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35. Try to remember trump plants people at his events that start this shit.
Tue Jul 24, 2018, 05:38 PM
Jul 2018

The division comes from many sources including paid disrupters .

You lost me at "scrotum polishers." Tipperary Jul 2018 #1
The only problem I have with that term is The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2018 #3
And as a trophy I am sure it will get the occasional polish Hekate Jul 2018 #10
His nose is mounted on it. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2018 #26
Bwahahahaha. Honeycombe8 Jul 2018 #61
Yes, I never heard such language in the Navy maxrandb Jul 2018 #5
+1 RhodeIslandOne Jul 2018 #8
To really get under their skin I was going to write maxrandb Jul 2018 #12
Oh, snap! LisaM Jul 2018 #15
So do I. She's tried to do good, most of her life. calimary Jul 2018 #99
I have seen that memorial, and I think it's very moving. LisaM Jul 2018 #100
Yeah. It's powerful as all-get-out. And it sneaks up on you. calimary Jul 2018 #107
I, for one, am not offended, but it is a stomach-turning image. maddiemom Jul 2018 #23
in my very brief time as a guest of the Navy lapfog_1 Jul 2018 #42
I'm with you Corvo Bianco Jul 2018 #50
Heh! Stinky The Clown Jul 2018 #65
RESPECT. SusanaMontana41 Jul 2018 #72
Lol...thanks for that laugh shipmate Docreed2003 Jul 2018 #101
Not "Just cancelled my VFW membership"? tenderfoot Jul 2018 #16
That's exactly what Trump is doing. Kingofalldems Jul 2018 #19
They are concerned RhodeIslandOne Jul 2018 #34
oh please!!!!!!! Bravo to this complete OP heaven05 Jul 2018 #84
K&R... spanone Jul 2018 #2
Thank you Siwsan Jul 2018 #4
ditto. pansypoo53219 Jul 2018 #79
Fwiw, max, the VFW National HQ tweeted this a bit ago: Leghorn21 Jul 2018 #6
That's actually a good statement from the VFW. nt Hekate Jul 2018 #11
Yes, but how many times are we going to allow organizations maxrandb Jul 2018 #13
Also to feign surprise at what his supporters are like. Mariana Jul 2018 #37
They said "our members" not Trump. former9thward Jul 2018 #39
Asspickle, may I steal? Navy term? irisblue Jul 2018 #41
Yes. First time I heard it was as a potential maxrandb Jul 2018 #46
Exactly! They knew who he was when they invited him. yardwork Jul 2018 #63
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2018 #85
good for them! renate Jul 2018 #22
I have never been able to join any of those after service organizations RGinNJ Jul 2018 #7
There is the occasional older bleached blonde lady maxrandb Jul 2018 #14
I'm with you. No desire to join, and for the reason you cite. Stinky The Clown Jul 2018 #66
Felt sad True Blue American Jul 2018 #78
Yes, that was pathetic! Good for you! PearliePoo2 Jul 2018 #9
No, Not Dropping Out The River Jul 2018 #17
Playing Nice by inviting this baffoon??? maxrandb Jul 2018 #49
They Won't Miss You The River Jul 2018 #70
2/3rds of vets voted for the fascist pigs elmac Jul 2018 #18
Nice work Chicagogrl1 Jul 2018 #20
Welcome to DU! AllyCat Jul 2018 #74
Remember this was Misery benld74 Jul 2018 #21
Good points. While there are islands of intelligence in the midwest, it's a sea of know-nothings. erronis Jul 2018 #32
Well said! jalan48 Jul 2018 #24
I think it's great oldtime dfl_er Jul 2018 #25
I salute you, sir. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2018 #27
Nicely done. Thank you. (nt) Paladin Jul 2018 #28
Never joined... Wounded Bear Jul 2018 #29
I thought Commander Bone Spur was hyper patriotic.... magicarpet Jul 2018 #30
trDump has a Purple 💓. magicarpet Jul 2018 #31
I ponied up for Life Membership back in the early '90s. Years later oasis Jul 2018 #33
They supported that loudmouth... 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #47
I don't remember the name of her GOP opponent. I was just oasis Jul 2018 #52
I live in Illinois, and his... 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #56
Walsh had his 15 min. of fame for some dumb stuff. Can't oasis Jul 2018 #58
Peter Roskam atreides1 Jul 2018 #95
Thanks for the clarification. Fortunately, Tammy stayed focused oasis Jul 2018 #96
me too mickmten Jul 2018 #105
Try to remember trump plants people at his events that start this shit. pwb Jul 2018 #35
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2018 #86
I was drafted in 1967. erlewyne Jul 2018 #36
I joined the American Legion after getting out of the Army (Vietnam Era draftee). Elwood P Dowd Jul 2018 #40
Yes, I remember that! erlewyne Jul 2018 #62
Bullshit protector worn at a VFW speech by Dubya keithbvadu2 Jul 2018 #38
Great! I like this idea FakeNoose Jul 2018 #45
I just did a Google image search for 'VFW Members' lpbk2713 Jul 2018 #43
I believe most are Vietnam vets FakeNoose Jul 2018 #48
"Vietnam vets" - Now... keithbvadu2 Jul 2018 #57
Whoosh! peggysue2 Jul 2018 #44
I'm no Churchill maxrandb Jul 2018 #60
Stand up, or roll over. That's the choice we've got. peggysue2 Jul 2018 #64
No ambiguity in your letter. 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #51
This veteran says "Hell yes!" and thank you. trof Jul 2018 #53
Good for you! We all need to stand up for what is right. unitedwethrive Jul 2018 #54
Statement from the VFW NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #55
At times the national VFW tries to be apolitical Major Nikon Jul 2018 #69
Good for you! We all have to start being bolder, more proactive, and sending the message. nt Honeycombe8 Jul 2018 #59
As a non-military person looking in from the outside, I've never understood why gtar100 Jul 2018 #67
I feel the same way bdjhawk Jul 2018 #75
If you ever want to see how the Soviet Union is run...join the military maxrandb Jul 2018 #83
Those who control the media, control the society.-- BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2018 #98
Navy veteran here.. Permanut Jul 2018 #68
Another Navy vet here ooky Jul 2018 #71
USAF vet - Gulf War Ananda62 Jul 2018 #89
Welcome ooky Jul 2018 #90
Welcome to DU! backtoblue Jul 2018 #103
(Side note) if you're not a Legionnaire, do please consider joining Recursion Jul 2018 #73
What has been the Legion's position on Trump, and on Republicans? ooky Jul 2018 #92
The only political positions the Legion takes are Veterans' advocacy Recursion Jul 2018 #93
Okay, thanks. ooky Jul 2018 #94
This dumb draftee has issues with American Legion, too Brother Buzz Jul 2018 #106
The VFW used to rate or endorse members of Congress bdjhawk Jul 2018 #76
What makes them such brainwashed followers.. Cha Jul 2018 #77
Cant believe MFM008 Jul 2018 #80
They keep sending me requests for money DFW Jul 2018 #81
Your letter us great and I salute you, but I am so sad they have so polluted Squinch Jul 2018 #82
K&R ck4829 Jul 2018 #87
tRump repugs did the same thing to the Boy Scouts. Mc Mike Jul 2018 #88
Until now, it never occurred to me to drop my VFW membership Victor_c3 Jul 2018 #91
I never joined. bluescribbler Jul 2018 #97
This Vietnam get never joined. They always seem right wing to me. wasupaloopa Jul 2018 #102
Lifetime membership mickmten Jul 2018 #104
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