed statements.. BlueJac Jun 2018 #51
I am tired of McCain... BlueJac Jun 2018 #52
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