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Sat Nov 17, 2018, 01:52 PM Nov 2018

Trump Is Starting to Panic - By Frank Rich [View all]

Since the Democrats made gains in last week’s election — and, in some places, may continue to make more still — Donald Trump has retreated into what the Los Angeles Times calls “a cocoon of bitterness and resentment,” canceling travel plans, lashing out at allies and adversaries, meddling in the remaining undecided races and, apparently, sitting for hours of meetings with his personal lawyers. Should we take his tantrums as an early indicator of additional bad news?

I will make the reckless prediction that “Donald Trump” and “good news” are not fated to appear in the same sentence unless the good news happens to be that his presidency is ending. Everything about his behavior since the midterms suggests that even he has figured this out. It has belatedly dawned on him that (a) he lost the election he thought he won; (b) the Robert Mueller investigation has moved faster than his efforts to thwart it; (c) any of his legislative fantasies, notably the funding of his border wall, are doomed; and (d) and his pouting in Paris elevated his international image as a buffoon to a whole new level of notoriety. Remember when Republicans attacked Barack Obama (falsely) for allegedly barring Winston Churchill’s bust from the White House? Now the GOP’s hero is a president whom Churchill’s own grandson, the Conservative member of Parliament Nicholas Soames, has labeled “pathetic,” “inadequate,” and “not fit to represent this great country” after Trump failed to show up at the French cemetery rites honoring the fallen of World War I.

That all this makes Trump panic at some gut level is visible not merely in his widely reported spells of rage and bitterness and in his increasingly empty official schedule. He is also stepping up his already impressive efforts to discredit and destroy those democratic institutions that might prevent him from escaping criminal jeopardy. And so he has returned to ridiculing the very lifeblood of America, the electoral process, by declaring elections that don’t go his way a fraud; he has escalated his assault on a free press by barring a CNN reporter and trying to frame him as a fellow misogynistic bully with a deceptively edited video; and, last but not least, he has appointed an acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, who has ridiculed the judicial system, been on the board of a fly-by-night company that practiced Trump University–style consumer frauds, and publicly attacked the Mueller probe in Trump’s own language.

This is bunker behavior. Only a desperate man would try to derail Mueller by installing this transparent reprobate at the Department of Justice. Even more revealing is how Trump has become more and more unhinged since making his Whitaker move. The growing fury, most manifest in his latest anti-Mueller tweetstorm this week, suggests that he already realizes that the ploy has backfired. It seems to be finally sinking in, perhaps under the frantic tutelage of his lawyers, that his fate and the fates of his son and son-in-law, among others in his immediate orbit, are tied to the fates of Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and all the other president’s men whose comprehensive narrative Mueller is bound to tell America no matter what Trump and his stooge at Justice do to try to foil or decapitate him.


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Trump is Hitler in his bunker in April 1945 nuts Botany Nov 2018 #1
I wonder what kind, if any, briefings he gets underpants Nov 2018 #3
Here is Trump drafting some legislation workinclasszero Nov 2018 #6
Those are his written answers to Mueller's questions. NT warmfeet Nov 2018 #7
LOL 😁 workinclasszero Nov 2018 #14
He might as well have used crayons. calimary Nov 2018 #50
Let's not even go there how he colors our Flag.. Cha Nov 2018 #41
The thing about Hitler was, he never listened to his generals unless they agreed with him FakeNoose Nov 2018 #8
Hitler also ruled by chaos, pitting administration heads against each other, internal discord mastermind Nov 2018 #17
No problem. Marcuse Nov 2018 #26
Love it! FakeNoose Nov 2018 #29
Me too, another K&R Jeffersons Ghost Nov 2018 #34
Great analyses iluvtennis Nov 2018 #11
Trump does not even know enough to know the firemen were raking leaves to create a firebreak. True Blue American Nov 2018 #12
Trump has never been acquainted with raking leaves. Texin Nov 2018 #20
I just kind of herd what he said and he was criticizing the fire fighters and I just knew .... Botany Nov 2018 #35
What a great point! True Blue American Nov 2018 #39
Maybe the Butcher Prince can protect him Loge23 Nov 2018 #23
Time for another "Downfall" parody video Fritz Walter Nov 2018 #24
Uh-oh... klook Nov 2018 #37
Found it! Fritz Walter Nov 2018 #44
Great! klook Nov 2018 #52
Yeah, we're getting close Berlin Expat Nov 2018 #40
Unfair comparison Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #45
Frank Rich is a two faced hack. He helped Bush win with his lies. Screw him and his horse. olegramps Nov 2018 #51
"Starting" to panic? GoCubsGo Nov 2018 #2
I made a set of smileys for that. marylandblue Nov 2018 #5
Trump is delusional by nature. dubyadiprecession Nov 2018 #4
K&R Scurrilous Nov 2018 #9
Some people's opinions are more valuable than others' & RICH's are the former. UTUSN Nov 2018 #10
Rich spent most of the 2000 election Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #46
DEfuggingLISH malaise Nov 2018 #13
He got the trifecta plus. shraby Nov 2018 #16
Yep malaise Nov 2018 #18
I think Trump has had it. The only questions are when and how. Jarqui Nov 2018 #15
Thanks for posting this- Schumer's role in amplifying Facebook's Russian influence should be known. NBachers Nov 2018 #30
I have mixed feeling about posting it because I was not aware of it Jarqui Nov 2018 #31
There is one thing to consider here DFW Nov 2018 #43
Before he's stopped , I yhink he'll start a push to duforsure Nov 2018 #19
Look for more rallies NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #21
Great read. Learned a lot. Thanks for posting. alwaysinasnit Nov 2018 #22
He has been in panic mode since he was sworn in as I suspect he thought when this all started cstanleytech Nov 2018 #25
Oh, Sweet Baby Jesus I LOVE THIS ARTICLE ... 1,000,000,000,000 RECS ... Rich is just AMAZING (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #27
None of this behavior is new unblock Nov 2018 #28
Turn out the lights. The party's over. vlyons Nov 2018 #32
The diaper is loaded and leaking Blue Owl Nov 2018 #33
Right! Who's in charge of diaper Cha Nov 2018 #42
The Pouting in Paris Quemado Nov 2018 #36
Well...this is good in some very real ways. PatrickforO Nov 2018 #38
From Frank Rich's pen to God's ear. usaf-vet Nov 2018 #47
"a cocoon of bitterness and resentment," ?? Wait until January. marble falls Nov 2018 #48
K&R... spanone Nov 2018 #49
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