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Fri Jul 20, 2018, 09:51 AM Jul 2018

Trump may have actually lost by 19 million votes. [View all]


16 million people were illegally purged from voter rolls between the 2014 mid-terms and 2016 election. Most were low-income and minorities including in states like Florida and North Carolina.

That is terrifying. The GOP is attacking us from within and Russia is hacking from outside.
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We've known this has been going on for years... Wounded Bear Jul 2018 #1
I was sounding the alarms about purging and vote suppression 2 years ago. DemocracyMouse Jul 2018 #8
we have known since at least the 2000 debacle. niyad Jul 2018 #14
Jeb/Katherine Harris knowingly purged 8,000 people w/ the same names as different felons in Texas AdamGG Jul 2018 #54
And let sixteen years pass without getting rid of the electoral college system. maddiemom Jul 2018 #62
Too important to ignore! FM123 Jul 2018 #28
Comrade Kris Kobach. peekaloo Jul 2018 #2
Folks have to check their registration and local Democratic organizations need to help where Hoyt Jul 2018 #3
The biggest problems may be polling place closures in high density areas, along with... Garrett78 Jul 2018 #5
The new purging rules involve matching up data from drivers' licenses FakeNoose Jul 2018 #9
And there is no need to do this. LisaM Jul 2018 #17
Yes. And even if that would have further skewed the popular vote, it would not have changed outcome thesquanderer Jul 2018 #12
It was happening in those states Bettie Jul 2018 #18
Where is your source for that? thesquanderer Jul 2018 #51
The real problem was that people weren't aware of the purge FakeNoose Jul 2018 #26
If 19 million people showed up at the polls and we're turned away mythology Jul 2018 #32
crosscheck JonLP24 Jul 2018 #48
Exactly! mountain grammy Jul 2018 #27
Where is your info coming from? thesquanderer Jul 2018 #50
Do You Think Voter Suppression Played Any Role in the Outcome? erpowers Jul 2018 #44
I am sure there were some convent polls that ever closed, lots of poll workers are Hoyt Jul 2018 #46
Kick dalton99a Jul 2018 #4
Sounds reasonable. Who's going to tell Trump? bucolic_frolic Jul 2018 #6
The only way the GOP can stay in power IS TO CHEAT... Raster Jul 2018 #7
Unfortunately, they DO cheat and no one stops them. FiveGoodMen Jul 2018 #35
I am hoping that this will be the time... Raster Jul 2018 #36
This can never be posted enough... mikeysnot Jul 2018 #10
Thanks, Mikey... Raster Jul 2018 #37
You Are Right erpowers Jul 2018 #45
catapult the propaganda mikeysnot Jul 2018 #60
KnR Hekate Jul 2018 #11
My dream Amendment XXVIII 47of74 Jul 2018 #13
I would would add a Section E: Volaris Jul 2018 #24
I like it. A lot. RandomAccess Jul 2018 #31
I heartedly concur.... Raster Jul 2018 #38
Wow. I share your dream. VOX Jul 2018 #64
I'm sure Russian hackers made some strategic changes to the voter rolls. triron Jul 2018 #15
this is a result of not holding reps accountable, like ever AlexSFCA Jul 2018 #16
And when you let an administration Bettie Jul 2018 #19
Oh, but let's move on. Don't look behind, look ahead. The past is the past lunamagica Jul 2018 #20
Yeah, let's just ignore the fact that the Russians attacked the electoral process to install Trump triron Jul 2018 #25
K & R for exposure. SunSeeker Jul 2018 #21
More from link above: Kobach's interstate crosscheck is implicated of course. hedda_foil Jul 2018 #22
All states should allow voter registration on election day Zing Zing Zingbah Jul 2018 #23
There should be just a few simple rules. DFW Jul 2018 #29
I'm a bit more of a hardass 47of74 Jul 2018 #33
I am not a big fan of the death penalty DFW Jul 2018 #34
I am also not a big fan of the death penalty... Raster Jul 2018 #39
Yeah I'm not a big fan of it myself. 47of74 Jul 2018 #47
Why should I be able to vote in the state I was born in? MichMan Jul 2018 #59
Verify your voter registration. toddwv Jul 2018 #30
This is cool! flibbitygiblets Jul 2018 #43
We need to get every one of those 19 million to speak up and march on Washington fescuerescue Jul 2018 #40
Greg Palast shadowmayor Jul 2018 #41
Yes!! MountCleaners Jul 2018 #42
If they can't work to make it, they'll rob to take it. Initech Jul 2018 #49
19 million is the most extreme case and not believable. 8 million yes. Lucky Luciano Jul 2018 #52
Enough to have flipped North Carolina & Florida AdamGG Jul 2018 #55
No question we would be saying madam president. Not even close. nt Lucky Luciano Jul 2018 #61
That's not what the article says oberliner Jul 2018 #53
Lots of funny stuff about that election mvd Jul 2018 #56
i started reading a GWB era book on this w/ footnotes til i got to depressed. pansypoo53219 Jul 2018 #57
Well, there seems to be no Democratic Party leadership efforts to attack these problems UCmeNdc Jul 2018 #58
Agreed Yellowdog88 Jul 2018 #63
I wonder if they D. leadership this is not think this is an important problem? UCmeNdc Jul 2018 #65
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