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Please, tell us what work can be done about this confirmation. unitedwethrive Sep 2018 #1
More calls, letters to the editors, registering voters and supporting Flake and an FBI investigation bettyellen Sep 2018 #5
I hope you are right. Adrahil Sep 2018 #2
Predict gives him a 63% chance, down 11 from this morning. marylandblue Sep 2018 #11
Sunday there is a big interview w Avenatti's client.... the winds change every moment. bettyellen Sep 2018 #25
You are doing a good job following that site and market Awsi Dooger Sep 2018 #29
I left Jeff Flake four voice mails last night. Anon-C Sep 2018 #3
Looks like it worked! ❤️👊❤️ bettyellen Sep 2018 #7
You beat me. I only left him TWO. PA Democrat Sep 2018 #15
I couldn't leave a message either Frances Sep 2018 #28
Sometimes I love it Mme. Defarge Sep 2018 #4
HA! We all need to keep our sense of humor, as well as hope. bettyellen Sep 2018 #65
i haven't seen any "surrender monkeys" here or elsewhere. unblock Sep 2018 #6
I've seen many people told calling Collins or Murkowski is a waste of time... bettyellen Sep 2018 #8
me, i correct the trolls; or, i ignore them entirely. unblock Sep 2018 #10
I didn't say anyone was "clarifying" anything, perhaps you think activists are starry eyed novices bettyellen Sep 2018 #12
patronizing? unblock Sep 2018 #17
Post removed Post removed Sep 2018 #19
real nice. real helpful, too. unblock Sep 2018 #23
Says the person who didn't notice the confirmation actually HAS been derailed today. bettyellen Sep 2018 #27
Goodness. Get a grip. cwydro Sep 2018 #38
After accusing me of loving Republicans now it's "get a grip"?!? Ha ha. Get over this crazy notion- bettyellen Sep 2018 #42
again, you're welcome to have more faith than i do in republicans. unblock Sep 2018 #40
Again, thanks for all the commonly known information. Not patronizing at all. bettyellen Sep 2018 #44
happy indeed there was enough to pressure donnie to actually authorize a further fbi investigation unblock Sep 2018 #48
To explain more fully, I hope when we despair (as we all do) we take a moment to think about what we bettyellen Sep 2018 #49
pitfalls of discussion boards. unblock Sep 2018 #58
I'm pretty precise- or literal- too. And since it's a vote that hasn't happened yet I was dismayed bettyellen Sep 2018 #61
Manchin and Murkowski asking for an FBI investigation. bettyellen Sep 2018 #9
I'm standing in a deli with a really stupid grin on my face. Squinch Sep 2018 #13
I'm hoping the FBI or GTFO will stick together on this. Instead of handicapping odds, reporters bettyellen Sep 2018 #16
Never surrender. I spent my morning making calls. PA Democrat Sep 2018 #14
There are "surrender monkeys" here? cwydro Sep 2018 #18
Oooh, JAQing now, are we? Well maybe you do your own homework today, eh? I'm not here to fill in bettyellen Sep 2018 #21
"JAQing" - sorry you've lost me. What the f does that mean? cwydro Sep 2018 #32
Well there's this thing called Google- ask a friend to help you find it, then it's off to the races! bettyellen Sep 2018 #35
For such a good day for all of us, you seem very unhappy. cwydro Sep 2018 #41
Post removed Post removed Sep 2018 #43
Hmm. So, first I'm stupid because I don't know your silly insult (I assume) term. cwydro Sep 2018 #46
Post removed Post removed Sep 2018 #51
Curious. Why would you have to look it up if you already knows what it means? cwydro Sep 2018 #54
Poor baby can't figure out what "surrender monkey" might mean... ha ha ha. bettyellen Sep 2018 #55
I've no idea why you've become so hostile to me. cwydro Sep 2018 #63
I'm not feeling any sort of a way about you. I didn't call you any name, but called you out bettyellen Sep 2018 #64
Lol. cwydro Sep 2018 #76
I had to look it up too, and it seems to make no sense in the context of your comments. Tipperary Sep 2018 #74
Oh FFS, lighten up. nt USALiberal Sep 2018 #20
I'm laughing, but thanks for trying to tell me how to act. Always appreciated! HA. bettyellen Sep 2018 #22
Still think its funny? nt USALiberal Oct 2018 #78
I doubt it but I find it hilarious Autumn Oct 2018 #80
FWIW: I am not a surrender monkey ProudLib72 Sep 2018 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author USALiberal Sep 2018 #30
Excuse me? You're trying to gossip about me here because what? bettyellen Sep 2018 #34
I'm with you. I'm pragmatic and a realist but I zip my lip before echoing trolls who only discourage bettyellen Sep 2018 #31
I second that HA! whathehell Sep 2018 #26
HA HA! We can enjoy and acknowledge today's small win, and work for another. bettyellen Sep 2018 #33
HA HA..Yes we can! whathehell Sep 2018 #37
Sometimes people feel discouraged... cynatnite Sep 2018 #36
I totally get that. It's difficult to have hope. But if you're posting literal discouragement - bettyellen Sep 2018 #39
Sure, might be agitators, but I prefer to err on the side of "sometimes people need encouragement" cynatnite Sep 2018 #50
That's kind of you! My reaction was to still hearing "it's over" while in the midst of today's bettyellen Sep 2018 #53
He's still most likely going to get confirmed. OliverQ Sep 2018 #45
Lol, watch out now. cwydro Sep 2018 #47
Ooh, look who is trying to get together a little brigade. bettyellen Sep 2018 #57
Another chance is a good thing. Thanks. bettyellen Sep 2018 #56
I want to be wrong but I still think eventually he will be confirmed. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2018 #52
I appreciate your thoughtful response. It's not about you- and I suspect you realize that. bettyellen Sep 2018 #60
He is nowhere near stopped quakerboy Sep 2018 #59
You're not encouraged by the FBI investigation? I'm so proud of the Dems tonight.... bettyellen Sep 2018 #66
Dont get me wrong quakerboy Sep 2018 #73
K&R! R B Garr Sep 2018 #62
Sorry but it's unfortunately inevitable despite our wishful hoping. Owl Sep 2018 #67
It literally is not. This post committee FBI investigation is unpresidented!!! bettyellen Sep 2018 #68
I'd like to believe you but we hold no cards in this game; we are getting played. Owl Sep 2018 #69
We have another week we didn't have this AM. So try not to despair yet. bettyellen Sep 2018 #70
From the same "Dems don't fight" sources. Clicked on "It's all over" betsuni Sep 2018 #71
That is exactly what inspired me today!!! I felt misled by an OP this AM. bettyellen Sep 2018 #72
I try to avoid castigating or categorizing our fellow DUers BUT GusBob Sep 2018 #75
Good post pintobean Oct 2018 #79
The fight is not over... Wounded Bear Sep 2018 #77
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