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Oh, how moving Leghorn21 Nov 2018 #1
Our fellow Americans. byronius Nov 2018 #2
Neither burning fires nor pouting puppets will stop us Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2018 #19
Trump should have "pouted" instead of Tweeting this about California: Jeffersons Ghost Nov 2018 #24
I think I might cry. Control-Z Nov 2018 #3
And Trump sits at home, sulking. C_U_L8R Nov 2018 #4
Our fellow Americans are better than the Mad King we've been saddled with Hekate Nov 2018 #5
Thanks NY denbot Nov 2018 #6
Wow Thanks! California_Republic Nov 2018 #7
This current CA resident BigmanPigman Nov 2018 #8
nice gesture Demovictory9 Nov 2018 #9
This is so touching. montana_hazeleyes Nov 2018 #10
Thanks NY! dhill926 Nov 2018 #11
Aw, NY cares about us! flamingdem Nov 2018 #12
K&R alwaysinasnit Nov 2018 #13
Hell of a lot better than what Trump did. PatrickforO Nov 2018 #14
Interesting, the NY Giants are playing SF 49ers at Levi's Stadium, south of San Francisco... Brother Buzz Nov 2018 #15
Yes the haze is here in Bay area...smoke/wooding burning smell in the air since last Thursday. iluvtennis Nov 2018 #16
What a wonderful gesture NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #17
From Ca... YvonneCa Nov 2018 #18
Kick dalton99a Nov 2018 #20
Thank you, NYC! So many people have stepped into the void left by Dump. And now a diva77 Nov 2018 #21
Thank you New York Raine Nov 2018 #22
Love to all in California, from New York Lady_Chat Nov 2018 #23
Well littlemissmartypants Nov 2018 #25
Their lighting displays are always appropriately topical. George II Nov 2018 #26
Beautiful. sheshe2 Nov 2018 #27
I love how the evening sky is perfectly color-coordinated FakeNoose Nov 2018 #28
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