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Algernon Moncrieff

(5,781 posts)
Fri Nov 23, 2018, 11:10 AM Nov 2018

Thinking about 2020: How do you feel about Kirsten Gillibrand? [View all]

...and why?

124 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Love her!
2 (2%)
Like her!
5 (4%)
8 (6%)
Not so much
71 (57%)
Can't stand her!
38 (31%)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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She threw Franken under the bus, then backed up over him. nt Persondem Nov 2018 #1
Yep. I will never forget that Freethinker65 Nov 2018 #2
Yep, and she threw her 2020 chances under the same bus. brush Nov 2018 #3
+100000000 Pachamama Nov 2018 #4
I'm with... MyOwnPeace Nov 2018 #65
second that onetexan Nov 2018 #204
Like your wording, and most definitely agree. n/t Judi Lynn Nov 2018 #189
Yep Lotusflower70 Nov 2018 #32
Thats it. snort Nov 2018 #37
+1.000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (where is the no f'in way response?) hlthe2b Nov 2018 #40
+1 Power 2 the People Nov 2018 #79
Yup, showed a stunning lack of judgment and fairness workinclasszero Nov 2018 #63
And because of that, I will never vote for her in any primary. CozyMystery Nov 2018 #73
So, as of 4 pm ET, 12/213 support her (5.6%, like or love her) Not very good for her hlthe2b Nov 2018 #87
She crapped on Senator Franken. I don't like her. And don't hate on my post - i'm saying same thing trueblue2007 Nov 2018 #106
That's exactly why she lost my support Stargazer09 Nov 2018 #180
Gillibrand's Treatment of Franken Is Still On My Mind Vogon_Glory Nov 2018 #190
Agreed roscoeroscoe Nov 2018 #203
No way, no how tparrett62 Nov 2018 #232
No, thanks. We can do much better. MineralMan Nov 2018 #5
I've never seen her speak. I'm neutral. Bucky Nov 2018 #6
"Al Franklin" looks like an autocorrect error Algernon Moncrieff Nov 2018 #8
Guilty as charged Bucky Nov 2018 #10
Not to worry Vogon_Glory Nov 2018 #191
Saw her on Colbert Merlot Nov 2018 #11
Thank you. Bucky Nov 2018 #18
My experience as well. ZZenith Nov 2018 #54
Her record in opposing the Trump agenda is one of the best... PBass Nov 2018 #26
Good to know. Now... about that 7% Bucky Nov 2018 #33
+1 MrsCoffee Nov 2018 #49
I have seen her speak crazycatlady Nov 2018 #145
Similar thoughts here... susanna Nov 2018 #179
Political opportunist. LakeArenal Nov 2018 #7
Damn Bucky Nov 2018 #13
Will support the nominee. LakeArenal Nov 2018 #64
Brown is supposedly thinking it over... RazBerryBeret Nov 2018 #110
Not sure how Sherrod Brown made your list? Raven123 Nov 2018 #31
Joe Biden and Beto! Friends and family of all ages are on the Joe/Beto bus. Just sayin'! cornball 24 Nov 2018 #44
Yep LakeArenal Nov 2018 #66
I was in the Beto Dodge Caravan mchill Nov 2018 #147
Thank u for your work and keep supporting Beto onetexan Nov 2018 #206
To be clear mchill Nov 2018 #238
They said that about Hillary Clinton too. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #84
I never see these comments about the dozens of other Senators who called on Franken to resign. PBass Nov 2018 #9
How many others Senators that you are discussing in your Sherman A1 Nov 2018 #12
Several other potential presidential candidates called for Franken to resign: PBass Nov 2018 #22
Good points, although to be fair... Bucky Nov 2018 #34
Leader of something? A DAY IN THE LIFE Nov 2018 #61
She was just re-elected handily Danmel Nov 2018 #174
But she was the leader and the most vocal. And yes, it was ALL crap. She needs to not run. LBM20 Nov 2018 #16
How was she the most vocal? Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #85
You have convicted Franken just as she did wasupaloopa Nov 2018 #20
Al Franken RESIGNED. He was not forced out. PBass Nov 2018 #23
He asked for a full investigation of the alligations. Merlot Nov 2018 #27
No He asked for a. Ethics investigation Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #86
That's an excellent start. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #94
Then he shouldn't have resigned Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #107
He saw the battle would harm the party... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #112
Yes He sacrificed himself for the good of the party Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #123
Franken was railroaded. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #129
Then he shouldn't have resigned Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #134
... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #136
It's reality Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #139
If it was a sacrifice then he would have put a stop to the blame and bashing this last year. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #125
You're not the only disappointed one... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #130
Franken was a hero,. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #137
I am all for Frankin addressing this and running again. I think he would have an easy win. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #144
Franken was forced out, he was betrayed by some Democrats but mostly Gillibrand. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #46
Yes. Betrayed. That's a good word to describe it. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #133
Actually Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #153
OR with Frankin's cooperation, there might be something we simply are not privileged in knowing. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #156
Franken is not responsible for that. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #158
I am not talking Du unless the only place this is an issue is here. We do not know what happened. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #161
That's true. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #164
Right. She isn't one of the contenders I am watching. I do not think she has a shot. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #165
So do I Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #166
Yes, all got quiet, including any other accusers once he stepped down. brush Nov 2018 #193
You have to ignore so much to make your post. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #218
Yes Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #220
This + Amazing to me too, as if she engineered the whole thing. It was a leadership decision. JHan Nov 2018 #28
Kirsten was the first to call for Franken's resignation. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #48
Do you really believe a junior senator would have made that move without leadership knowing? JHan Nov 2018 #67
No, I believe she did it with Schumer's blessing dansolo Nov 2018 #81
I think it very much was a collective decision. JHan Nov 2018 #82
I don't think it's odd to blame her, who would you rather blame? Bluepinky Nov 2018 #115
How could you blame one person for a collective decision? JHan Nov 2018 #121
Please don't confuse them Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #159
As I said before, Gillibrand was the first to call on Franken to resign. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #170
He never said the charges were bogus Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #157
Franken said the charges against him were untrue, whatever his exact words were. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #173
He asked for an Ethics investigation Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #183
The Democrats should support their own. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #196
The Democrats were being set up as hypocrites Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #199
Well, they made the wrong choice. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #202
I'm with you roscoeroscoe Nov 2018 #207
Best Senator??? How so? Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #210
I'm entitled to my opinion, I don't have a link to my opinions. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #211
Even opinions should have some basis in facts. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #212
No, I just like him, always have. Bluepinky Nov 2018 #213
Nothing wrong with that. Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #214
Well, he does ask insightful questions, he has a sharp mind Bluepinky Nov 2018 #221
True Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #222
He has a good head on his shoulders Bluepinky Nov 2018 #223
Again true Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #226
yup. JHan Nov 2018 #185
Very true Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #88
But Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #90
Gillibrand was the first... PoliticAverse Nov 2018 #160
Thanks for the info Raine Nov 2018 #187
You can't give in roscoeroscoe Nov 2018 #205
I think people who pose this question, which has been posed here umpteen times before with the same Squinch Nov 2018 #14
Too much baggage. Was head of the Franken railroading. NO! LBM20 Nov 2018 #15
Yes the whole Franken thing has damaged Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #162
That's in her state in a Dem blue wave. It's best she was re-elected. brush Nov 2018 #224
Maybe Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #225
What she did to Franken was unforgivable. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #17
What about the 38 other Senators? Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #92
Franken was railroaded. Denied due process. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #93
He asked for an ethics investigation Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #105
... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #111
You can laugh Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #120
That's not why I'm laughing. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #135
Then why are you? Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #138
... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #143
I just figured it out Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #152
Wrong again. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #154
Truth does mean a lot to me Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #155
How do you feel about Al Franken? wasupaloopa Nov 2018 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author Freelancer Nov 2018 #29
Thus far she has defined herself or been defined on 1 issue Raven123 Nov 2018 #39
She was a consevadem representative but when Hillary's Senate seat... brush Nov 2018 #41
Do you have actual evidence that any of them had problems finding new jobs? brooklynite Nov 2018 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author Freelancer Nov 2018 #169
Some of us don't make claims we don't know to be true. brooklynite Nov 2018 #197
This message was self-deleted by its author Freelancer Nov 2018 #215
Tina Smith to keep top Franken aides in D.C. brooklynite Nov 2018 #230
She's as capable many of the other younger Democratic contenders. aikoaiko Nov 2018 #21
Well... on the guns. In It to Win It Nov 2018 #30
Does she have any beliefs of her own? roody Nov 2018 #216
From all the interviews I've seen of her, I think she genuinely believes we should have... In It to Win It Nov 2018 #233
I have no opinion of Kirsten Gillibrand In It to Win It Nov 2018 #24
No Chipper Chat Nov 2018 #25
There used to be a time where saying that you "can't stand" a prominent Democrat was frowned upon oberliner Nov 2018 #35
If Gillibrand is our candidate I think we will be spending a lot of time post-election jalan48 Nov 2018 #36
She was just on Chris Hayes and he soft-balled it all the way. No questions at all pertinent to hlthe2b Nov 2018 #148
I think it would be a disaster if we chose her as the nominee. jalan48 Nov 2018 #151
never roody Nov 2018 #38
We'll lose if she's at the top of the ticket. CrispyQ Nov 2018 #42
She burned that bridge. She'll never win a primary Takket Nov 2018 #43
We'd be lucky to have her. MrsCoffee Nov 2018 #45
she forced them apparently. That's tremendous power wielding ability. JHan Nov 2018 #75
Will never forgive her lillypaddle Nov 2018 #47
Well, it HAS been a month since folks have been able to have an "I hate Gillibrand" rant... brooklynite Nov 2018 #50
Outside the DU bubble Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #91
She's my senator. If she is the senatorial candidate next time, I'll vote for her. But I wouldn't Squinch Nov 2018 #98
Does the same principle apply to every other Democratic Senator? brooklynite Nov 2018 #99
Obviously not. Just the ones who would make weak Presidential candidates. Squinch Nov 2018 #100
Fair enough; but you've said nothing about WHY Gillibrand would be a weak candidate... brooklynite Nov 2018 #103
That's nice. Squinch Nov 2018 #108
FYI Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #109
That's why I posted this Algernon Moncrieff Nov 2018 #167
If just as many Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #184
I have a great amount of respect and appreciation for her. WeekiWater Nov 2018 #51
You can't express this opinion without bashing Franken? How transparent of you. Squinch Nov 2018 #56
Are you talking about the accidental auto correct my phone did? WeekiWater Nov 2018 #68
Well, no I wasn't being facetious because there was no way to know that when you referred Squinch Nov 2018 #69
Franken himself would have seen it as a transparent auto correct... WeekiWater Nov 2018 #71
That's a bizarre statement. Squinch Nov 2018 #83
She chose to quickly hammer Al Franken in such a way, that Dems lined up behind her and fell like Ninga Nov 2018 #52
Quickly? That would be 8 accusations later. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #70
I believe the first leeAnn Weeden was Nov 17 Ninga Nov 2018 #118
Ok. So three weeks and 7 more accusations is quick in your book. That would be subjective. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #127
Unsubstantiated accusations as there was no investigation. brush Nov 2018 #227
How do you define quickly? Trumpocalypse Nov 2018 #200
I haven't forgiven her for stabbing Al Frnken in the back. vlyons Nov 2018 #53
She's ok as a senator. dhol82 Nov 2018 #55
I logged in to vote that Mme. Defarge Nov 2018 #57
Meh. We can do better TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #58
She's better in the senate LeftInTX Nov 2018 #76
I agree TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #80
She won her Senate seat in NY by 33 points oberliner Nov 2018 #97
Perhaps. But she got 1 Million fewer votes than in 2012 TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #113
2012 was a presidential election year oberliner Nov 2018 #114
No shit TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #116
Almost 4 million people across New York state voted for her oberliner Nov 2018 #117
I am "dismissive" because I don't find her inspiring TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #124
OK fair enough oberliner Nov 2018 #194
I would like to see Beto O'Rourke as VP TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #198
I like Kamala Harris a lot oberliner Nov 2018 #201
I do too TexasBushwhacker Nov 2018 #208
Not after her hatchet job on Al Franken. (nt) Paladin Nov 2018 #59
I won't support anyone that drove over Franken, including madville Nov 2018 #60
Interesting...you hoping for Biden, or maybe O'rourke or Warren? nt JCanete Nov 2018 #219
Steve Bullock would be my first choice madville Nov 2018 #237
No one has a stronger anti-Trump voting record in the Senate than she does oberliner Nov 2018 #62
I think this is the greatest hypocrisy we Dems have fallen into. Generally we are pretty good Wintryjade Nov 2018 #72
She had to be talked out of co-sponsoring a bill that would have made boycotting Israel a felony. Garrett78 Nov 2018 #74
+1 roody Nov 2018 #177
She's never struck me as being a sit back and listen type. haele Nov 2018 #77
The post above states he would not vote for Gillabrand because she was cosponsoring a bill, yet was Wintryjade Nov 2018 #78
Unlikely to vote for her in primary Retrograde Nov 2018 #89
Her voting record is to the left of Harris, Booker, Klobacher, and Warren oberliner Nov 2018 #95
We have so many other high quality and respectable Democrats to choose from... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #96
A female nominee would have to be exceptional to withstand Trump's onslaught Awsi Dooger Nov 2018 #101
How does Al Franken feel about her? n/t PoliticAverse Nov 2018 #102
Ah, yah........I hold her completely accountable for Senator Franken's demise...... a kennedy Nov 2018 #119
Nope. Two words: Al Franken. catbyte Nov 2018 #122
It doesn't matter what we think SHRED Nov 2018 #126
Your first statement is the reason your second statement is not true Renew Deal Nov 2018 #132
Seems like a knee jerk reactionary sometimes. Afromania Nov 2018 #128
Seems like people on DU are very excited about her Renew Deal Nov 2018 #131
Not by this poll. DU is excited by her, in a negative way. dem4decades Nov 2018 #141
exactly... only a little over 5% support her on this poll. hlthe2b Nov 2018 #149
How did you come to this conclusion? Nt USALiberal Nov 2018 #168
You should read the whole thread. Most on DU are against her. There are a few repeat... brush Nov 2018 #228
Strike 1 - NRA. Strike 2 - Big Tabacco. Strike 3 - Al Franken dem4decades Nov 2018 #140
Strike 4: creepy, self definition as "morally" driven stuffmatters Nov 2018 #192
I definitely will not support her in the primary. MoonRiver Nov 2018 #142
She led the parade... Mike Nelson Nov 2018 #146
Thumbs down. shanny Nov 2018 #150
NO! NO! NO! question everything Nov 2018 #163
She has the most anti-Trump voting record of anyone in the US Senate oberliner Nov 2018 #240
NOPE! allgood33 Nov 2018 #171
No. nt greyl Nov 2018 #172
I trust Al Franken's opinion on questions like this Mr. Ected Nov 2018 #175
Al Franken exboyfil Nov 2018 #176
she's not even in the top two for female potential nominees qazplm135 Nov 2018 #178
In reference to 2020 only: DFW Nov 2018 #181
After her grandstanding with Al Franken and how she's treated other allies -- NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. Stand and Fight Nov 2018 #182
I will never forgive her for Franken. It was republican hit job and she knew it. wroberts189 Nov 2018 #186
Gillibrand on Kavanaugh Wintryjade Nov 2018 #188
I will support the nominee. tavernier Nov 2018 #195
Al Franken RandiFan1290 Nov 2018 #209
I don't know enough about her voting record... cynatnite Nov 2018 #217
She has the most anti-Trump voting record of anyone in the US Senate oberliner Nov 2018 #239
Al Franken hit job. Never forgetting, don't trust her. mahina Nov 2018 #229
Gillibrand's statement on Franken was coordinated with the others. They chose her to go first. tammywammy Nov 2018 #231
Not interested. VOX Nov 2018 #234
She's fine just where she is Seasider Nov 2018 #235
We have better choices customerserviceguy Nov 2018 #236
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