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Bam!!!!! Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #1
And to think DownriverDem Dec 2018 #26
To many people Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #35
Who? nt Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #52
The Loser from Wisconsin District 1. Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #53
How can someone who lost be her asst speaker? nt Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #56
I looked it up. Her asst will be Rep Luhan (D-NM). Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #59
Oh crap,that is who I was referring to. Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #66
True. Yelling and table-flipping isn't leadership (just look at Trump) Grokenstein Dec 2018 #92
LOL!! Paul Ryan is a pretty low bar... not to take anything away from Nancy Pelosi. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #101
All she's lacking is the slow-motion explosion behind her! (n/t) forgotmylogin Dec 2018 #87
you made me do it The Wielding Truth Dec 2018 #138
Smocking dweller Dec 2018 #2
Yes, smocking! n/t Judi Lynn Dec 2018 #23
YES!!!! niyad Dec 2018 #3
Badass women RULE! Dem_4_Life Dec 2018 #4
Did somebody unthread say "BAM!"? calimary Dec 2018 #39
Nancy seems pretty proud bdamomma Dec 2018 #5
She should be KentuckyWoman Dec 2018 #94
Do not forget Chuck True Blue American Dec 2018 #134
This is so beautiful! madaboutharry Dec 2018 #6
SMOCKED, I tell you, SMOCKED! Raster Dec 2018 #7
Oh yeah! mcar Dec 2018 #8
If only he'd bothered to read his briefing papers ... EffieBlack Dec 2018 #9
Great minds...! displacedtexan Dec 2018 #11
LOL.. Brilliant! Cha Dec 2018 #80
That's my US Rep! displacedtexan Dec 2018 #10
And not smudge her shoes... EffieBlack Dec 2018 #13
Or a single hair out of place. calimary Dec 2018 #41
I really need that coat EffieBlack Dec 2018 #12
yeah better learn to sew if you want that coat. dsc Dec 2018 #18
She wears it well! MaryMagdaline Dec 2018 #57
I, too, also said, "I WANT that coat!" maddiemom Dec 2018 #72
Ma Kent made it for her after she got done with Superboy's cape. That is Nancy's Super Cape... Hekate Dec 2018 #98
Maybe we could find the Nancy sunglasses somewhere. pnwmom Dec 2018 #108
I probably couldn't afford those, either EffieBlack Dec 2018 #111
Reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn coat. betsuni Dec 2018 #110
It is a great coat mcar Dec 2018 #114
Once Trump goes down, can we send Pence to prison too? Second in line... TSheehan Dec 2018 #14
I really like her! struggle4progress Dec 2018 #15
Haha jcgoldie Dec 2018 #16
Kudos Nancy and Chuck, Trumpy isn't used to be talked back to. dae Dec 2018 #17
If this is the new Democratic strategy I love it!!! Power 2 the People Dec 2018 #22
Another shot of Nancy leaving the WH EffieBlack Dec 2018 #19
And another take EffieBlack Dec 2018 #20
OUCH! calimary Dec 2018 #46
I love this gif!!!! BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2018 #24
She is awesome, but we need to remember shutting down the government has been Eliot Rosewater Dec 2018 #77
Now that is The.Power.Walk. sarge43 Dec 2018 #21
She would be an awesome president. BadgerMom Dec 2018 #25
That's how it is done... sheshe2 Dec 2018 #27
And in Heels. nt Fla Dem Dec 2018 #62
And dancing backward! sheshe2 Dec 2018 #63
Yeabut, she's.......... George II Dec 2018 #28
Nancy quote, post meeting... PunkinPi Dec 2018 #29
DAMN! I love her! EffieBlack Dec 2018 #30
Just when I think I can love her more, she goes and says something like this... PunkinPi Dec 2018 #37
And she's not through with him yet! NastyRiffraff Dec 2018 #95
Did Nancy have to wipe Trump feces off her shoe- MarinCoUSA Dec 2018 #31
And THERE, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the nest Speaker of the US House of Representatives. MarinCoUSA Dec 2018 #32
That was a total smockdown... AJT Dec 2018 #33
1 million rec's Kurt V. Dec 2018 #34
They both ate his lunch.... pangaia Dec 2018 #36
I'm glad she was able to lend Chuck some spine today. The Liberal Lion Dec 2018 #38
Chuck needs to glare the orange puss bag StarryNite Dec 2018 #73
They're both native New Yorkers - NOT looking him in the eye is the way to do it. George II Dec 2018 #120
One doesn't rise to be the Democratic Leader in the Senate without a "spine"..... George II Dec 2018 #139
Masterful wryter2000 Dec 2018 #40
"New Blood" couldn't have handled their business - or ours- like that today EffieBlack Dec 2018 #43
I wish we could, but that bumper sticker, like tide pods, have a long shelf life. LanternWaste Dec 2018 #64
And now, for your listening pleasure... displacedtexan Dec 2018 #42
Oh, that was perfect !! Haggis for Breakfast Dec 2018 #122
This message was self-deleted by its author linuxuser3 Dec 2018 #44
Caption for Nancy bdamomma Dec 2018 #97
That shot looks rather like the fingers-under-the-chin... 3catwoman3 Dec 2018 #121
it means bdamomma Dec 2018 #140
That was pretty much my assumption. altho I didn't know... 3catwoman3 Dec 2018 #146
Dems with shades SCVDem Dec 2018 #45
An Italian lady and a jew walk into the White House ..... Botany Dec 2018 #47
You're killing me here ! Haggis for Breakfast Dec 2018 #123
thank you thank you very much ... make sure to tip the wait staff on your way out Botany Dec 2018 #130
now that is funny bdamomma Dec 2018 #147
Schumer also had a look on his face. . . DinahMoeHum Dec 2018 #48
Yes, it was almost as if he was thinking "I can't believe he stepped in it." George II Dec 2018 #119
There's a new sheriff in town - one for Nancy and one for Chuck ffr Dec 2018 #49
Smockingly rude! orangecrush Dec 2018 #50
And I want her coat!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 2018 #51
Yeah...that's a bitchin' coat. I'd get it in black or red. A power coat. Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #55
want her coat too but i have retrievers... samnsara Dec 2018 #76
And JUst Who Is Going To Vote Against Her? Me. Dec 2018 #54
That trivial passel in the House. delisen Dec 2018 #86
... Me. Dec 2018 #104
Encore! Encore with a smocking vengeance, and damned soon! (nt) Paladin Dec 2018 #58
I like this version better scheming daemons Dec 2018 #60
LOVE it! EffieBlack Dec 2018 #61
ROFL! 50 Shades Of Blue Dec 2018 #102
Ha! betsuni Dec 2018 #112
Boom! peggysue2 Dec 2018 #65
"I'm not bossy. I'm the BOSS." volstork Dec 2018 #67
She called out his "man hood"! BigmanPigman Dec 2018 #68
God was I proud of her. She didn't take any of his shit like all the men seem to do. pdsimdars Dec 2018 #69
But one thing I disagreed with her was that she thought she shouldn't disagree with him in public pdsimdars Dec 2018 #70
She SAID she didn't want to - And then did it ... beautifully EffieBlack Dec 2018 #74
DTs insisted the press be there, and now he is whining that she set him up by having the press there Hekate Dec 2018 #99
Bravo, Speaker Pelosi! gademocrat7 Dec 2018 #71
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2018 #75
Where there is smock... UrbanProspector Dec 2018 #78
Left his mother fuckin ears ringin. NightWatcher Dec 2018 #79
I absolutely, positively want that coat. Polly Hennessey Dec 2018 #81
add the music and you get edhopper Dec 2018 #82
I'll probably get yelled at for this... Ligyron Dec 2018 #83
I don't think it looked like that at all EffieBlack Dec 2018 #89
well who do you think that is effective for? Getting into the mud and splashing it JCanete Dec 2018 #154
Bless your heart! Do not ever say a single thing that Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2018 #125
totally agree with this, and said it myself elsewhere. We have the right of it. We should give JCanete Dec 2018 #153
At left, portrait of a guy Geechie Dec 2018 #84
Oh, I don't know - I think Chuck held his own today EffieBlack Dec 2018 #91
I think Chuck almost let Trump drag him down to his level. In It to Win It Dec 2018 #105
you might want to watch it again Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2018 #133
She looks so smug and I love it! blueinredohio Dec 2018 #85
Love it, a woman did this to him, it has to make him nuts..... redstatebluegirl Dec 2018 #88
BOOM JHan Dec 2018 #90
Would be pretty nice if she was POTUS. warmfeet Dec 2018 #93
Would love to see Nancy run in 2020... why the fuck not?! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #103
Because she so olllllld! EffieBlack Dec 2018 #113
No, because she has no command voice, is a terrible public speaker and poor communicator. She Pisces Dec 2018 #141
You don't seem to know what a Speaker's job is EffieBlack Dec 2018 #142
I was commenting on the idea of her for President not Speaker Pisces Dec 2018 #145
badass Takket Dec 2018 #96
LMAO! LOVVVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!! In It to Win It Dec 2018 #100
How could anyone think she isn't the best asset, Ilsa Dec 2018 #106
I wonder who wants to put an asterisk by her name now? Baltimike Dec 2018 #107
Meme it. Meme it good. pepperbear Dec 2018 #109
Glad she will be the next speaker. D23MIURG23 Dec 2018 #115
You know she's cool, 'cause she's not looking back at the explosion. nt JBoy Dec 2018 #116
Badass Woman Doing BadAss Shit. Stinky The Clown Dec 2018 #117
"Face it girls. I'm older and have more insurance." EffieBlack Dec 2018 #118
Ha! Good "Fried Green Tomatoes" reference. betsuni Dec 2018 #136
The Notorious NDP Mendocino Dec 2018 #124
Bonespurs brought an overcooked spaghetti noodle NoMoreRepugs Dec 2018 #126
President Pelosi joshcryer Dec 2018 #127
Hey Donald Tactical Peek Dec 2018 #128
Correct syntax for a change Tactical Peek Dec 2018 #129
Nobody puts Nancy in the corner! Love her and her coat! Lady_Chat Dec 2018 #131
"Everyone just chill out. I got this." Hekate Dec 2018 #132
Reminds me of THIS liberalguilt57 Dec 2018 #135
Apparently Schumer MFM008 Dec 2018 #137
DEAL WITH IT Dumpster! workinclasszero Dec 2018 #143
I LOVE how there's only crickets from the "limit Nancy" crowd. nt Baltimike Dec 2018 #144
Nancy Pelosi came to chew bubblegum and... Sloumeau Dec 2018 #148
ROFL: EffieBlack Dec 2018 #149
And I don't think it's an accident that she's dressed like Melania, either rocktivity Dec 2018 #150
January 3rd can't get here soon enough. Rver Dec 2018 #151
thoroughly enjoying this thread. Afromania Dec 2018 #152
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