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78. More "crap" for you.
Wed Oct 3, 2018, 10:51 AM
Oct 2018

"Getting the shot" weakens your bodies natural immunity. The fear of getting the flu is obviously 'stressful' for all the people who have no confidence in their own physical and mental health.

I applaud those people who loudly proclaim their freedom from the highly sophisticated marketing campaign designed to addict the masses to a regime of chemical dependency.

Those 80,000 people that died from the flu last year are a reflection of how bad your medical industry is at promoting good public health practices. You think that all the environmental disease in your society can be solved with pills and insurance.

GET YOUR FLU SHOTS NOW!!! [View all] ProudLib72 Oct 2018 OP
Also, if your kids get sick...KEEP THEM HOME! BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #1
Working at the blood center one day a woman donor came in and her daughter threw up. She tells us brewens Oct 2018 #4
You're lucky she made it to the garbage can, one year a student threw up all over BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #12
OMG! That is just terrible! ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #17
I used them all up since I was sick all the time. BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #33
I had pneumonia when I was doing a semester abroad in Dublin ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #59
I learned very quickly that schools are a business with a bottom line. BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #72
Vomiting is not a symptom of influenza. Aristus Oct 2018 #16
I know. I was more responding to keeping sick kids home, whatever the disease. n/t brewens Oct 2018 #21
Okay. Aristus Oct 2018 #23
I know that too. BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #25
Speaking of flu symptoms, a handful of years ago, friends Hortensis Oct 2018 #36
I did it a week ago. mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #2
My arm is always sore for at least a week afterwards ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #6
Yes, I got a really bad case of the flu last year too. mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #11
IMO, People who usually complain about "a slight case" after a shot were usually already infected. haele Oct 2018 #14
Could be. I hate to equate coincidence with correlation, but it's mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #18
I know. I only started getting sick when the little ambulatory pietri dishes came to live with us. haele Oct 2018 #22
I ride the Metrorail to work. mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #24
I used to get sick all the time when I rode the Metro MiniMe Oct 2018 #60
Sorry. not buying that. Brainstormy Oct 2018 #29
More likely the vaccine targeted a different form of flu than was circulating Ms. Toad Oct 2018 #73
At Work DownriverDem Oct 2018 #46
My conservative relatives think it's a scam and won't get normal vaccines as adults. procon Oct 2018 #3
Yeah, they are making so much money! ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #8
That's where I got mine this year (Capitol Hill KP, in Washington DC). mahatmakanejeeves Oct 2018 #19
We have Kaiser, too. Very satisfied 😌 with their service. nt procon Oct 2018 #37
When I got my shingles shot I told the pharmacist about the latest one I heard. Somehow brewens Oct 2018 #10
👎 No one promote that antivax line, not even in jest, it's a terrible thing to inflict any procon Oct 2018 #38
I didn't hear that from a health care professional. I was telling my pharmacist about the antivaxer brewens Oct 2018 #40
That is not jest, it is reality. Ms. Toad Oct 2018 #74
Chicken pox nearly killed me at 17. JenniferJuniper Oct 2018 #67
It is exactly the opposite. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2018 #79
Yeah. Soooooooooooo much money. Aristus Oct 2018 #28
I bet they DownriverDem Oct 2018 #47
The Rump should not have a flu shot ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #61
I have a great mercuryblues Oct 2018 #5
Last year's flu shot was not that effective. murielm99 Oct 2018 #7
That's what I wrote up above ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #13
Excellent. Aristus Oct 2018 #30
Got mine on Monday, thanks Jersey Devil Oct 2018 #9
AND, if you are sick STAY HOME from work! I always caught co-workers colds cause Kajun Gal Oct 2018 #15
That's ridiculous. Stay home for what? A week? Two weeks? Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2018 #27
If you have fever you are contagious. I do realize though that not all have paid sick leave. Kajun Gal Oct 2018 #34
Unlike last year, early results indicate the vaccine is a good match this season Johonny Oct 2018 #20
Oops, sorry kind of repeated on some of yours. magicarpet Oct 2018 #31
Last year the strains they included in the shot were not a ... magicarpet Oct 2018 #26
I don't get those shots even if they are free... TomVilmer Oct 2018 #49
You should do it as a civic duty Blues Heron Oct 2018 #53
LOL, someone always posts this crap...... USALiberal Oct 2018 #65
Disgusting? TomVilmer Oct 2018 #68
More incorrect information from you..... USALiberal Oct 2018 #71
More "crap" for you. CanSocDem Oct 2018 #78
Still crap. Nt USALiberal Oct 2018 #80
"We will get it anyway and survive" - ??? Aristus Oct 2018 #76
Got mine on Monday, plus the second pneumonia shot so I'm done with that one. Frustratedlady Oct 2018 #32
Heck, I went mountain biking afterwards ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #63
Cool way to get one! Frustratedlady Oct 2018 #70
K & R...did it last week... Wounded Bear Oct 2018 #35
I got my flu shot last week Gothmog Oct 2018 #39
I became a convert last year DFW Oct 2018 #41
I get one every year. nt Quixote1818 Oct 2018 #42
K&R bdamomma Oct 2018 #43
Post this to all your social media accounts- Get your shot & vote!! RainCaster Oct 2018 #44
My doctor insists on giving it to me every autumn. BobTheSubgenius Oct 2018 #45
Done two weeks ago. tavernier Oct 2018 #48
Got mine yesterday! SunSeeker Oct 2018 #50
Woohoo Tiredofwaitingforssd Oct 2018 #51
There have already been confirmed flu deaths this week wishstar Oct 2018 #52
I have only had a flu shot once. Doreen Oct 2018 #54
If you don't get one this year it will turn you into a republican! ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #64
Wow, that is some brilliant logic...... USALiberal Oct 2018 #66
It's not about you. It's about the people you could pass it to by not having the Aristus Oct 2018 #77
I already got my flu shot last week meow2u3 Oct 2018 #55
My father is diabetic, and I don't think he has gotten his shot yet ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #81
Getting mine Monday Freddie Oct 2018 #56
my doc says get a shot around Thanksgiving - it needs to be potent in February DrDan Oct 2018 #57
always do...haven't had the flu in decades - can't even remember the last time. Great advice! NRaleighLiberal Oct 2018 #58
Got mine a few weeks ago. MiniMe Oct 2018 #62
They are going to do them next Thursday at work. alphafemale Oct 2018 #69
K&R. You've got to be healthy to fight for a healthcare system that cares about health ck4829 Oct 2018 #75
Got mine today! kairos12 Oct 2018 #82
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