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Saudis Will Admit Khasoggi Was Killed * [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2018 OP
...which is why they chopped him up into little bitty pieces? htuttle Oct 2018 #1
And called in a cleaning crew before the Turks arrived to investigate. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Oct 2018 #22
"Interrogation gone wrong" usually means "tortured to death". n/t PoliticAverse Oct 2018 #2
So much for the "rogue killer" theory Proud Liberal Dem Oct 2018 #3
yeah, I know that every interrogation I conduct... I always bring my bone saw... lapfog_1 Oct 2018 #4
And Khashoggi was there at the Turkish Consulate's office to get documents needed for his upcoming politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2018 #26
Huh... why would they admit it? What advantage could that possibly give them? Takket Oct 2018 #5
video? irresistable Oct 2018 #8
You acknowledge what everybody knows, but blame "bad apples".... brooklynite Oct 2018 #13
What relevance is that to reason of admission and advantage? LanternWaste Oct 2018 #29
...and Trump will do nothing but praise them and protect his arms deal. n/t BadMachines Oct 2018 #6
Yeah. That "enhanced interrogation" will do that. Solly Mack Oct 2018 #7
Guess No one believed Trump. Thought he could sell anything?? Freethinker65 Oct 2018 #9
Will they return the body? Renew Deal Oct 2018 #10
Where's the body? SHRED Oct 2018 #11
HOw will Trump react to being lied to? brooklynite Oct 2018 #12
As in Enhanced interrogations malaise Oct 2018 #14
Turkey pushed harder than they thought it would, and pretending to be transparent about it will WhiskeyGrinder Oct 2018 #15
Saudis blinked. Not at Dump but at Congress. mobeau69 Oct 2018 #16
On what basis flotsam Oct 2018 #17
Read his last couple articles were critical of trump. notdarkyet Oct 2018 #28
They would not do anything that wasn't sanctioned by MBS. BeckyDem Oct 2018 #18
surely some poor sumabitch will be beheaded over this.... getagrip_already Oct 2018 #19
...and I heard they brought a coroner with them? Wasn't planned? A mistake? Uh huh... Kajun Gal Oct 2018 #20
Why not admit it? Trump isn't going to do anything about it. Squinch Oct 2018 #21
If they admit they did it this time ... lpbk2713 Oct 2018 #23
Our fucking feckless fuck of a fear-mongering leader got fucking played like a fiddle Roland99 Oct 2018 #24
"Well, I happened to be walking through the consulate with my bone saw and tripped.... scheming daemons Oct 2018 #25
What did Twitler know and when did he know it?? This demands 10 Benghazi equivalent investigations!! Roland99 Oct 2018 #27
The guy walks in unescorted and ends up in pieces..... Historic NY Oct 2018 #30
Hey, accidental dismemberments can happen to anyone! scheming daemons Oct 2018 #34
I'm surprised that they didn't blame it on Iran working with the assistance of the Trust Buster Oct 2018 #31
Interesting that they gave Donny the "rogue killer" line. rogue emissary Oct 2018 #32
If only there was a good guy with a bone saw present..... scheming daemons Oct 2018 #33
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